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Monday, April 9, 2012

Lessons in Wealth: How Mark Zuckerberg "Made it Rain" On These Hoes

^^^ this is the picture of the man that should come to mind and people should be trying to imitate when they think about stunting. Not the stupid athletes like T.O. who blew $80 million or the rappers rapping about black cards, or Fabolous who made it rain 28k on strippers at Atlanta's very own Diamonds of Atlanta.

While I am not wealthy...hell I'm not even rich, I do know one thing, a lot of people don't understand the concept of wealth. They look up to, imitate, and aspire to be "wealthy" like their favorite idiot rapper or athlete. If Mark Zuckerberg woke up with Jay-Z money he would most likely insert a gun in his mouth and pull the trigger. While Jay-Z is undoubtedly a successful business man his bank account looks like a wealthy persons McDonald's happy meal money.

Today Mark Zuckerberg "made it rain" 1 billion dollars in cash and stocks to acquire Instagram...and he is by all means of the definition, "self-made"...so I'm going to need everyone else to have a stadium of seats right now. Please and thank you.

See the difference? Wealthy people "make it rain" on things that increase their wealth. All financial moves are calculated. You will not see Warren Buffet or Mark Zuckerberg making it rain on strippers, investing in ridiculous jewelry, buying a bunch of cars to stunt, and wifing hoes who will take half because all of those actions are those of poor financial calculation. So instead of bragging about hoes you've bedded, stunting in an attempt to make us believe your self worth by bragging about the money spent, and making asanine purchases you should shut the fuck up and start making power moves.

> Wealth means, you lay your head on your pillow at night and wake up richer everyday without doing shit.

> Wealth means, you have so much money that it's almost impossible to blow through it in your life time. Did you know Bill Gates makes so much money that if he dropped a $100 bill, the amount of time (4 seconds) it would take him to pick it up would waste more money than if he just left the shit on the ground? He makes $300 A FUCKING SECOND. That's wealth um kay.

> Wealthy means you have more than 20 million in LIQUID assets.

> Wealthy means your net worth is well over $200 million per year.

> To help you put this wealth thing into perspective, I read that if you scaled down Warren Buffet's money, a tricked out Lambo is equivalent to him spending 31 cents #wealthy.

I'm not here to knock anyone's hustle or say that people who are rich and self made aren't doing their thing, I just want more people to aspire to be wealthy instead of rich or "hood rich" because that ain't getting anyone anywhere. Start creating empires and leaving behind legacies instead of leaving dollars on the ground at the strip club. I'm just saying.

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