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Sunday, December 12, 2010

She's Not That Into You: Signs She DOES NOT Want You to Holla

As a man it takes a lot of courage to approach a female that you don't know an initiate a conversation with the hopes of getting her number and we respect that BUT some of you need to read between the lines. There is a time and place for everything. While you may not want to miss the only moment you may ever see this woman again there are times you SHOULD NOT try to holla at her. In addition, there are clear cut signals a woman gives you that should let you know SHE'S NOT THAT INTO YOU, she is not interested, and does not want you to holla at her. Because some of you men are out here are looking like you are thirsty in the Serengeti and need a gallon of water...

1. She Says She Has a Boyfriend:

When she tells you this off top, there is a 99.7% chance she is NOT interested in you. Tell her it was nice meeting her and to have a lovely night because it's NOT going down. In addition DO NOT follow up this response with the following questions:

A. Are You Happy?....that's none of your business and it's neither here nor there because by her telling you she has a boyfriend you all communicating is NOT up for discussion.

B. Can We Be Friends?...do not ask to be her friend, comrade, associate, acquaintance, amigo...not of that shit...she does not want it with you. She has her home girl who is her friend, standing right next to her...she needs no more friends.

2. She is Working Out:

When people work out they are in a zone, sweating, and out of breathe. Do not try to hold a conversation with her while she is running on a treadmill...she is NOT trying to hear it. Could you at least wait for her to take a water break? On second thought, don't do it at all.

3. Do Not Follow Her:

That is creepy and straight stalker...it just screams murder, murder, rape, rape. If you see her and you make eye contact with her speak then or forever hold your peace. Do not follow her for 3 aisles in the grocery store, all through the mall, to her car...it's creepy

4. There Are Certain Places/ Situations That You Should NOT Holla at Her:

Here is a list of places/times that I have been hollered at that are completely inappropriate:

A. The tampon aisle (speaks for itself)

B. While I'm picking out lingerie, bras, or panties (it's not appropriate...we don't even know each other but you know what type of panties and bra size I wear?)

C. When I have on dress slacks or a suit sitting with people who are clearly coworkers. (I do not want these people knowing about my personal life let alone who I date, who I would potentially date, or if I am going to date you.)

5. If She Is On the Phone:

Firstly, that is rude as shit. Secondly, if she is texting or busy looking in her phone the whole time you are talking she is NOT interested.

6. She Hits You With Short Responses:

If every response she makes to any questions you ask her end with a maximum of 1 or 2 words she wants you out of her face.

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