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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Is The Grass Greener on the Other Side: Dating Scenes in Different Cities

As women living in Atlanta, we are always bombarded with discouraging statistics about the female to male ratio, amount of gay men, and marriage. One of those statistics that EVERYONE in Atlanta has heard of is that

"there are 20 women to every 1 man in Atlanta"
...this ratio is the reason that many men pack their bags and head to move here in hopes that Atlanta is the never ending frat party and ass parade they have heard about.

We must say it does not seem to be a boat load of women versus men out and about when we hit the streets of Atlanta so we are not too sure how true this ratio we hear of really is. In addition, statistics often don't take into account everything (homosexuality on both parts of men and women, those with mental illnesses, etc.). We have heard a lot of women say, "Where are all the good men in Atlanta? I'm going to have to move if I want to be in a serious relationship."....but is the grass really greener in another city? Are these discerning statistics we hear even really true? We have researched those statistics for you which may shed light on the dating scene in another city's pastures. (statistics courtesy of http://www.maletofemaleratio.com/ and U.S Census Bureau Data)


The male to female ratio is 100:101, and the female to male ratio is 99:100.
The male population is 431,713, and the female population is 435,798.
There are 4,085 more females than males in Atlanta; in percentage terms, there are .94% more females than males.
The median male age is 31.22 years, and the median female age is 32.65 years.
The average household income in Atlanta is $44,386, and the average house value is $205,470.


The male to female ratio is 100:101, and the female to male ratio is 99:100.
The male population is 1,281,398, and the female population is 1,289,692.
There are 8,294 more females than males in Houston; in percentage terms, there are .64% more females than males.
The median male age is 31.15 years, and the median female age is 32.73 years.
The average household income in Houston is $44,838, and the average house value is $108,433.

Las Vegas:

The male to female ratio is 100:96, and the female to male ratio is 104:100.
The male population is 524,408, and the female population is 506,044.
There are 18,364 more males than females in Las Vegas; in percentage terms, there are 3.50% more males than females.
The median male age is 35.87 years, and the median female age is 36.53 years.
The average household income in Las Vegas is $51,853, and the average house value is $154,686.

Los Angeles:

The male to female ratio is 100:101, and the female to male ratio is 99:100.
The male population is 1,173,364, and the female population is 1,182,630.
There are 9,266 more females than males in Los Angeles; in percentage terms, there are .78% more females than males.
The median male age is 31.77 years, and the median female age is 33.46 years.
The average household income in Los Angeles is $33,790, and the average house value is $289,380.


The male to female ratio is 100:107, and the female to male ratio is 93:100.
The male population is 755,559, and the female population is 812,122.
There are 56,563 more females than males in Miami; in percentage terms, there are 6.96% more females than males.
The median male age is 34.24 years, and the median female age is 36.97 years.
The average household income in Miami is $41,270, and the average house value is $141,830.


The male to female ratio is 100:106, and the female to male ratio is 94:100.
The male population is 1,397,122, and the female population is 1,481,430.
There are 84,308 more females than males in Chicago; in percentage terms, there are 5.69% more females than males.
The median male age is 31.98 years, and the median female age is 34.1 years.
The average household income in Chicago is $41,028, and the average house value is $194,269.

New York:

The male to female ratio is 100:111, and the female to male ratio is 90:100.
The male population is 726,074, and the female population is 803,301.
There are 77,227 more females than males in New York; in percentage terms, there are 9.61% more females than males.
The median male age is 32.43 years, and the median female age is 35.23 years.
The average household income in New York is $49,439, and the average house value is $466,636.

Do false statistics effect people's dating behaviors in the cities they live in? Were you surprised with some of these stats? What do you think? Let us know!
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Monday, June 27, 2011

BET Awards 2011: The Worst Dressed

We just hated the blatantly lackadaisical attire many of the celebrities choose to wear. Can you put on a suit for one day? A cocktail dress? In addition some of them were playing games...see below:

Chris Brown what the hell is going on? He is clearly channeling Amelia Earheart and Lady Gaga. Then he threw a trash bag on for every other performance.

Ledisi...girl you know this shit doesn't fit right...all bagging in the crotch and what not.

Mary J looks like a bondage genie in a bottle. Drawstring pony tails are a tragedy folks. Don't do it.

GTFOH...she looks like she hopped off a pole at Magic City and threw on a suit jacket to make it classy....who is this by the way?

Lil' Wayne peformed in freaking swim trunks...and let's not talk about the fact he sat in the audience in a white beater.

Drake looks like a Harold Penner ad with those stupid fruity colored gators on...epic fail.

Lloyd is so desperate for sex appeal with this shirtless bull shit...he reminds us of those girls who stand outside of VIP who gaze longingly in with a glass full of ice #thirstytobenoticed

Keri Hilson congrats on being the new face of Forever 21!

Alicia Keys hair looks as if she legit just got out of a limo where she was having wild sex with Swizz and had to get on the red carpet. Besides this look is too casual for an award show...maybe dinner.

Willow and Jaden...we know we are going to hell for this one because they are kids but what it tarnation? Shout out to how cute the Smith family is though and the fact their parents are breaded enough to buy them an award...they tied...how does that happen?

Wiz Khalifia and Amber Rose...once again why so casual? Amber Rose bought this jumpsuit at Skillz or 5.7.9. Ever since she got dumped by Kanye her fashion swagger is no longer on a hundred thousand trillion...it's in the negatives.

Nicki Minaj with her gimmick ass...clearly someone has told her to tone it down a bit...she's still a walking fashion faus paus.

Teirra Marie just jumped off a dick and made it in time for the red carpet...lingerie though? Really?
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BET Awards 2011: The Best Dressed

It's quite obvious that most celebrities don't take the BET Awards very seriously as many opted for very casual attire...I mean damn at least throw on a cocktail dress...sheesh. Let's not even talk about the male artist who showed up to the awards as if they just left the mall....but anyways here's who we thought looked good!

Estelle looked rather elegant

Boris Kodjoe knows he looks good...like a caramel apple dipped in nuts....damn!

Tami Roman was loooking good...guess she has been hitting the gym by the looks of her legs.

Diggy Simmons is swagged out on yall.

Nia Long was glowing and so cute preggo.

Rocsi Diaz...it's a little on the ice skater side but we do actually like it.

Kelly Rowland...sadly she is showing more skin on the red carpet than she did during her "Motivation" performance.

Meagan Good...simple, black and elegant.

Keri Washington...always a show stopper

LaLa Velasquez...she looks good but it does seem like she gained a little water weight...maybe she's preggo?

KeKe Palmer....glitter and glitzing

Tracey Ross Ellis...I seriously need my ass to look like hers...too bad you can't see it in this pic.
If anyone's ass should've been a trending topic it should've been hers instead of Free's since she actually has a flat stomach!

Tocara...a little razzle dazzle. She looks good and toned too. This is what we call thick...nice and TONED, and thick.
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Real Husbands of Hollywood Parody Skits at BET Awards 2011

Arugably one of the highlights of the 2011 BET Awards (along with Tiffany Greene's epic mess up in announcing the winner) was this parody spoof on a lot of the Real Housewives and Basketball Wives series. Check them out below:

Skit 1:

Skit 2:

Skit 3:

Wouldn't this show be hilarious? They need to make it into a real comedy show....either that or do some sort of celebrity mom's show with P.Diddy's mom, Frankie (Keyshia Cole's mama), LeBron's mom, and Mama Jones (Jim Jones mom).
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Up and Coming Talent: Kreayshawn

In a muscial society where the only female rapper actively putting out new tracks regular is Nicki Minaj a white femaler rapper is coming on the scene. Natasia Zolot, known by her stage name Kreayshawn, has dircted videos for rapper Lil' B and gained fame when the below song "Gucci Gucci" went viral on YouTube. She runs with a posse called the "White Girl Mob" which consist of her sister DJ Lil' Debbie and fellow rapper V-Nasty.

This is the only song of hers we have gotten a chance to listen to however there has been some debate about her being a gimmick and other commentary about her fellow MC V-Nasty's, use of the word "nigga" (Kreayshawn states she never uses the N-word in her music because it's not her place).

We at Y SUGARCOAT? don't agree with anyone outside of a Black person using the n-word...we don't care how you grew up or who you grew up around...sorry *Kanye Shrug* (Click here to see our post on the use of the N-word).

Do you think she is a gimmick? Do you think the only way for female rappers to become mainstream these days is to be hypersexualized, extremely different, or gimmicky?

We kinda like her! What do you all think?

What Do You Think About Kreayshawn?
I think she's a gimmick
I like her
She sucks

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gidewon Family "Reigns" on Atlanta Nightlife

In Atlanta, many of us complain about the lack of night clubs in the actual downtown area. Night clubs downtown seem to be a memory that died and left with the removal of the strip of Buckhead bars and lounges...however the Gidewon family (owners of the famous clubs Velvet Room and Compound) has attempted to revive the night club scene in downtown by opening club Reign (where the old Visions used to be) located on 10th and Peachtree.

Equipped with two chrome coated floors, upstairs sky booths, and glass encased VIP sections. Even more stunning is the liquid nitrogen smoke that flows down the are the pillars.

For More Information: http://www.reignatl.com/

1021 Peachtree Street
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So You Want a Virgin (or damn near one)?

As women in today's society, we are more sexually liberated and often times more sexually objectified. With that being said we are evolving when it comes to learning the new status quo as how we are to conduct ourselves sexually and what is acceptable sexual for us by society. Gone are the days of "wait till your married" and even "I've only been with 3 men" is becoming a thing of the past. (Click here to see our post about numbers of sexual partners and women) So we ask what is the value of being a virgin or less sexually experienced in today's society?

*disclaimer: We are NOT here talking down on virgins are those who have less sexual experienced. We are simply making a point*

There are a few gentleman who claim they want to marry or date virgins or women with a partner count at or below 3, but here is where trouble may arise.

1. Marriage Means Sex with ONE Person for the Rest of Your Life:

....period. point. blank.

Do you honestly want to make that commitment to someone you have to teach everything to that you yourself can not learn from? Let's be honest...it will probably take a virgin or woman who is less sexually experienced at least 2 years to get to the level you would like her to be at sexually. It almost is an open door for your desire to cheat.

2. She May Want to Cheat on You Eventually:

It is quite possible that if you were her "first and last" or something quite close to that she may start getting curious as the years go by.

3. Age is More Than a Number:

It's just honestly not realistic to expect a woman the age of 18 and a woman the age of 35 to have had the same amount of sexual partners. Just like women must consider that men they want to marry or date may have some baggage the older they are (divorce, kids, emotional issues, debt, etc.) a guy must also understand part of an woman's baggage as she gets older is sexual history. Like seriously, why would you want to date a 35 year old woman who doesn't know how/never has sucked a dick? With sexual partners comes certain experiences. Think about it.

4. The Chasity Belt Doesn't Want a Hoe:

Although there is a double standard in today's society about men being sexually active you must honestly ask yourself, why would you deserve a damn near virgin or virgin if you have busted down and tasted everything in your city? Why would she want your hoe ass?

5. Attractive Girls Have More Options:

Look this is a fact that Maya Angelou even concurred with. If you want to marry or date a woman who is bad as all hell you must realize she gets hollered at on a daily basis. Therefore more options are afforded to her to date men. Part of adult relationships is sex. We are not saying that being attractive mean you get a pass on being unselective in who you have sex with and we are not saying that all ugly girls are chaste, but we are saying that if you honestly want a girl who has had little sexual experience or is a virgin you may have to start bringing the bar down when it comes to looks. Shoot for decent/average to slightly below average.

It's some food for thought folks. Think about it.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Man Resorts to Crime for Free Health Care

If this sad story isn't a sign how much of a failure our health care system is we aren't sure what is...every citizen definitely needs free or very affordable health care. Check out the following story via CBS.com and Bossip.com

James Verone said he walked up to a teller at a Gastonia, N.C. bank and handed her a note. It said “This is a bank robbery, please only give me one dollar.” Verone then told the teller he’d be sitting in a nearby chair, waiting for the police.

The 59-year-old said he did everything he could to get caught so he could receive free health care in jail.

Verone has a growth on his chest, two ruptured disks and a problem with his left foot. With no job, Verone thought his desperate plan was the best way to provide for himself. Verone was charged with larceny.

Courtney Boyd Myers at The Next Web notes Verone’s plot provides clear evidence of a flawed medical system. “As his fellow American, I have to say, our national health care is in a very sad state,” Myers writes. Though Verone said he’s receiving good care in jail, Slate previously reported that health care in prison is at best as good as a low-income health plan and at worst, almost nonexistent.

From Slate: The majority of ailments are treated on-site, but inmates who are gravely ill can be taken to the nearest hospital. Sick prisoners must make a nominal co-payment for each visit to the jailhouse doctor—usually $5 or so, taken from an hourly wage that typically runs between 19 cents and 40 cents an hour.

Costs above that are covered by the state.Verone’s plan was to go to jail for three years, then be released in time to start collecting Social Security.

This is just sad that United States citizens are now resorting to crime and or violence and opting to go to prision so they can receive some form of health care. Michael Moore's movie "Sicko" shed so much light on this issue. It's amazing that countries such as Canada can some how manage to provide free health care for everyone but we can not even find some way to get some sort of very affordable public health care? What do you all think? Let us Know!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Monopoly Money vs. Real Money

In today's society we understand the triumph felt when rising from the bottom to the top financially...it changes some people. Some of the people want to stunt and floss their money while others are more low-key. Being the socialites we are, yall know we have the key to the city, we've experienced both kinds of people: real millionaires, and those who are faking it till they make it and believe us there is an OBVIOUS difference.

Disclaimer: This is not geared towards being a gold digger this is more so to express the difference in the man who is flippant at the mouth about his money (often times that he doesn't really have) and the ones who have money but don't want to be used or known for it.

Monopoly Money

Monopoly money is fake. It comes in a variety of colors that isn't green...it's as fake as the person saying they have it.


The person who post up multiple facebook pictures and or statuses about all the bread they are spending, all the exotic places they are traveling, all the designer clothing they are coping, and all the expensive game seat and events they are attending. They make it rain in strip clubs, they wear enough diamonds to make hell freeze over just to go to the grocery store, they let you know everything they have short of their tax return without you even asking.

Reasons why this person may be doing this?

A. They're from the hood and they're hood rich: do you think Bill Gates talks about all the things he owns and buys publicly daily?
B. They are insecure with themselves: the only way they feel a true sense of self worth is is by talking about the money they have...they feel nothing else about them is interesting to others.

More Examples of Monopoly Money:

After flossing and popping off at the mouth about all his wealth he does the following...

A. While you are out to eat and you are ordering drink number two he gives you subtle queues to stop spending money. "You going in aren't you?"...this statement means "bitch stop!"
B. He clearly sees you staring at the desert menu when the waitress approaches to ask if you are interested in dessert and abruptly cuts the waitress off by saying "can we just get the check please."
C. He invites you to a nice dinner that you have planned for a week and watches you eat claiming he is not hungry.
Real Money

Generally a person who has a lot of money is low key. They don't want to bring attention to the fact they have money because they don't want to be known solely for their money. They feel confident in the fact they have money and realize that anyone with two eyes can tell that they aren't broke...no need to emphasis that.

Examples of Real Money:

After not letting on that he is well off this person is...

A. More concerned about the experience than the cost when taking you out or spending time with you. They want you to try to restaurant's speciality, they want you to go sight seeing at all the places in the city, they want you to order a bottle of wine instead of the glass because they know you both like to drink wine, etc.
B. They slowly let you into their life and observe your reactions as they do so. Maybe this guy picks you up in a nice car, maybe you show up to his address and his house is laid, maybe he randomly offers to fly you somewhere, maybe this person offers to pay the whole dinner tab quietly at a dinner party.
C. They offer the people you are with a drink.
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's Your Number?

Let's face it...now days it's not cute for anyone to be a hoe...male or female. STD's know no sex, race, or socioeconomic class. We are aware there are double standards in society regarding the amount of people men and women are socially accepted to have sex with. When we came across this movie trailer we thought to ourselves "what a thought provoking post?":

As stated in this movie trailer
In America, 96% of women who have had 20 or more partners can't find a husband.

Is the obsession with the number archaic in today's hyper sexualized society? Are the reasons a woman with a lot of sexual partners can not find a husband more personal than anything?...maybe it's because she requires more in bed because of her experience? We know that everyone has a sexual history but women just are not allowed to talk about or express theirs which is part of the reason every girl a guy as "how many guys have you had sex with?" responds with the same number....3.

We at Y SUGARCOAT? firmly believe that while numbers can matter it is more the context of the sex had than the number. A woman who gets a train ran on her is a hoe, a woman who lets a man ejaculate on her face after knowing him for 1 night is a hoe, but just because a woman has had sex with more than 3 people in her life that does not make her a hoe. As Maya Angelou stated
"Most plain girls are virtuous because of the scarcity of opportunity to be otherwise."
Let's face it, a lot of attractive women get hit on by a lot of men so they have more opportunities to date and with dating often times comes sex. In addition, is the number of sexual partners someone had really something that is another person's business or should be discussed between people who are dating?

Is too much emphasis put on the number of sexual partners a woman has in our society? Does the emphasis on numbers correlate or work with how sexually liberated today's society is? Is the context of the sex more important to you than the number of partners? At what point is does the number of partners overshadow everything else?

Let us know!

Does the number of sexual partners a woman has had matter?
To some degree...depends on context of the sex or other factors
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Does the Ring Mean a Thing?

In browsing my timeline on twitter I came across a friend's tweet that read

"@JMyers1911: Ok Ladies, if your man proposed and u later found out ur enagement ring cost $2500 would you be mad? Yes or no? Y? RT"

It made us start thinking...how much should an engagement ring cost? Does the cost of the ring matter? Now we are not trying to say be ghetto and get a million dollar ring on a 50 cent budget, but we are trying to say it is in your best interest to get the woman of your dreams a ring in your budget and that you can do so without buying her a dandruff speck diamond...no one wants to show off a dandruff speck diamond. However, at the same time, getting caught up in carats when you don't have the funds could be ill advised as money can be used for more practical uses like a down payment on a house.

1. Get Something You Can Afford:

The old rule of thumb is that the ring should be 3 months salary...a hefty price, but with saving to produce a good down payment you can get a payment plan with a low interest rate. A ring should not have you spending your life savings or whole yearly salary. The woman you love will be able to understand that...she should not expect at $13,000 ring knowing that you make $25,000 a year.

Food for Thought:

1/4 carat or less diamond=$125 to $500 set in 14 carat gold
1/3 to 1/2 carat diamond= $750 to $1,000 set in 18 carat gold or platinum, possibly more if ASG/GIA certified
Diamonds 3/4 carat, or smaller ASG/GIA certified stones= $1,000-$2,000
Diamonds up to 1 carat= $2,000 to $3,500, set in 14 carat gold
High quality 1 carat diamond= $4,000 or more, set in 18 carat gold or platinum

2. Don't Be a Cheap Skate:

If you all are traditional in the sense of who is paying for the wedding, keep in mind her/her father/her family is coughing up about $20,000+ for the wedding no matter what her salary is. An average wedding in the United States cost $24,066. So you should be able to shell out something nice for a ring.

3. Cut Cost:

If your pockets aren't lined with velvet and silver don't feel required to get a name brand ring from Cartier or Tiffany's. A diamond is a diamond period.point.blank. If you can cut cost of the diamond or get more diamond for the price somewhere else then do that! As stated before, the woman you love will understand you can't get her the 4 carat Cartier diamond ring on a teachers salary. You can cut cost by doing the following:

A. The Islands: You can get diamonds for cheap in the islands. Just ask anyone who has gone on a cruise. Get a nice sized cheap diamond over there and get it set over here.

B. Heirlooms: Perhaps you have a deceased relative or family heirloom that has diamonds in it...take those diamonds and have them set in a ring.

C. Costco or JcPenney: These may not be places where you think of getting quality diamond rings but they often times sell gorgeous diamond rings for less.

4. Be Honest:

At the end of the day you are attempting to marry a woman who you want to spend the rest of your life with and that is a very big honor for any woman. If you still want to marry her and your finances are not up to par to get a ring be honest with her. Hell, maybe she would be cool with a cubic zirconium for the first few years of your marriage and then you all could upgrade to the real deal diamond...no one but you and her would have to know right?

How much do you all feel someone should spend on your engagement ring? Would you opt for something that was not a diamond to be with the man you love? Is there a minimum a guy should spend on an engagement ring? Let us know!

Ladies How Much to You Care About Your Ring?
A lot! I have to show it off to people
Not at all...I just want to marry the man of my dreams!
Equally, I see the ring as a sign of dedication but I also want to marry him
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Guess What?...You Are NOT a Celebrity

There are just some hair styles and things that celebrities rock that regular people like you and I can not. We all know a lot of people get their style inspiration from celebrities. However, there are some things that work for them that don't work for the average citizen. The same guys who fawn over Amber Rose with her bald head or Rihanna with her koolaid red hair would be quick to tell a regular chick with a bald head to get a weave or tell a chick with koolaid red hair that she was a hood rat. Call it a double standard...If you still think you could be a bad bitch with a bald head or fire engine truck red hair see below..because to the rest of society you look like the following:

What You See in the Mirror:

What We See:

We all know Lady Gaga is a bit coo coo for cocoa puffs as far as her out there fashion and makeup is concerned which is empowering that she doesn't want to conform to what others think is fashion....but seriously? Ham cutlets in saran wrap all over an untoned body ? Where are her friends?

What You See in the Mirror:

What We See:

Being a black woman or a woman with naturally dark hair, keeping your hair platinum blond requires A LOT of work and A LOT of harsh bleaching. It may seem easy to cut it all off...it may seem sexy to rock the Amber Rose...but often times it looks like you are trying a little to hard. Like this young lady.

What You See in the Mirror:

What We See:

Wearing your hair koolaid red lets everyone know that there is a 90% chance you are a stripper or a hoodrat. What job outside of a strip club or McDonalds allows you to have this type of hair color? Maybe she owns her own business??? We doubt it though. In addition, wearing your real hair koolaid red requires you to lift the color and then dye the hair which is very harsh and red hair color is hard to keep up. It easily can become a washed out pepto bismol color...this young lady does not have the resources Rihanna has such as a personal stylist who monitors her hair health and freshens up her color everyday...so she opted for a fire engine red lace front.

Lace Fronts= Epic Fail

What You See in the Mirror:

What We See:

Let's face it...there is probably virtually nothing Cassie could do to make herself look ugly. In addition she can have weave put in some sort of crunk special way so that the bald side looks exactly the same as the long side. This young lady on the other hand will have a rough grow out process if she does infact change her hairstyle or she will have a 27 piece quick weave...smh...This is yet again a hairstyle that assures us that you don't have a serious real job...

What You See in the Mirror vs. What We See:

Everyone wants to be Nicki Minaj. While her actual talent or if she is a gimmick is up for discussion what is a fact is she is what's hot right now and she is everywhere you turn. It's obvious she can influence your style but wearing neon weaves etc. is NOT okay for the average citizen. Not to mention bangs just aren't for everybody.
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Friday, June 10, 2011

Not Everyone Who Preaches Was "Called" to Preach

When leading actors pastors in mega churches fall it is heard all over. Many of you are familiar with Bishop Eddie Long who is a pastor who has been very open and forcefully against homosexuality. Mr. Long got accused by several gentleman of manipulating them with money, trips, cars, etc. for sexual favors earlier this year. In addition just recently, to keep this matter out of the court, Mr. Long reached a $25 million dollar settlement with the gentlemen which included a gag order and a "private" apology from him. In light of these facts swarming through the media another popular mega church figure by the name of Creflo Dollar stood in defense of the fallen Eddie Long during the following sermon:

Now we believe in God's forgiveness, we believe that Eddie Long will be forgiven and needs to be prayed for, but we definitely have an issue with this. Contrary to what Creflo Dollar stated, this is not just a "crash"...hell he is acting like this is a fender bender on the highway that should be swept under the rug! As stated by one of my friends, Creflo conveniently forgot to leave out the "co-pay" argument of insurance. In order to have "insurance" you must take some responsibility and pay for it.

It just amazes us how the same people defending this man being a manipulator, pedophile, and adulterer would be the same ones ready to crucify him if he were a regular guy accused of the same things on the 6 o'clock news. Often times religion can be a large tool to manipulate people when put in the hands of those with bad intentions. See video of one of Eddie Long's accusers speaking out below:

Bishop Eddie Long Accuser Talks to FOX 5: MyFoxATLANTA.com

That's right people, not everyone who preaches was "called" to preach. Some of these pastors are modern day pimps, thieves, and hoes. Some are really good actors and see financial opportunity and personal gain in preaching. Those people get "called" to preach because of the money and fame and often with fame people think they are invincible. We are greatly disturbed that some people have a cult like mentality where they will blindly follow a pastor no matter what his indiscretions are because they are being manipulated by religion, power, and grandeur. See below video of Pastor and Wife popped in drug and weapon bust:

I mean what innocent person would cough up $25 million dollars and apologize privately for things they were accused of that they did not do?! You'd have to take me to trial and we would have to battle this thing out...I'm not going out like that because I'm innocent! Let's not even get into why you have $25 million dollars to give away in the first place!

At the end of the day everyone, even pastors are equally responsible for their actions...and at the end of the day pastors have to answer to God for how they led his sheep.

What do you think about the whole fiasco? Would you go back to Eddie Long's church after all of this? Is Creflo Dollar right in defending Eddie? In your eyes is Creflo Dollar a preacher who was "called" to preach?

Would You Go Back to Eddie Long's Church
No way
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Was Creflo Dollar right in how he defended Eddie Long?
His last name is "Dollar" he probably wasn't called to preach either!
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Things You Should Know About Porn Flicks

It has been said that you can learn a lot from pornos...hell those people are professionals at having sex! In addition you can learn a lot about what your partner wants or likes by watching flicks together or analyzing your partners favorite flicks. However, there are a few things in pornos that should not be taken too literally or applied in your bedroom. This post was inspired by disastrous stories of men and women in my office...I did the research because you all know you have thought about these things but never knew the answers.

1. Enema's Make it Possible

The reason why after having anal sex the man's member comes out clean as a whistle at all times in the flick is that the "actors" take enemas before the filming to rid of anything up there. In addition you may note that the man's member comes out of door number 2 all shiny which brings us to our next point....

2. They Pre-Lube

Pornstar pre-lube their orifices before filming to make things easier...

3. Not Everyone Can "Take It"

One of my coworkers told a horrible story of how he and his wife tried anal and it ended up in a hospital visit. He said he was not aware that he could not put "the whole thing in like the movies"...Once again as mentioned in the beginning, these people are professionals...they have all types of sex for a living. If you are gonna try anal don't expect a normal person to be able to "take it". In addition please note that the average colon is only 6 inches long.

4. You Can Not Go Back Door to Front Door

Are you people aware that they film these things and do retakes and edit the movie so that the scenes are not in the actual order that they occurred?! One coworker told a horrible story about how his girlfriend contracted a horrible bacterial infection and bladder infection from playing human Chinese fire drill if you get my drift. Once you stick it in the back, you can't put it back. In order to avoid any seriously horrible infections and not have you lady's lady parts on WACKA FLOCKA FLAMES anything that you do involving a vagina and an ass needs to occur in the order vagina first, ass second. This includes any type of oral sex as well. This is also why when little girls are potty trained they are taught to wipe from front to back.

5. They Have a Special Diet

One of my coworkers, who claims to know a pornstar in LA, stated that he was told the reason the girls in the video so willingly take on mouthfuls of ejaculation is a result of the male pornstars being on a strict diet. Before a filming they cut back on meat, eat a lot of vegetables, and drink a lot of fruit smoothies packed full of strong flavored fruits to help improve the taste of their "juices".

6. Steroids Make It Possible as Well as Editing

It always seems like the male porn star can go for hours...thanks to steroids and editing this whole hour long venture is possible. Research shows that the average male can "last" for about 20 minutes.

7. Medicine and Abstinence Make the "Last Shot" Possible

Have you ever noticed that by the end of the porn the guy lets off an ejaculation long and strong enough to put an eye out? This is possible by steroids, hydration, abstinence before filming and pills that help increase sperm count and volume. Such pills are usually reserved for couples having trouble conceiving, but in the porn business they are used to make that impressionable "last shot"

We know this one was a little "out there" but hey the convo the group of my coworkers was having had everyone joining in...so I knew you all wondered the same things as me. Again...this is Y SUGARCOAT? We bring to you all the most real things about just about ANY topic *kanye shrug*

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Being a Hoe Gets Old...Ask Karrine Stephans

Amber Rose, Kat Stacks, Karrine Stephans, random video vixens, random baby mama's, Tiger Wood's jump off's... In today's society it often appears being a hoe or groupie is a winning combo to fame and wealth. Some of these women get book deals, reality t.v shows, invites to red carpet events, and press conferences just for spreading their legs or popping out a illegitimate child of your favorite rapper/actor/singer. Just ask popular radio personality Angela Yee who created the t-shirt that became popular emblazoned with the phrase "Hoes Be Winning" (purchase/view t-shirt here).

Well it appears that Karrine Stephans sees no future in hoeism...matter of fact it seems she wants to remove her name and hoe from the same equation like so...

Karrine Stephans + Hoe = Your Career/Importance

That's right ladies and gentleman. The iconic figure to groupies and hoes everywhere wants to remove herself as their role model. She is claiming being a famous slut sex symbol is a career with no future. Most importantly is the fact that she is no longer willing to own up to the name and empire she created for herself. Karrine is claiming that


Earlier this year she wrote:

"For the past six years, I’ve been playing a part, putting on for the crowd, and sparking controversy to market books. And boy did it work! And then –– I got bored. I would put on my make-up and my clothes and practice my words in the mirror at home. I would plant things about myself in the media, air all my grievances, and make everyone talk and talk and talk, then sit back and laugh as I watched the crowd spin and the books sell.

I am a master at this. Still, once you’ve mastered something, you tend to grow tired of it and desire to move on"

Is this proof that being known as a hoe is not as fruitful as people think so much so that Karrine is rebuking her whole claim to fame now? Does this mean that you won't be living that life that Karrine wrote about because it is fake?

As a woman who is getting older, you find yourself wanting a meaningful healthy marriage, family, and kids...unfortunately being a hoe and having a sexual past that takes up a 100 sheet notebook filled with the names of celebrities just doesn't fit into that equation.

Everyone has sexual history...but the men in your life don't need to know about it nor does the public if you want to move forward in life and accomplish longevity, success, and happiness. Call it a double standard...sorry life isn't fair.

We also find it hella ironic that this video was filmed while she was half nude but she wants us to consider her a "writer"...hm...

Can a woman ever bounce back after being considered a "hoe" by society?
No...you can't change a hoe into a housewife

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Cook Out and House Party Etiquette

It's summer time now and it seems that everyone is having a cookout, house party, dinner party, or gathering just about every other weekend. However, we noticed some people don't have much tact when it comes to being invited these events. We are now adults, and being an adult means acting adult...you know...doing things that you have seen your parents do when being invited to someones home for an event. Here is a list of things you should or should not do when you are invited to a event this summer.

1. Bring Something:

We can expect that the person who is hosting the event spent anywhere up to hundreds of dollars so that you could have a good time. Upon getting a text or phone call to be invited to an event that you plan on attending respond by asking "Is there something you would like me to bring?"

If you get invited to an event last minute, stop by the store on the way to the event and pick up something you know is always needed (paper towels, plates, cups, chips, mixers, mixed disposable utensils, a case of beer).

2. DO NOT Be an "Indian" Giver:

That means don't take back the things the host asked you to bring. As we stated before, the person hosting the event probably spent anywhere up to hundreds of dollars for you to have a good time.

Protocol for Bottled Liquor or Beer:
It is NOT acceptable for you to take back any liquor that you brought to the party...even if it was never touched it is to be left behind upon your exit. Opt to only bring liquors you can afford and are ok with leaving behind. If you can't bring the 1.5L bottle, don't...settle for the smaller cheaper bottle or a case of beer but DON'T take it back.

Protocol for Dishes/Food:
It is NOT acceptable for you to take back anything the host asked you to bring or cook. If you're rationale for taking back your dish is because you are concerned with getting your pan or tupperware back bake your items in disposable tin foil pans...they cost about $3 and come in a pack of two. Pick up a bowl at the dollar store if you have to just do not take your item back. If money is the issue inform the host you would rather make another side dish or bring items that are needed such as plates etc. If money is STILL the issue and the host asked you to bring something and you can not..DO NOT go to the event.

3. Try to be Respectful:

A. If this person is opening their home to you the least you can do is make sure your cups and dirty paper plates make it to the trashcan. We understand that the more you drink the harder it gets to keep track of things you set down but at least try to do this.

B. If you spill food or a drink on the carpet, attempt to clean it up...no need to let the cranberry and vodka fester for a whole night and then have people running through it and tracking it through the host home.

C. Try your best to make sure that if you throw up it happens over the balcony, in a trashcan, or in a toilet.

D. Do not spray piss on the toilet seats or water all over the counter in the host bathroom like a whale spewing water. Make sure any feminine hygiene products are properly wraped or disposed of, and flush the toilet always...that behavior is ridiculous. This is someones house..there is not bathroom attendant.

E. Do not feed the host pets any food or liquor. Some people don't feed their dog fried chicken wings and other table food...some people don't find it funny or cute to have their small dog get alcohol poisoning.

4. If It's a Dinner Party RSVP:

Let the host know who will be coming with you or if you can bring people...unless you want to be placed on a forced diet because there is not enough food there for everyone.

5. Ask If You Can Bring Your Kid:

Not all functions are child appropriate. You may want to ask if you can bring your kid to the cookout, pool party, dinner party, etc. There may be no other kids there so your child may be bored or the function could involve some wild adult behavior your child should not be exposed to...do you really want your daughter learning how to "do it with no hands?" Do you really want your son to see the female anatomy of a stripper at the tender age of 10? Do you really want your kid to see you or anyone else shitfaced?
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Drink Choices

We love a nice adult beverage as much as the next person...maybe more than the next person. However, these popular drinks could be making you retain the weight you are trying to work off daily in the gym. We have compiled a list of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly as far as calories are concerned. Complete with suggestions of how to lower the caloric intake of some:

The Good:

A Glass of Wine: 125-150 calories.
Of course it depends on how much you pour. Red wine generally has about 10% less calories than white wine. Drier wines (less sweet) are the lowest in calories.

A Glass of Sangria:
150 calories. Assuming that sugar is not added simply real fruit juice. Once again the red sangria is the better option. Most wine spritzers are a great option.

Vodka/Gin and Tonic: 200 calories.
You can GREATLY cut down on the calories of this drink by using soda instead bringing this drink to 100 calories. My great friend Malory even uses the packets of Crystal Light (o calories) to make a low calorie vodka and lemonade.

The Bad:

Orange Juice and Vodka (Screw Driver): 200 calories.
You can make this drink less calories by requesting a vodka with soda water with a splash of orange juice and garnished with a orange slice.

Cranberry and Vodka: 280 calories.
Most of the calories can be accounted for in the fact that most cranberry juices are not real and contain a whole lot of sugar. You can cut down on calories by ordering a vodka and soda with a splash of cranberry.

Beer: 150-245 calories.
It's like literally eating slices of bread...maybe the 64 calorie beers are the best option.

The Ugly:

Mojito: 225 calories
...or A LOT more. It's hard to say because some bartenders use tons of sugar and sugar makes you chunky.

Mai Tai: 350 calories.
All those sugary fake juices are sure to make your waist fat.

Pina Colada: 644 calories.
That is about as many calories as a whopper with cheese.

Long Island Ice Tea: 780 calories
...you might as well eat a few slices of cheesecake.

Margarita: 740 calories
...kiss that drink adios. Opt for Bethany Frankel's skinny girl margarita which has 185 calories. The skinny girl margarita consist of 2 oz vodka, .5oz of orange juice, and lime juice.

Other options for cutting down on calories when drinking are using infused vodkas, drinking just about any liquor straight or with soda water, opting for diet coke or diet sprite when used for mixing. Lemon and lime juice is about 10 calories per 1/2 an oz. Also remember the higher the proof of liquor the higher the calories.

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