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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Monopoly Money vs. Real Money

In today's society we understand the triumph felt when rising from the bottom to the top financially...it changes some people. Some of the people want to stunt and floss their money while others are more low-key. Being the socialites we are, yall know we have the key to the city, we've experienced both kinds of people: real millionaires, and those who are faking it till they make it and believe us there is an OBVIOUS difference.

Disclaimer: This is not geared towards being a gold digger this is more so to express the difference in the man who is flippant at the mouth about his money (often times that he doesn't really have) and the ones who have money but don't want to be used or known for it.

Monopoly Money

Monopoly money is fake. It comes in a variety of colors that isn't green...it's as fake as the person saying they have it.


The person who post up multiple facebook pictures and or statuses about all the bread they are spending, all the exotic places they are traveling, all the designer clothing they are coping, and all the expensive game seat and events they are attending. They make it rain in strip clubs, they wear enough diamonds to make hell freeze over just to go to the grocery store, they let you know everything they have short of their tax return without you even asking.

Reasons why this person may be doing this?

A. They're from the hood and they're hood rich: do you think Bill Gates talks about all the things he owns and buys publicly daily?
B. They are insecure with themselves: the only way they feel a true sense of self worth is is by talking about the money they have...they feel nothing else about them is interesting to others.

More Examples of Monopoly Money:

After flossing and popping off at the mouth about all his wealth he does the following...

A. While you are out to eat and you are ordering drink number two he gives you subtle queues to stop spending money. "You going in aren't you?"...this statement means "bitch stop!"
B. He clearly sees you staring at the desert menu when the waitress approaches to ask if you are interested in dessert and abruptly cuts the waitress off by saying "can we just get the check please."
C. He invites you to a nice dinner that you have planned for a week and watches you eat claiming he is not hungry.
Real Money

Generally a person who has a lot of money is low key. They don't want to bring attention to the fact they have money because they don't want to be known solely for their money. They feel confident in the fact they have money and realize that anyone with two eyes can tell that they aren't broke...no need to emphasis that.

Examples of Real Money:

After not letting on that he is well off this person is...

A. More concerned about the experience than the cost when taking you out or spending time with you. They want you to try to restaurant's speciality, they want you to go sight seeing at all the places in the city, they want you to order a bottle of wine instead of the glass because they know you both like to drink wine, etc.
B. They slowly let you into their life and observe your reactions as they do so. Maybe this guy picks you up in a nice car, maybe you show up to his address and his house is laid, maybe he randomly offers to fly you somewhere, maybe this person offers to pay the whole dinner tab quietly at a dinner party.
C. They offer the people you are with a drink.


  1. How is this not encouraging gold digging?

  2. It is; I surmise she just doesn't want it to be seen that way

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  4. My opinion is that the person himself determines what to do and where to go. A monopoly can not make him the decision.

  5. Interesting. I think that I've never heard or thought of that before. That is a sort of a really unique thing.

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