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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Boughetto: The New Class of Citizens

Turn on your TV, go to your local lounge, at your job...they are everywhere. There is a new class of citizens who seem to think they are refined and high-class but in actuality they are bougie and ghetto...hence the term Boughetto.

Think Phaedra Parks from the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta. She swears up and down she is a lawyer who makes all this money and a Southern belle to boot, yet she wears glitter eyeshadow, married an ex convict, and let's just say that baby shower was a hot flaming charbroiled mess that she somehow considered to be elegant and about the arts. For God's sake she was wearing roses in her hair!

So we have developed signs to tell that you are in fact NOT just siddity, high class, or bougie...but Boughetto. Without further ado, here they are. Assess yourself accordingly:

1. You Think Moscato/White Zinfindel/Arbor Mist is Fine Wine:

Now Ray Ray will kill me because she loves Moscato...but that is not the ONLY thing she drinks. If the only wine that has ever been in a glass and touched your lips and gone down your throat is a glass of yellow tail moscato/ blueberry wine by Arbor Mist, or White Zinfindel...you may be boughetto. Proceed to number 2.

2. You Ask For Prices at the Bar Before You Order:

If you sit down at a bar and ask the bartender to run down a list of prices for every drink made and then have the nerve to want to send things back, complain about the bar being sticky, ask for extra cherries and garnishments, and tip real shitty...firstly you shouldn't be out because you are too broke to afford it...you are also boughetto. For whatever reason, you are under the impression that the siddity and rich have a highly developed and hard to please palate and act this way when they go to restaurants and bars which is not true. Proceed to number 3.

3. You Act Out When Going Out to Eat (examples included):

A. You go to a restaurant and order basic things like chicken alfredo or chicken fried rice and send it back to the kitchen 3 times. How on earth do you fuck up chicken alfredo or chicken fried rice that much? It's a basic dish just like your BASIC want to be siddity ass.

B. You order a food at fancy restaurant with a description "brazed tilapia garnished with greens" and when it comes out send it back to the kitchen because your boughetto ass seemed to think that collard greens were going to come out on your plate!

C. You send things back to the kitchen numerous times at places like Chili's or Applebee's as if that is the finest dining experience or something...just stop.

D. You don't know SHIT about meat temperatures. You get angry when you order your steak well done and there is absolutely NO pink in the meat.

4. You Are a Label Whore:

You don't wear things because they are attractive to you, you wear them so everyone knows how much money you have. You want the logo to be as big as possible and you don't want to "perpetrate" (an old school boughetto terminology used to describe when individuals are not wearing the same designer from head to toe). You may even wear things out of style or that are insanely ugly because they are designer. Proceed to number 5.

5. Flossing is More Important:

A. You think it's more important that you drive a BMW than having equity, life insurance, health insurance, 401K, escrow (grown folks shit). It doesn't matter to you that you live with your mom or in an apartment...you have two cars! You may even stoop as low as buying a 99' Benz just so you can say you drive a Benz. You have your car tricked out with things that if they get stolen you can not afford to replace.

B. Your hair and nails stay "did," you stay with designer jeans on, you have a ipad, all the bells and whistles...but at the same token you have acne, you are sloppy fat, you just can't seem to take care of basic necessities...you can buy $300 jeans but not $20 proactiv? You can get hit the salon and spend about $40 each week on your hair but you can't hit the gym and be a healthy weight so you can live longer? Proceed to Number 6

6. You Wear Things Inappropriately:

A. Why on earth are you wearing a full length fur at any time before 6pm? Why on earth are you wearing fur period when the temperatures and windchill are not in the teens?

B. Why are you running around with a 3 piece suit on looking like Dwight from Real Housewives of Atlanta to the mall?

Proceed to Number 7.

7. Those Aren't Designers/ You Live in a Rap Lyric:

If you think any of the following is high fashion designer goods you are fucking up:

Coach, Bebe, Polo (not Ralph Lauren), Ecko, Sean Jean, Baby Phat, Phat Farm, Tommy Hilfiger, House of Deron.

Or if the only designers you have ever heard of are Chanel, Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Prada, Christian Louboutin, or anything shouted out in rap lyrics than you may be Boughetto...have you heard of YSL, Tom Ford, Gianmarco Lorenzi, Escada, Pucci?

If any of the above applies to you, own up to it, accept it, and realize you are Boughetto. *kanye shrug*
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This Week in Videos/Music

Lil' Mama gets booed off the stage....yeah...your lip gloss ain't poppin no more boo! Ya'll can't tell me that Lil' Mama ain't bow wow with a wig on...*kanye shrug*

All bad Lil' Mama...all bad....

Wale goes HAM on a Baltimore radio station about them stiring up fake "beef"

Alicia Keys dropped a new single with Eve called Speechless...listen to it below

Alicia Keys - Speechless ft. Eve by MusicAndWei

Please Eve stay on it because I'm sick of hearing Nicki Minaj on every song...it's seriously killing me...

Suge Knight arrested in Tupac's death?! 14 years later?! Is this a real news segement? What do yall think?

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No Show Tonight!

Due to inclimate weather which has Ray Ray trapped up north, we can not do our radio show this evening. However, we will be updating the blog and putting extra post up to tantalize your taste buds for things all non-sugar coated. The show will be back at the regular scheduled date and time:

January 4th at 8pm eastern time

Thanks for all your support of our show and blog!
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Is Snooping Ever Justified?

Scene 1: Your mate's phone rings quite frequently at late hours of the night and he/she sneaks away to check it. Tonight, your mate has fallen asleep on the sofa during a movie. As your mate lies sleeping on the sofa your eyes stare longingly at the phone. Should you or shouldn't you? Just at that moment you whisper to your mate "babe?" to double check that they are indeed asleep. No response. You quietly creep to the end table, phone clutched in hand, you know the unlock code...CUT!

Is snooping ever justified? There is only one reason why someone feels the need to snoop...it is because there is a LACK OF TRUST. So back to the question at hand, is it ever justified? YES. Now before yall go off and get selective hearing/reading, understand the following things about snooping.

1. If you have to constantly do it, you SHOULD NOT be with that person:

If you find yourself going through your boyfriend or girlfriends phone a few time a week and without any merit (i.e. they are not doing anything wrong or suspicious) than you have some of your own personal insecurity issues that you may need to work on. You need to analyze why it is that you feel you need to do these things so frequently? Are you looking for an out in a relationship? Are you yourself cheating so you are suspicious of your boyfriend/girlfriend? Either way, excessive snooping indicates that you should not be with this person because whatever the reason is, you don't trust them.

2. We have intuition to protect us:

If you in fact have noticed a great change in how you and your mate interact or he/she is doing some things that are cause for alarm...check it out. Intuition protects us from harm. It is a personal alert that things are out of whack and you'd be an idiot to not look into any red flags.

So with that being said, what do you do when you find something during your snoop session?

There is no reason to sit on information that can potentially make you feel a certain way towards your boyfriend/girlfriend or that causes you pain and anguish. There is definitely NO REASON to allow yourself to be a doormat and let this activity go on and pretend you don't know about it.

When addressing the found incriminating evidence be forth coming, you can be forth coming with how you found the incriminating evidence if you were snooping for a LOGICAL REASON.

Example: "Your phone has been ringing off the hook late at night and it happened to ring while you were sleeping. I looked to see who was calling and saw it was someone named Trisha. I then was prompted to look at your text and she had sent you some nude photos....the floor is yours now...what do you possibly have to say?"...Shut down shop and let he/she dig themselves out of the hole they put themselves in. Now it is up to you what you want to do with that information. Stay or go. Red or green pill.

In conclusion, if you have a burning, nagging, desire to check up on your partner and it won’t go away no matter how much you ignore it. You probably should follow that desire. Doing so might at least open your eyes up to the person you are dealing with. Good or bad. Whether you continue to deal with that person is at your own risk. Like all things, it only becomes unhealthy when it becomes obsessive and excessive.
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Audio Feed From the Show!

Thanks to all the fans, supporters, listeners, bloggers...we love yall! Hit us up ysugarcoat@gmail.com

We are on each and every tuesday 8pm eastern with the realest of the real talk.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Radio Show Tonight 8pm Eastern!

Listen in! Check it out!

Click HERE to listen to a real radio show. Real talk. Straight up. No Chaser!
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Y SUGARCOAT? Dictionary: Define Gold Digger and Hoe

We here at Y SUGARCOAT? feel there are a few terms/words that are thrown around rather loosely in today's society. People are going around using these terms like little kids use big words...incorrectly. We have decided to share with you all what we feel the true definition of the words GOLD DIGGER and HOE are in today's edition of Y SUGARCOAT? Dictionary. Please feel free to comment on how you agree or disagree.

Gold Digger [gohld dig-er] -noun:

A gold digger is a woman who preys upon and ONLY dates rich men in order to afford her a lifestyle that she is too lazy to obtain by herself

A true gold digger would not want to breathe the same air as a man who drives a Camry. She wants a man to take her in as if she were his spoiled daughter. She wants lavish trips to Egypt, yachts, foreign cars, hair done, nails done, everything did at a man's expense. She feels her occupation in life should be to look fine, stay in the gym, go shopping (with a man's black card of course), eat lunches with her girlfriends, and serve up sex on a silver platter in exchange for all the previous mentioned.

But Alas! Some men are using this term to describe 5 out of 10 women! Please be aware you DO NOT have to worry about gold diggers if you are making anything less than 6 figures. You have men who make 30k a year running around claiming a girl is a "gold digger." What gold can be dug from your 30k a year salary...oh excuse me HOURLY wages? I'm sorry but I don't even think you can dig tin off that kind of money (not knocking anyone who makes less than 6 figures (we currently don't)...these are just facts).

Gold can't be "dug" out of the following things that men often WRONGLY complain about:

1. Buying a girl an $8 drink at a bar.
2. Taking a girl you are interested in to dinner or out anywhere.

Just because a girl doesn't want you to take her on a bunch of sofa dates or wants you to buy her a drink does not make her a gold digger. Matter of fact...some of you men may want a gold digger with how you approach women

(click here to see the post about men who want gold diggers)

Hoe [hoh] -noun:

Short for whore. A woman who is employed by a pimp or sales her body for money. An overly promiscuous woman

Now we are aware that the last part of that definition can be a little vague, but so is the nature in which it is being used. There is not a "number" of sexual partners that makes a woman a hoe...think more of it as the context of the sex had. For example, if one woman has had sex with 3 guys, but she had sex with them all at the same time or on the same day and another woman had sex with 5 guys all of whom she was in serious or long term dating situations with, the number no longer applies...it is the context of the sex that makes a woman a hoe.

Things that are hoeish :

1. Getting a train ran on you (more than one guy at the same time).
2. Having sex for money.
3. Having sex with a whole crew or group of friends (i.e. screwing everyone on the football team)
4. Having unprotected sex with multiple casual sexual partners.
5. Kat Stacks---the pure definition

In order for someone to be either a gold digger or a hoe they have to live that lifestyle...not just have tendencies or have done something hoeish once although when doing this types of acts be advised that you will be judged by those who don't know you according to the act. So please people...stop using throwing around these words like a football. Know them, understand them, use the properly.

Do you think that the words gold digger and hoe are used incorrectly in today's society?
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Guide to Holiday Gift Giving

Sometimes it can be hard to decipher what to get your significant other around the holidays. Especially if you all have not been dating long or don't officially have a title. So we decided to help you out by breaking things down by how many months or years you all have been dating.

No Title:

Don't get shit. Period. Point. Blank. If you have the urge to spread some holiday cheer do something thoughtful. Do not exceed $20.

1-6 months:

Do not exceed $50. Although things may seem like they can last long term, the verdict is still out. You also want to leave room for growth in your relationship. If you start off spending a lot of money in the beginning the natural time progression projects the gifts are supposed to get more meaningful and in most cases (99% of cases) more expensive. It is also suggested that you do not buy your significant other things that they could use with another person. For example, at this stage it is ill advised to get your man/woman a $50 gift certificate to Macaroni Grill. It is quite possible you all could break up (or if they have a side piece) and your man/woman could use your money to take their new love interest out to eat.

Also take into consideration that discounts do not apply. If you work somewhere where you get a discount do not think it's appropriate to give your significant other a $120 gift because with your discount it is $60, it is true they may know you get a discount at whichever place you work but it is still over doing it. Another example, if you received a blue tooth last year that you have not used (brand new, still in the box) that retails for $120 do not give that to your significant other as they do not know that you spent little to nothing on it and it is assumed you bought it for the full retail price.

Do not get your significant other a series of things that add up to the allotted $50. This too can be consider over doing it.

7 months- year:

Do not exceed $200. At this stage it is good to stay in tune with things your partner says they want or need meaning the gifts should be more thoughtful. These gifts should indicate that you pay more attention to your mate as a person. For example, you man/woman is a movie buff and because you know that you put two and two together and bought him/her a year subscription to netflix. Yet another example, you notice every time your man pulls out his wallet it is raggedy, you also know that he likes Marc Jacobs. Put two and two together and buy him a new Marc Jacobs wallet...the gift reflects observation and knowledge of the person.

In addition, you all should be on the same page as far as gift items (i.e. someone should not be spending $200 and the other person is thinking $50).

It is also a not a bad idea to ask what this person wants for Christmas. While you know this person well you do may not fully know what it is that they want. A easy way to do this is to ask your mate to write down 5 things that they want and tell them you will pick on or a few.

2 years+:

Money is no longer an issue (within reason). Although you guys are pretty solid, you guys are not married (if you are married discontinue reading). Do not put yourself in a predicament where you are taking on a second job to buy a gift or buying things that you would be upset that the person got to keep if they walked out on you tomorrow.
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This Week's Videos

Usher getting kicked in the face by a fan being REAL extra:

How embarrasing?!

Girls hair catches on fire during Diddy's "Last Train to Paris" Party:

How embarrasing?!...smh hahahalarious!

Jets Coach Tripping Dolphins Player

How dreadful? Did he forget that have instant replay?
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Is There a Such Thing as Being "Situationally" Gay?

There are a lot of double standards in today's society about being gay or bisexual when it comes to men and women and even situations. I heard a term recently called being "situationally" gay...is this even a real term that can be used? If someone was ever gay are they always gay? Why can't men be bisexual but girls can be in our society? So below we have created a list of things in which we heard the phrase "situationally" gay could apply. We want homosexual and heterosexual people to comment on this one because there are opposing view points and we think everyone should be able to understand, hear, and entertain thoughts from both sides of the spectrum.

1. Prison:

If a man or woman is in prison and has sex with someone of the same sex does that make them permanently gay or situationally gay? It could be argued that a person in jail who engages in sex with a member of the same sex is only situationally gay if they are doing 10 to life. What about if they were only in jail for 2 years? I know a lot of you are going to clap back with "hell naw! having sex with another man/woman is gay! I don't care how long you are up in there!"...until I saw this special about rape in prison.

See the video feed below:

So if it came down to your safety, health, life, or having to be kept in solitary confinement versus engaging in gay sex would you honestly say "Naw that's gay?"

2. Women/Men Who Went Through Bad Relationships with the Opposite Sex:

People can go through self discovery at any point in their life, but when a person is dating someone of the same sex as a result of several failed attempts with the opposite sex I have heard that the phrase "situationally gay" can apply here. Personally I feel this classification makes a lot of sense (whether it's right or wrong is another topic all together). If a person is truly gay (in all senses of the word) and someone ask them "why are you gay?" I would think they would say "because I like women." I would not think they would retort "because these men/women out here aren't shit."...how is that a reason? Is it a good reason? Does the term actually apply here?

3. People Who View Having Sex with the Opposite Sex as "Just Sex."

In Tyler Perry's latest movie "For Colored Girls" and in the book by J.L. King entitled "On the Down Low" it was explained that some people either do no identify themselves as being gay or consider themselves "situationally gay" if they have no intent on pursuing a romantic relationship with a member of the same sex but only pursuing sexual encounters. Most times you hear these types of stories associated with me. However, why is it that often times in our society men are not allowed to wear the "bisexual" hat? It is almost fashionable and definitely more acceptable now days for a woman to be bisexual but why are men not allowed to wear the same hat?

Digest all of this...

...What do you guys think?

Can a man be bisexual? Does the term "situationally gay" need to be thrown out the window?

Is There a Such Thing as Being Situationally Gay?
Not sure
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Audio Feed From Last Night's Show


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Monday, December 13, 2010

Radio Show Launches Tuesday December 14th at 8PM (eastern)!

T$ and Ray Ray

Tomorrow marks a day in history! The first radio show will lauch for Y SUGARCOAT? RADIO at 8pm eastern. I will be a great show that features discussions directly from this blog post as well as music because we know you all are sick of hearing the same 5 songs played over and over again on the radio. As always, we promise to keep it real in everything that is said. The show is also interactive! Chat with us live directly as the show is airing!


It's going down....basement!


every tuesday at 8pm eastern!

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

She's Not That Into You: Signs She DOES NOT Want You to Holla

As a man it takes a lot of courage to approach a female that you don't know an initiate a conversation with the hopes of getting her number and we respect that BUT some of you need to read between the lines. There is a time and place for everything. While you may not want to miss the only moment you may ever see this woman again there are times you SHOULD NOT try to holla at her. In addition, there are clear cut signals a woman gives you that should let you know SHE'S NOT THAT INTO YOU, she is not interested, and does not want you to holla at her. Because some of you men are out here are looking like you are thirsty in the Serengeti and need a gallon of water...

1. She Says She Has a Boyfriend:

When she tells you this off top, there is a 99.7% chance she is NOT interested in you. Tell her it was nice meeting her and to have a lovely night because it's NOT going down. In addition DO NOT follow up this response with the following questions:

A. Are You Happy?....that's none of your business and it's neither here nor there because by her telling you she has a boyfriend you all communicating is NOT up for discussion.

B. Can We Be Friends?...do not ask to be her friend, comrade, associate, acquaintance, amigo...not of that shit...she does not want it with you. She has her home girl who is her friend, standing right next to her...she needs no more friends.

2. She is Working Out:

When people work out they are in a zone, sweating, and out of breathe. Do not try to hold a conversation with her while she is running on a treadmill...she is NOT trying to hear it. Could you at least wait for her to take a water break? On second thought, don't do it at all.

3. Do Not Follow Her:

That is creepy and straight stalker...it just screams murder, murder, rape, rape. If you see her and you make eye contact with her speak then or forever hold your peace. Do not follow her for 3 aisles in the grocery store, all through the mall, to her car...it's creepy

4. There Are Certain Places/ Situations That You Should NOT Holla at Her:

Here is a list of places/times that I have been hollered at that are completely inappropriate:

A. The tampon aisle (speaks for itself)

B. While I'm picking out lingerie, bras, or panties (it's not appropriate...we don't even know each other but you know what type of panties and bra size I wear?)

C. When I have on dress slacks or a suit sitting with people who are clearly coworkers. (I do not want these people knowing about my personal life let alone who I date, who I would potentially date, or if I am going to date you.)

5. If She Is On the Phone:

Firstly, that is rude as shit. Secondly, if she is texting or busy looking in her phone the whole time you are talking she is NOT interested.

6. She Hits You With Short Responses:

If every response she makes to any questions you ask her end with a maximum of 1 or 2 words she wants you out of her face.
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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Therapy Session: Playing House

So we recently got an email that invokes a controversial conversation on an interesting topic...shacking up, playing house, etc. See below:

"Ok tell me if I'm wrong. I live with my girlfriend and up until this point we have both been paying bills. We are currently financially strapped because I recently got a DUI and had to pay for all the court fees, and fines on top of all the bills we already have together. Just this week she comes home talking about "I'm sick of that bitch (her supervisor) so I quit my job! I'm just gonna find a new one" HOW COULD SHE BE SO STUPID?! I think I might leave her. Am I wrong?

---Shacking Up in ATL"

The topic of shacking up and playing house is a tricky one. It's tricky because you all are essentially acting as a married couple without actually being married so it is hard to decipher what types of financial responsibilities you all should be obligated to take on together and which ones you should not. But let me ask you sir, what were your intentions with this girl that you are living with? Do you plan on ever marrying her? If so, you may want to file this situation in your memory Rolodex when thinking about her financial prowess and how that could effect you all if and when you do decide to get married...however, leaving her because of this is wrong. The reasons it is wrong is because you just stated a double standard.
1. You all were already financially strapped because of YOUR DUI and she did not leave you yet.
2. I'm sure she did not quit her job out of the malice of her heart (immaturity yes, but not malice)

With that being said you all should have a talk about how BOTH of you are causing stress to the finances and how BOTH of you need to do better or work this out. Maybe you all should consider living apart so that you are not bringing each other down and move back in together when you all are more stable. It's hard to stay with someone who is a financially burden to you especially when you are still filing single on your taxes and have no legal binding contract such as a marriage that calls for you to let them bring you down. If you are not ready to take on the responsibility of thinking about how your financial decisions could effect someone else then YOU SHOULD NOT BE LIVING TOGETHER. It's that simple.


1. Why Are You All Living Together?

Are you living together because you eventually want to marry this person? Are you living together because you love being around this person? Are you doing it just to do it? As previously stated, if you are going to live with someone be prepared to take on some financial responsibilities together and life responsibilities in general. You may not want to place yourself in this situation if this is temporary and not long term.

2. Living Together Could Damage Your Relationship:

When living with someone you can find out a lot about them. However, in some instances you could put extra strain on your relationship. Maybe you all will start feeling you do not have enough personal space (especially in small apartments)? The excitement could be taken from your relationship and your interactions could become like chores (we do these things because we live together).

3. The Old Saying Can Often Be True, "Why Buy the Cow When the Milk is Free?"

Men like sports because they like competition and uncertainty of the outcome...it's the thrill of the chase, it's the excitement. Maybe if he knows you will be home daily at 6pm, cook meatloaf, and you all will have sex it just gets old. It's nice to have female companionship, a woman cooking and cleaning for you, doing your laundry, and having regular sex so why take it to the next level? (this brings us back to point 1...everyone should be clear on why you all are living together make sure the proposed result of you living together is what you both want).

When Should You Live With A Boyfriend or Girlfriend?
When a wedding date is set or you are enagaged
To consolidate bills
When you are in love
Because you want to be around each other all the time
All of the above are good reasons
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Videos of the Week

Kanye West is in the process of dropping the video to his song "Monster" off his latest album...it's kinda disturbing, I know the illuminati theories are gonna start flying! See the preview below...

...Keri Hilson is apparently revamping her image to be a bad girl who is kinda slutty around the edges (side eye)...whatever just pick an image and stick with it sheesh! Watch her back it up on some random no name DJ for publicity...

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

You're NOT Wifey Material Because...

1. You Are Just So Damn Fine (and that's it):

Face it, looks can bag you a man, get you free drinks, get you...well just about anything if used properly (and we mean that in a non slutty way) but it takes more to keep a man. Being pretty but yet boring does not keep a man and will not ALONE make a man wife you...at least not for the long haul.

2. You Have No Real Goals:

You have no real goals, dreams, or aspirations of you own besides being wifed by the perfect rich, tall, dark, and handsome man and owning a pair of YSL pumps. You align your goals along with those of a man...but you do not have any real one's of your own. You have no ambitions, aspirations, 5 year plan, career goals, or anything to make you a person with a life outside of your relationship...therefore he's not wifing you for the long haul.

3. You Are TOO Cool:

We agree that a good and the best relationships are based off of friendships...at the end of the day you should be your mates friend but there is a time when you are trying too hard to be the "cool" girlfriend. Perhaps your man can walk all over you or treat you however, perhaps when he ask you to jump you ask "how high?" every single time, perhaps you allow him to have an open relationship, you are down with having threesomes, letting him fuck other girls, etc....yeah he's probably not that serious about you...sorry...

4. You Demand Things of Men You Date That You Yourself Do Not Have:

If you are not working towards some sort of goal, you can not demand for a man who is sensitive, making 6 figures, with a townhouse in buckhead that's fully furnished, fine, driving a BMW, has good credit, and has no kids, and works out with a chisled 6 pack if you yourself are a waitress, with a sloppy body, 3 baby daddies, credit you couldn't even get a pink baby phat card with, and a marta pass....where they do that at?...he's not wifing you...sorry...

5. You Walk In The Dating Arena With Too Much Baggage and Too Many Expectations Too Soon:

If you have not healed from your last relationship (we think a year is best) don't even try to get into anything serious...it's not gonna work out...you'll lose yourself in it...and he is NOT wifing you for the long haul and definately not dealing with all your baggage and bullshit. In addition don't walk into date 3 talking about "Can I meet your mom?"....yeah...you are on level 10 we need you to bring it to level 2.

6. You Are Selfish In Bed:

The ugly truth is that 50% of what makes the relationship satisfying for most men is sex. While doing things that make you uncomfortable are not a good look do realize that no man wants to eat you out for hours only for you to blow air on his penis (if that some of you don't even give head which is a tragedy), do missionary position, all while have a hairy vagina and legs, and then roll over and go to sleep once every 2 weeks. Sorry...he's not wifing you long term...

7. You Guys Are Sex Based:

You don't know much about him except his favorite positions and he doesn't know much about you except how your butt looks while jiggling as he hits it from the back. In addition you reward him with sex for bad behavior...he knows he just needs to say a little sorry anytime he messes up and he's back in your panties. No deeper connection between yall has ever been made, no conversation, no dates outside of his/your room...sorry...this ain't going anywhere past the bedroom and your vagina walls...he's not wifing you.

8. You Want The Wrong Man at the Wrong Time:

Why on earth would you attempt to make something pop off with a man who just moved to your city a week ago?! He's definatley NOT trying to wife anyone...he's trying to see what's out there. Why are you trying to wife a man who just got signed to the Saints? Why are you trying to wife a man who just got his first 6 figure job? He is trying to live it up, meet people, pull all the girls he never could with his new found wealth or whatever...not settle down...sorry...it's true...he's not wifing you.
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

T.I's Album No Mercy Dropped Today

T.I's album entitled "No Mercy" dropped today. I appreciate the length of the songs and amount of songs he put on the album for sure....it's rare artist do that...they want you to pay $15 for an album that is 10 tracks that are 3 minutes long!

Listen to tracks below:

Welcome To The World (Feat. Kanye West & KiD CuDi) by T.I.
How Life Changed (Feat. Mitchelle'L & Scarface) by T.I.
Get Back Up (Feat. Chris Brown) by T.I.
I Can't Help It (Feat. Rocko) by T.I.
That's All She Wrote (Feat. Eminem) by T.I.
No Mercy (Feat. The-Dream) by T.I.
Big Picture by T.I.
Strip (Feat. Young Dro & Trey Songz) by T.I.
Salute by T.I.
Amazing (Feat. Pharrell) by T.I.
Everything On Me by T.I.
Poppin' Bottles (Feat. Drake) by T.I.
Lay Me Down (Feat. Rico Love) by T.I.
Castle Walls (Feat. Christina Aguilera) by T.I.
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When Being a Good Friend Goes Bad: Results of Telling Your Friend About Her Man

We've all heard the term "Chicks before Dicks"...sadly...many of you have learned or will learn the hard way that 90% of females don't really believe that shit *kanye shrug*.

Here are the results of being what you think your homegirl views as being "a good friend"

1. She's Gonna Think You're A Hater (Especially if You Are Single):

Women act and think with their emotions when they are in love. She is so emotionally wrapped up in her situation that she can not rationalize why you are really telling her this information. If you are single her rationalization is that you are a hater who can't get a man, you want her man, you want your friend's time back, or that you are miserable and as the saying goes, "misery loves company." In this emotional state she some how forgets all the things you have done over the years to prove that you are a good friend with her best interest at heart. It's one thing to hear information from an acquaintance about your man but a whole other entity to hear it from a best friend or good friend...however...she can't rationalize this...

2. She's Gonna Stay With Him Anyway:

Sadly a lot of women pop off at the mouth with "I wish he would!" and "If my man ever did that it's a wrap!" However in reality when you approach her with any incriminating or negative information about her man she will do one of two things:

A. Defend him like he's in court and she is his attorney (which is partially honorable, but stupid when solid facts are being given) or make up excuses for his actions.

B. Be very grateful for the information in your face, but behind closed doors she will tell others about your "hating" ass and start acting funny. She may even talk about how she is going to leave him...but we all know in 2 weeks time they will be back together.

3. You May Lose A Friendship:

She's probably gonna pick him over you anyway. It doesn't matter how long you've known each other, women get VERY offended when you tell them about their man.

Maybe this is partially because their is a shortage of men to women in the city you live in so she feels she needs to cling on to whatever man she has? Maybe she's a girl who needs a man to validate her? Maybe good men are hard to find so she isn't gonna let one slip away...no matter how trifling he may be? Most likely she is in love and women think and act with their emotions when in love while men still have a level of rationality when making decisions in a relationship. If you think your friend is the 10% that will be grateful you told them about their man...try it...but know that 9:1 is a horrible ratio....sorry...

Would You Tell Your Friend If You Knew Her Man Was Up to No Good?
Yes! I Can't have her looking bad out here
No...I don't want to risk our friendship
It's none of my business
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Maybe Your "Hangtime" Ain't Hanging?

Some men out here have great personalities, great careers, great looks, know how to treat a lady, but when he drops them boxers to the floor...IT'S A PROBLEM! Suddenly, all your hopes for having a successful relationship dropped to the floor with his boxers...you discover your worst nightmare....HE HAS A COCKTAIL WIENER!

This post is dedicated to the hundreds of horror stories I have heard from my friends (white, black (not all black men are packing heat ya feel me?), hispanic, asian) who have had encounters with a man who literally has something short of a large clitoris and set of balls. Here's signs that you are in fact NOT well endowed.

1. Are Your Condoms Sagging?

A condom is supposed to have a snug fit with a little space at the top for the semen when you ejaculate. It is supposed to be a snug fit so that it does not slip off during sex. If your condom has ever got lost in someone's vagina, if it looks like your penis is wearing a poncho...IT'S A PROBLEM and you should probably proceed to question 2.

2. Is a Super Plus Tampax Bigger Than Your Penis?

Go inside your girlfriend/mother/sister/female friend's bathroom and look under the sink and you will a find a variety of boxes of tampons. Pull out a tampon of the largest absorbency and compare it to your penis. If your penis is the same size or smaller...IT'S A PROBLEM...proceed to question 3.

3. Are Their Rumor's You Don't Have That Meatwork?

If more than 2 women you date have said to someone else that you have a small penis...then it's true...IT'S A PROBLEM...proceed to question 4.

4. Do Females Insist on Being on Top, Friend's Only, or You Giving Them HOURS of Head?

If the answer is yes...IT'S A PROBLEM...proceed to question 5.

5. Compare Your Penis to a Man in a Porn (#nohomo)

It's true that many male pornstars have that mandingo...call it an occupational requirement. However, if their penises make yours look like a 5 year olds...IT'S A PROBLEM.

6. Can a Female Put Her Lips on Your Stomach While Giving Oral Sex Without Much Effort?

If she does not choke, gargle, or make a single noise in doing the process, it can be concluded either she is Karrine Stephans or IT'S A PROBLEM!

If you would like to know whether your "hangtime" is really hanging, fill out the below form and adhere to the following rules:

1. DO NOT include your real name.
2. DO NOT include your face in the picture.

We legally promise that we will keep all pictures and responses confidential and the ONLY responses or discussion in regards to the picture will be done via the email that you provide on the below form.

*By clicking submit you are legally allowing us to respond ONLY to the email you provided and you are legally stating that you have the right to use/distribute this picture.*

Signing Out...T$ and Ray Ray...saving sex lives 1 small pickle at a time!

Is a Small Penis a Deal Breaker?
Yes---I can't do that shit
No---If I like him I can look past it
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

But You Say He's Just a Friend...?

No one just falls out of the sky when you meet and start a relationship with them...people have connections to other people prior to their relationship and that often includes members of the opposite sex. But how can you tell that there is something more going on between your mate and their "friend" than friendship? Often times, your mate may be oblivious to the fact that his/her "friend" actually has deep rooted romantic feelings for them. Here are a few signs:

1. The "Friend" Doesn't Acknowledge You:

For example, your boyfriend/girlfriend wants you to meet their "friend." In your first encounter with the "friend" you immediately pick up on a bad vibe. Your mate introduces you to their homeboy/homegirl but the "homie" tries to show you that you are second tier to them by doing the following:
a.They may not speak, give a fake hello, or purposely try to make the encounter an awkward social moment and uncomfortable for you
b. The "friend" insist on talking about subjects or people that you know nothing about so you are not included in the conversation.
c. The "friend" acts like you don't exist.

2. They Call Too Much & Inappropriately:

As a female that has a best male friend, I know that there is a time and place for everything. It is unacceptable for the "friend" to call at certain hours of the night unless it's an emergency (a real one) ESPECIALLY if they know that you have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Also the "friend" may call too frequently. Here is a rule of thumb, if you and your mate are hanging out for and extended period of time and the "friend" has called more than once...they are outta of pocket and overstepping boundaries.

3. They Don't Understand Personal Space:

Too damn touchy feely! There is NO reason the "friend" should feel like every laugh deserves a "friendly" knee touch, waist hold, back rub, shoulder lean, or "friendly" caress...and most definitely not in your presence.

In conclusion, if you feel there is more than just friendship is going on between your mate and their "friend" of the opposite sex, talk about it. It is possible your mate is oblivious to what is going on but trust and believe the "friend" knows what they are doing. If your mate approaches you about your "friend" be understanding, listen, and try to explain you and the "friend's" history without making things sound mysterious. If your mate's "friend" is STILL outta pocket after all of this discussion you must be firm and tell your mate to check the "friend" before you have to...and sadly if things don't get better it can be assumed that your mate may be doing some friendly fucking and is not so oblivious to their "friend's" disrespectful behavior.
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Friday, December 3, 2010

Keri Hilson....Your Dignity is On the Floor...

Below is the latest video of Keri Hilson's that dropped November 29th entitled "The Way You Love Me"

My Opinion: She is trying TOO hard to get a buzz and find her musical persona. One min she's a good girl, the next she's a rocker, now she's a black Christina Aguleria in the "Dirty" video. Keri who are you? I am all for sex appeal...I take a "rough sexy" stiletto workout class every Wednesday, I understand sex and sexuality sells (ex: Madonna, Beyonce, Lady GaGa, Nicki Minaj, Lil' Kim)...but Keri...this shit right here? Yo this shit right here?! Yeah...you look like a slutasarus rex! If you are going to take a risk at ruining your career or image please do it to a banger.

What do yall think?

Keri Hilson feat Rick Ross - The Way You Love Me from Monkey78 on Vimeo.

Keri Hilson...
is a little slutty around the edges...
is expressing her sexuality...rappers do it all the time
is trying too hard...wtf ?! That was distasteful!
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Signs You Have a Fake Ass Friend

In reality, both men and women alike can have friends that are grade A certified haters or are just horrible friends...it has little to do with sex. Here are a few signs that your friend is a hating ass person/ not a good/true friend (examples are included).

1. They Down Play Your Success:

If you have a true friend they should be happy for anything you accomplish in your life whether it be a new job, a promotion, a new self discovery, a new venture, a lottery win, a new relationship, etc. When you are excited about something you shouldn't hear the following:

You: "I got a promotion today!"

Your Friend: "Congrats...but that job isn't in your major right? Be careful that company is firing people right and left daily I hear"

2. They Are Messy and Stir Up Drama:

What's worse that someone who tries to make your life miserable...misery loves company people.

Ex: Your Hating Friend: "You see what your girl has on cuz?"

Is your friend your girl's daddy? If her outfit is not offensive to you why does it matter what he thinks and why was it bought to your attention? Is he or you so concerned for that matter that you would buy her a new wardrobe? If the answer is no then your friend is a hater and probably low key wants to have sex with your girlfriend...sorry...

3. They Are Unconcerned With What is Going On In Your Life:

Are your conversations one sided? Do you find that you know every detail of your friends life but they hardly know where you work, who you date, where you have been in the last week? Do you go weeks on end without getting so much as a text from them? Are they dismissive of your life problems and issues? When you need someone to help you sort things out or would you even call this person if you were in trouble? If you answered yes to most of these questions that person does not give a fuck about you...sorry...

4. They Only Come Around When They Need Something:

Somehow this person calls you and you think, oh hey so-and-so is calling to say what's up. The conversation starts with standard questions "hey how are you?" or "we should do lunch" but somehow ends with a request for money, use of a connection you have, or use of a skill you have. If all your conversations and interactions are a "request sandwich" (hey what's up is the bread, the request is the meat, and the end is some bullshit filler) then you guessed it...this person doesn't give a fuck about you...sorry...

5. They Mimic Everything You:

They say imitation is the best form of flatter...yeah...it's not. There is a psychological study that shows many people imitate people whose position they want to take. They see traits in that person that makes them a "success" and imitate it, find "holes" in their "model" and then try to take that person down...in essence the friend that imitates you could be a calculated enemy.

6. They Are Your "Yes" Person:

Celebrities have yes people. People that kiss their ass and tell them that everything they do is great and they can do no wrong. In real life this is not a good look. A real friend checks you when you are wrong and offers good solid advice without being your second mother. If all your friend has ever told you is "yes you are right" there is a 98% chance they talk about you like a dog when you aren't around.
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