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Friday, April 29, 2011

Y SUGARCOAT? Fashion Pick: Hats at the Royal Wedding

We haven't been too into the Royal Wedding. The cost of the whole thing is pretty ridiculous and the British people should probably be revolting instead of happily waving British flags (estimated cost of the wedding is $80 million). We didn't think much of the dress or bouquet Kate Middleton chose. However, we do love the fashion trend of wearing hats...the only places women really wear hats in the United States is to church (that's usually older women) and the Kentucky Derby.

Take a look below:

I think we should adopt this trend of women wearing hats to important functions! Very chic!
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

In Memory of Buckhead: Buckhead Lives

Everyone Black, purple, White, or Asian remembers how back in the day Buckhead was the center token piece of Atlanta nightlife. Some of Atlanta's hottest clubs and bars were part of the Buckhead scene:(the old Tounge and Groove, Uranus, Eclipse de Luna, ESPN Zone, Fuel, Paradox, Visions, 112, and many more!)...but that all ended in 2006 when the Streets of Buckhead project and the construction of the Trump Towers had them demolished.

Before and After Pictures

Luckily for you all on May 12th, 2011 at the new Tounge and Groove

(565 Main St at Lindbergh City Center; Buckhead; 404.261.2325)

You can relive your nightlife glory days through an photography exhibit by Paul Hagedorn who took photographs of some of Buckhead's hot spots in their final minutes before they were condemned.

In addition there will be DJs at this event spinning music of that era when Buckhead was great and a drink menu sporting some of the most famous drinks from some of those famous clubs and bars.

It's sure to be a great way to reminisce on something that was once so great!

Sign up for the free guest list here
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Websites We Love: What the F*ck Has Obama Done So Far?

In light of the recent birth certificate issue we stumbled on a website we love. Y SUGARCOAT? stands firmly behind the United States and firmly behind our President! For all of you who feel the President hasn't done anything, check out the following link to see the MANY things he has done

There is also a the option to read the website in PG version for those of you at work.

Guaranteed you may have to take some serious time out of your schedule to get through all of the things on this list...
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The "Trump Card" is Pulled on Donald Trump

It's safe to say since the begining of President Obama's term there have been a lot of people trying to throw salt on him. A lot of it is because he's black and a lot of it is because he's the first president who hasn't come from a crunk lineage of money and can relate to regular people.

A particular self proclaimed business mogul (whose net worth is highly questionable) with a massive comb over and ridiculous spray tan is one such individual...his name is Donald Trump. Donald Trump rehatched a shit storm with accusations that the President had not provided his full birth certificate. See these ridiculous claims below:

So Donald stated that his net worth (which is highly under question as he has filed for bankruptcy several times) was very large and that contrary to rumors and popular belief he does not lie about his net worth and is not money swindling the I.R.S and he would be happy to provide his records to the public once the President provided his full birth certificate.

Then the president did this....

#shutyourlifedown #whorunit

It's safe to say the President just PULLED YOUR CARD

So why was this even an issue in the first place?! In 2008 when he won the election the man provided a copy of his birth certificate and yet this STILL keeps coming up?! I don't recall any president before having to go through such great lengths to prove their citizenship and just because you are white does NOT guarantee you are a United States citizen...as if the United States is not FULL of citizens with diverse ethnic and cultural diversity.

It's ridiculous the President of the freaking United States has to go through this when there are so much more important things on the table these days (health care, jobs, gas prices that damn near make people have to take out loans because of, etc.)

...Donald Trump we are still waiting for your tax records you promised...I mean you are the one who stated you were all about transparency right?

What do you all think about this whole ordeal? Should the President have had to go through all of this? Should all future president's have to provide their certificate of live birth to the United States public? Let us know!!!
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Men in Dresses

We have heard various stories of colleges like the well renown Morehouse College and schools enforcing dress codes to keep their male students from cross dressing. So where is the line of expression and professionalism/appropriateness drawn? We have even heard of parents allowing their male children as young as 5 years old to dress like women or "princesses". Below are various news clips regarding male students or children who expressed themselves by dressing like a woman:

River View High School Student Kicked Out of Class for Wearing Heels:

Boy in high heels removed from class: MyFoxTAMPABAY.com

"Princess" Boy:

Discussion with AUC Students Regarding Morehouse Dress Code:

Now we here at Y SUGARCOAT? love the gay community because they don't sugar coat...but we do have to put in our two cents on this one.

In Regards to Cross Dressing at Morehouse College and School:

Morehouse is a prestigious institution where Martin Luther King, Jr. and many great leaders in the black community graduated from. Back then, these men had to wear suits and ties just so society would take them seriously. Morehouse College has a reputation for creating black male leaders. So how can you lead other men wearing a dress? Everywhere in life has a dress code: the club, nice restaurants, corporate America, everywhere! So just get over it and adhere to it while in school. Now whatever you want to wear to Bulldogs on Peachtree, Piedmont park, or in your own time is your own right and your own business. I know I couldn't decide I wanted to get some sun and a tan a wear a bikini to classes in my college days as a female so why on earth should you get to wear whatever you want to express yourself because you are a gay man???? #comeonson

In Regards to Little Kids Cross Dressing:

We don't claim to be any child psychiatrist but last we checked a big part of our younger elementary days was wanting to be accepted, popular, liked, and to fit in with the other kids. Little kids are some of the cruelest people out there. Why would you let your highly impressionable and emotionally vulnerable elementary aged son subject himself to ridicule from other kids if you can do something about that?

So we would like to ask our readers, how do you all feel about little kids cross dressing? How do you feel about men not being allowed to cross dress on college campuses? What age should you let your child express themselves by cross dressing? Let us know!!!
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Can I Get An Encore?

The latest trend flooding ATL for the summer is lounges and restaurants that host weekend day parties with music, liquor, and food.

Encore Restaurant is owned by a former MCA Records artist/Ray-J songwriter. Grand opening/first day party is April 30th, 2011 at 3pm. After that date you can expect an "encore" day party once a week!

Come to one of the weekend day parties on the front patio, view pictures of various cities skyline (ATL, NYC, and Paris) that decorate the interior. Eat some good food, drink some good drinks, listen to some music, and take a peak at the fish tank that is equipped with a small shark!

Encore offers small plates of "Southern Fusion" cuisine and bottle service for those who are coming for the day party aspect!

Check out the pictures below:

Encore Restaurant is located in Buckhead at 2520 Piedmont Rd
For more information hit them up! 678.705.3506

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

When Are Ringtones Appropriate?

I'm sure we can all recall the good ol days where how tight your phone was directly correlated with the song you had for a ringtone. I remember I used to switch ringtones like panties back in my hey day and if you wanted to add even a bit more extra appeal my bestfriends and boyfriend would have their own special dedicated ringtone. Matter of factly, I had DeAngelo "Brownsugar" play as my ringtone because I had a high school clique called "The Candied Dime Crew" and my nickname was "Brownshuga" (oh I was a bad bitch because I spelt it with an H).

So when does this become inappropriate? Y SUGARCOAT? investigates...

1. When You Come of the Age to be In Corporate America or In Your Career:

This is generally after the age of 23 (senior year of college...we aren't even considering you SUPER seniors...dont' try it). Ringtones are now whack and no longer appropriate or adult. Especially when you are in your mid 30s+ with a ringtone. It makes it look like you are desperately holding on to being young, cool, and hip.

It is in poor taste to accidentally leave your ringer on at work and have you man call you and it blast Usher "That's What It's Made For" as you rush frantically to silence your phone so that the office does not know you are a big freak...which brings me to my next point....

2. When The Ringtone Reflects Parts of Your Life Random People Shouldn't Know About:

The best way to illustrate what I mean with this one is through a story. A lady at my apartment complex who lives below me (and as 2 kids) and I were are the mailbox recently getting mail together when low and behold her phone goes off and to my horror and her embarrassment Rihanna "S&M" started playing. Most horrifying is the fact that the lines "Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me" blasted louder than a Boeing jet's engine starting up. Should I know she likes chains and whips? Do I give a shit about her sexual behavior or even want to know? Do her kids hear this when her phone goes off?!

3. Song Selection:

Let's face it. 90% of the songs we like today are pretty much ignorant, hyper sexualized, or could be considered slightly offensive to a lot of other people. Hence why ringtones are DEAD.

So past the age of 23 is there ever an age where it become appropriate to have them again?


I personally think it's cute that my 63 year old father knows how to use ringtones and the only ones he has on his phone are ones programmed for me, my sister, and my mother. When we call Stevie Wonder "Isn't She Lovely" plays. I know what you are thinking...you are biased because it's YOUR DAD. However I do feel that at a certain age having personalized ringtones can be cute again. We are talking senior citizen age. Let's also keep in mind no ones senior citizen father, mother, uncle, grandma, grandpops, or aunt would probably have something ratchet like "Racks on Racks" playing or "S&M". More than likely their phone will be playing a classic...and the classics are usually very tasteful.

So basically what we are saying is ringtones belong on senior citizen's phones, flip phones, phones that are not PDA), metro PCS phones, cricket phones, any prepaid phone, teenagers phones, and anyone lame enough to spend $9.99 a month playing those lame games or downloading ringtones they subscribe for from those commericals that come on late night on T.V.
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Is female rapper Da Brat Back?? Look at me now SO SO Def remix

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


We want to be burried in the following shoes... Christian Louboutin Glittered Latticework Platform Pumps $1,195.00 Rock and Republic Saffron Studded Platform Booties $395
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Are Men Raised to Cheat?

So we came across this interesting interview Tyrese gave on the Wendy/Wendall Williams Show about his upcoming book. Tyrese, who goes by the name @Tyrese on twitter, is always offering relationship advice and his thoughts to all his followers. Below is the video of his interview on the Wendy/Wendall Williams Show (ok we know that's a low blow but we find it hard to believe Wendy Williams is a woman...Y SUGARCOAT?)

On the show Tyrese said that men are brought up to cheat...do you think that is true? Watch what he says below:

We must say...what Tyrese is saying is in accordance to what Steve Harvey has said in many of his books and things that we observe in society. Boys are often raised hearing a lot of older men and adults in general telling them not to get too into girls, stay focused, don't be too serious about one girl. He is also right that society praises hoe activity from men. The man who sleeps with many girls is idolized.

What do you think? Are you feeling what Tyrese is saying? On the note about men being encouraged to slut it up, we don't think it's cute for anyone to be sleeping around with tons of people in 2011...STDS know no sex, color, socioeconomic group, etc.
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Talent vs. Sloring

In a world where sex tapes, nude photos, and raunchy music videos get dropped left and right by celebrities we have noticed that some celebrities let their talent speak for itself meaning they don't have to get "raunchy with it" or "slore it up" to stay on top, sell out concerts, sell albums, or garner a buzz or attention. We made a list of artist who let their talent doing to the talking to sell their music and brand and others who have to slore it up to get you to even view their latest music video or listen to their latest single.

Sadly in compiling this list we found it almost impossible to find more than 3 celebrities with REAL talent who didn't slut it up for extra attention. So this list of the Talent vs. Sloring will be limited...smh.

Sloring It

1. Rihanna

She has lately gone out of her way to be the raunchiest girl in the world...apparently she wants you to make her feel like the raunchiest girl in the world...not the only girl in the world like the lyrics of her song states. In light of reports that she has a better chance of selling hot dogs at baseball game than selling out a concert (we're not hating we're just stating facts...Y SUGARCOAT?) she dropped these slored out quotes in a recent interview with Rolling Stones Magazine:

"Being submissive in the bedroom is really fun," she says. "You get to be a little lady, to have somebody be macho and in charge of your shit. That's fun to me...I like to be spanked. Being tied up is fun. I like to keep it spontaneous. Sometimes whips and chains can be overly planned – you gotta stop, get the whip from the drawer downstairs. I'd rather have him use his hands."

2. Cassie

The poor thing had one hit which talked about how good she was in bed at the tender age of 17 and she is currently one of Diddy's concubines. In hopes to be known again for something other than being gorgeous she dropped pictures of her pierced vagina and nipples...and to make it more Penthouse for you she was full spread.

3. Keri Hilson

The poor thing is so confused. She puts out a song like "Pretty Girl Rock" that states she will be mad if your grab her ass but then drops a song and slutty video stating "She has the type of pussy that will keep you out the streets." or what about that video "One Night Stand" with Chris Brown where she is upside down with her leg over Chris Brown's shoulder getting her back hypothetically blown out...like they said in The Wizard of Oz...are you a good witch or a bad witch...what are you Keri? A slore or a talented singer? It seems she slores it up anytime she feels the wind beneath her sails getting a little lighter.

The Talented

1. Beyonce Knowles

Say what you want about Beyonce being over exposed but you can go to her concert and be guaranteed a good show and it will be sold out....she will dance her ass off beginning to the end and will sound just like the CD. Although she may be risky with certain outfits it's tasteful sexy. In addition you will never see a naked photo of her or hear of any interview with her talking about anything sexual...interesting enough she STILL sells more records than all the women on this list.

2. Alicia Keys

While we are not here to talk about her personal affairs as far as being a home wrecker, we are here to recognize talent without being a slore. She not only can blow but she plays an instrument. In addition she just recently started showing her legs and wearing skirts that show off her thickness, but she has always been on every man's wife list and she has not slored it up yet.

3. Monica

Everyone loves Monica and many have followed her since she has been in the game for YEARS. She has a gorgeous face and appears to act like and be a nurturing mother. We have NEVER seen her do anything remotely slutty....EVER!

What do you all think? Why do some celebrities have to slore it up to get a following? Is it lack of talent? Industry pressure? Let us know!
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Friday, April 1, 2011

The Hangover Part II Trailer

When we first heard they were making a part II of "The Hangover" we were worried. Some movies are just so great that sequels don't need to be made or they often times mess up the integrity of the first film. However, this looks like it may be pretty funny. It comes out memorial day weekend.

Will you go see it?
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