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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The 2011 MTV VMA's

We will be running a live post of all the events and thoughts we have regarding the 2011 MTV VMAs. Below are all of our thoughts, comments, concerns regarding the award show. Enjoy!

8:04PM--- Those Jersey Shore kids are definitely MTVs bread and butter now that those The City, The Hills, kids are a wrap! Deena's ass looks like a fat skittles spokes person

8:07PM--- Did Rick Ross just insinuate that that white girl rapper Kreayshawn should give DJ Khald some brain? I mean he said she needed to get him a steak dinner and some "special treatment."

8:08PM--- Amber and Wiz relationship is cute...still not sure if its real...it's cute though

8:18PM--- who the fuck is this broad singing...? I sound better in my damn shower.

8:22PM--- I see Sway doesn't even take off those Rasta hats for formal events...the least he could do is get one made of sequins or something for formal stuff...bc the yarn with the suit is a mess...he probably couldn't find someone to retwist him...

8:37PM--- Justin Bieber just told his girlfriend his snakes name is Johnson...yes he told her he wants to give her that meatwork! Selena Gomez is so mature for her age....I'm pretty sure Justin Bieber is doing the dougie all through that with his lil 16 year old frank LOL

8:39PM--- So is Nicki Minaj trying to be the black Lady Gaga? This gimmick is getting old as hell. I see she has those titties locked down in purple metal to prevent further nipple slips

9:03PM--- Lady Gaga sure knows how to play up those she has a dick rumors...she came out dressed up as a guy...good PR...good PR. She looks like Danny Zuko from Grease

9:12PM--- The background of the stage is making me sick...it will enduce seizures more than that Kanye All of the Lights video MTV tried to pull

9:27PM--- Hova and Ye?!?!? Had no clue this is wassup bruh! Lil Momma don't bring your ass on stage now

9:31PM--- Is Beyonce really preggo??? No seriously someone answer this question...

9:41PM--- Oh so Nicki is still holding down the man that busted her in the face??? Hmm...

9:49PM--- Kanye nicely corrected Katy Perry and let her know this is NOT his first moonman...he's got a few

9:56PM--- Neyo and Pitbull should've saved that performance for Telemundo

10:08PM--- Adele is the freaking truth. Period. Point. Blank

10:15PM--- Justin Bieber looks like a little Kanye West...he's 16 year old ass is swagged the fuck out....YSL blazer and all

10:19PM--- Chris Brown is lip syncing like a motherf*cka...all this flying through the air stuff is kinda cool though and of course buddy can dance. I just hate he picked this pop ass song

10:34PM--- Beyonce knows she sounds like a CD everytime she hits the stage...so much talent. We don't see this baby bump yall been talking about though. She does have on more clothes then we have ever seen her have on before during a performance

10:38PM--- Beyonce officially showed her baby bump!!!!! OMG so happy for her...wonder how much those first baby photos are gonna sell for...she straight stole the show with that announcement! Finacially...that fetus is shitting on all of us.

10:47PM--- Someone on twitter said Tyler the Creators mom busted out of her seat and was crying and carrying on like Jesus was giving away free iPads #dead

11:00PM--- Lady Gaga knows she is putting on a great act...didn't think she was gonna put it on the whole show. She has it down to the scotch in her hand playing a dude

11:15PM--- This tribute to Amy Winehouse is wonderful...it's such a shame such talent she had and she died. It seems the most talented people always have the biggest inner struggles.

11:24PM--- Hova just shut down all of Lil' Wayne's shine in one annoucement of Beyonce being preggo. No one is checking for the his album dropping tomorrow...and it leaked before it's release date anyways...Hova stays winning. As someone on twitter said Wayne drops Tha Carter IV and Hova responds by dropping Carter Jr.

11:27PM--- Why did Lil' Wayne choose How to Love out of all his songs to perform????? Why bruh??? We waited all night to hear him sing at karokee and skip on the stage??? And sagging in a pair of Nicki Minaj leopard leggings though?!?!?! GTFOH

Well that's all folks. What did you think of the award show? Should we do more live updating post for major events?
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

We Smell Bullsh*t: Juanita Bynum

There are a lot of people who use religion as a platform for things NOT related to spreading the word of God or claim to be closer to God than the next person when they really aren't. (Take a look at these post: Not Everyone Who Preaches WasCalled to Preach and The Earth May End May 21st 2011 According to Some)

Look below at the latest for Juanita Bynum who "typed in tounges" on a few facebook status updates:

This is straight bullsh*t. Seriously though? Last time we checked speaking in tongues means that God has placed the ability over someone to speak in an ancient language that is no longer used. So essentially the things she typed should look like words of a language we can't read. The things she typed definitely would not look like this aklgkfjklakjakdkfjahggal...that simply looks like a cat walked across the keyboard. Sounds like straight BS to us. Then there are about 700 people liking the status as if she is not full of the whole ATL's sewage!!!

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Locked Up and Left Behind: What Happens to Prisoners During a Hurricane?

As hurricane Irene threatens the East coast thousands prepare for the worst, evacuate, and stock up on supplies. However, here is something we never really thought about...what happens to prisoners during a natural disaster? See the below article we came across via a friends facebook posting:

“We are not evacuating Rikers Island,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in a news conference this afternoon. Bloomberg annouced a host of extreme measures being taken by New York City in preparation for the arrival of Hurricane Irene, including a shutdown of the public transit system and the unprecedented mandatory evacuation of some 250,000 people from low-lying areas. But in response to a reporter’s question, the mayor stated in no uncertain terms (and with more than a hint of annoyance) that one group of New Yorkers on vulnerable
ground will be staying put..."

Click here to read more

So if they don't evacuate prisons is that wrong? Is it all right to leave prisoners there to die? Let's keep in mind that not everyone in prison is there for a horrible crime like molesting 3 year olds. Some may be white collar such as tax evasion or fraud, some prisoners have families that care a great deal about them, and in addition we have the HIGHEST incarceration rate in the world and do not have the largest population (this indicates a lot of people are in there who should not be).

Are prisoners unworthy of the level of humanity and compassion we generally yield towards other humans? What do you all think about this? Is this a borderline human rights violation? Is it acceptable? Let us know!

Should They Evacuate Prisons?
Yes...based on the severity of the crime or sentence
Yes...evacuate all prisoners
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You're Surprised? University of Miami Scandal

The University of Miami is in heat and at risk of it star football program going up in flames after it was determined that money, gifts and other sorts of lavish items were given to players in order to entice them to join the football program. So, it appears that the University of Miami is guilty of the same sins as so many other programs who have also decided to compensate players for their labor.

The NCAA says that a long list of Miami players, who generated millions for NCAA administrators, coaches and sports commentators “broke the rules” by getting paid from their labor like everyone else in the United States. But you have to laugh at the sheer irony that those who make the rules are the first ones in line to earn a profit from those very same regulations. Were it not for the labor being generated by these athletes, the administrators scrutinizing their behavior wouldn’t be able to pick up their own paychecks.

This is nothing new! Please pick up the movie "He Got Game" by Spike Lee which showcases the great lengths athletic programs go to in order to get star high school athletes to sign with their schools athletic program and becoming a work mule for the school. We use the analogy of a work mule because that is honestly what athletes are. Their lively hood (i.e. scholarships and stipends) often depends on their performance. Just as the old and hurt work mule is taken out back and shot the college athlete is often denied the same scholarships and stipends once they are hurt and can no longer play.

The NCAA’s appalled reaction to players getting paid is no different from the guest at a wedding in 2011 that are shocked that the 20-something year old bride shacked up or had sex with her new husband BEFORE they were married. Come on people...live in reality.

Let's keep in mind that the NCAA earns more money during March Madness than the NFL, NBA and Major League baseball earn during their post seasons. Billions of dollars are being passed across the table in exchange for athletic performance, with athletes themselves being traded like stock and paraded like prized farm animals, all for the nation’s enjoyment.

What do you all think about the whole thing?

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Indigo Bar

As fall gets ready to descend on Atlanta we will experience the "perfect" weather...temperatures of 75, cool breezes, and lower humidity. Just in time for the end of the summer/beginning of fall, a new bar/lounge has opened sporting a great roof top view of downtown called Indigo Bar.

The wrap-around brick balcony and sleek modern interior is sure to draw an upscale crowd. The bar is adorned with white and blue walls and leather couches, glass garage doors separating the main area from the VIP, and a half-circle bar with a brushed steel top.

On Monday nights enjoy "Movies and Martinis" with first film screenings, Wednesday evening salsa lessons, Thursday go for the live jazz and catered buffet, Saturday nights the DJ spins top 40 music, and on Friday night enjoy soul/ r&b/ hip-hop!

Don't forget to hit the bar for an array of drinks including bottled beers, signature cocktails like the "Indigo", and bottle service.

Around Labor Day they'll get a humidor to house a variety of different Dominican and Peruvian cigars.

619 Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta, GA

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Y SUGARCOAT? Advice: The Perfect Man With Baggage

We absolutely love getting emails from you all regarding advice you need. The reason we love getting these emails is because the questions you all ask advice on mirror questions that everyone has had or may have at some point in their life. Take a look at this one:

"Hey Ladies! The other night I went on a date with a guy I really liked. He was attractive, he had a stable job, we had great conversation, and he seemed like an all around nice person. The problem is when I asked him when his last relationship was he told me it was 2 months ago. In addition, he broke up with his live in girlfriend of 5 years. I told him it was too soon for him to date and he said he didn't feel it was. I want to eventually be in a relationship. I am tired of dating different people. What do you guys think? Should I let it burn?"

In life timing is everything. Perhaps if you would have met this man 5 years prior or even a year later from the date you all went out things would be completely different, but it's safe to say you should remain friends with him, particularly if you are out in the dating world looking for a serious relationship. We say this for the following reasons:

1. They Were Serious...Super Serious:

It's safe to assume anyone someone spent 5 years of their life with and lived with they loved very much. In two months you just can't wash those feelings away, sort out the learning experiences from the relationship, decide what you want in the next person you date that is different/the same, or get over the hurt. You don't want to be anyone's rebound. It would not be good to pursue someone who is not completely open to committing to you. Although he says he is "good to go" we strongly doubt it.

2. He Needs "Him" Time:

He needs time to be care-free and single. This includes dating a variety of women, experiencing sexual interactions with a variety of women, and doing all the things he felt he could not do for himself while in a serious relationship. He is in a selfish stage and there is nothing wrong with that. The problem with this is if you are looking to date this man long term you are setting yourself up for hurt and disappointment. We hate to lump all men into a category but, since most it takes most men a lot more for them to get emotionally attached to a woman than it does for a woman to get attached to a man, most men who get in a situation where a woman they fell for does them wrong or leaves them are scorned like a muthaf-cka and often carry a lot of baggage and are quite bitter...all of these feelings he is going through will get projected onto you.

There are plenty fish in the sea. Go out there and meet someone who is completely open and ready to commit to you if you all click. If you and the guy you went on the date were meant to be together then later in life you all will cross paths again.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Why Cliques of Females Don't Work

As females, we can even admit that women can often times equal a lot of drama. While we don't think it's normal for a female to have NO female friends or insist that she would rather have only male friends, we also feel that the whole "we roll deep" thing does not work for women past their high school years. The interesting thing about men vs. women when it comes to cliques is men can roll 10 deep and never have any serious problems while women can not. Here are reasons we feel cliques of females just don't work and are not feasible.

1. Women Like Even Numbers:

Odd numbers of women who hang out in a circle or enter a roommate situation almost always end in disaster. The reasoning for this is simply that one girl always feels odd man out. Prime target for this failed friendship arrangement are groups of 3. It is inevitable that 2 of the 3 females will clique better and eventually someone feels they are not as well liked, left out, or they become jealous of the other two females close interaction. It is safe to say that often females have a pseudo-lesbian interaction...which means that someone usually gets jealous when their close friend becomes close with someone else.

2. Large Groups of Women Mess Up Everything:

Rolling "50 Misses Deep" results in eliminating your group from free entry or VIP access into clubs and events. It is easier to negotiate letting 2 women in for free to and event, getting 2 tickets for an event or concert than trying to negotiate the same for 5 women. In addition coordinating traveling arrangements, coordinating bridal arrangements, etc. is easier with a smaller group of women. Rolling deep also ruins your drink rotation. A guy is willing to buy a drink for a pretty lady of interest and her friend, but if he looks down the bar and there is a row of females standing behind the girl he is interested in like a breadline...it's just not going down.

3. The Personality Meshing:

We love to watch Sex In the City and assign the roles of the characters to each of the women we hang out with (i.e. "girl you are more like Carrie!"), but in actuality sometimes a mix of personalities is not a good thing. For example, in real life, if a clique of females ran together and one was as sexually conservative as Charlotte and another as sexually liberal as Samantha, there would be a lot of clashing. The more conservative female would tend to be judgmental towards the more liberal female and the liberal female would think the conservative female was a lame....and hence the catty drama would begin which includes but is not limited to: backstabbing, fakery, and snarky remarks. Plain and simple some of the females in the group would like some more than others which is not conducive to a female group working.

4. Competition and Jealousy:

9 times out of 10 when a group of females roles deep eventually there is competition and jealousy. Firstly, when you roll in a large group of females there is usually a 90% chance that this group includes members that are significantly less attractive than others and it is natural that when this group is approached by men the less attractive members start getting their self esteem tried when men who approach their group can see right through them.

The attractive members often get themselves involved in competition of who looks better, who pulls the best men (this most definitely applies if they like the same types of men), who has the better job, etc.

The above mention scenarios are when hateration sets in. Cue the drama which includes but is not limited to hating, backstabbing, fakery, snarky comments, and sabotage.

So in conclusion, almost always, large groups of women never work. The results usually are dissolution of the clique in it's entirety, members of the clique being replaced as often as members were replaced in Destiny's Child, or strained/halfhearted friendships.

Do you all agree or disagree? Have you ever hung in a large group of women and things were great? Men, do you know of women who complain more about their friends than anything? Let us know!

Do you think cliques of females work?
Yes if it is small
Yes it's possible no matter the size of the group
Hell Naw
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

What is Your REAL Profession?

Everyone has grown up with their parents telling them they can "be whatever they want when they grow up." We are not saying abandon any of your dreams, but you need to be working actively to achieve them if you want to claim them as careers or professions. We live in Atlanta, a city where everyone is claiming a dream or side job as their profession. Honestly, people are doing that in cities all over America. So we thought we should address the issue.

"You should only claim things as your profession that cover a good
majority (80%+) of your bills. If what you claim as your profession doesn't cover that 80% it is NOT your career it is a side hustle or aspiring profession."

1. Model:

Every girl who has over a B cup titty or a large ass is now claiming she is a video vixen. Every skinny girl who has taken an artistic black and white picture claims she is a high fashion model.

NEWS FLASH: Posing in a pair of lace boy shorts from Victoria Secrets with baby oil all over you does not make you a model.

NEWS FLASH: Modeling in your home girls boutique launch does not make you a high fashion model.

Ask yourself the following questions: Do you have an agent? Do you get your hair and make up paid for and done professionally for each of your "jobs"? Do you have a portfolio? Is your only claim to fame being featured on a party flyer? Do you get paid to model? Does it cover your bills monthly? Have you been a part of fashion week or at least any semi major ad campaign (Bronner Brothers hair show does NOT count)? Are you 5'8" or taller? You said you are getting your career started and you are 35?

If you answered no to most of those questions you are NOT a model. Sorry ladies.

2. Stylist:

Everyone who has put together an outfit on a mannequin in your local American Apparel is now a fashion stylist.

NEWSFLASH: Just because you styled your home girl for her photo shoot does NOT make you a fashion stylist.

Ask yourself the following questions: Have you had any celebrity clientele? Do you have great relationships with various boutiques and retail chains that allow you to borrower their merchandise? Does styling pay your bills month to month? Do you have a business card? Do you have a website?

If you answered no to most of those questions...guess what...you are NOT a stylist.

3. Producer/Songwriter/Rapper/Singer:

Everyone who has used fruity loops is now claiming they are a producer.

NEWSFLASH: Just because you made a beat on fruity loops for your homeboy who is an up and coming artist who uses empty egg cartons to pad the walls of his mother's basement does NOT mean you are a producer.

Ask yourself the following questions: What type of equipment do you use? Where is your studio? Who have you made tracks for? Do people pay for these tracks? Does producing beats supplement a good majority of your income? Are you registered with BMI or ASCAP? Do you get invited to award shows? Did you copyright any of your beats/songs?

If you answered no to most of those questions guess what...you are NOT a producer and are probably just one step above the high school boy who makes beats on his tray at lunch in the cafeteria.

4. Promoter:

Everyone is claiming they are a club promoter...

NEWSFLASH: Just because you threw a cocktail hour event at a spot NO ONE has ever heard of one time and 20 people showed up does NOT make you a promoter. Just because you have a guest list or pass out "free before 10" cards does NOT mean you are a promoter.

Ask yourself the following questions: Does the owner of the club know you? Do you have a bar guarantee? Do you get a portion of bar sales? Do you have to count money when the club closes? Do you have a standing contract with a club? Do you have the pull to let anyone in at whatever time? Do you have a bar tab? Does promoting cover a good chunk of your bills?

If you answered no to a few of the above questions it's safe to say that you are NOT a promoter...matter of fact you may just be the guy who passes out flyers aka "The Help"

5. DJ:

Everyone who is a music junkie or has an ipod packed full of music thinks they are some sort of DJ.

NEWSFLASH: Just because you played a few itunes playlist at a house party does NOT make you a DJ.

Ask yourself the following questions: Do you even know what a turntable looks like? Do you have a standing job at a club or lounge? Do you actually mix music? Do you have a website? Do you put out mixtapes? Are your weekends booked? Do you own a pair of speakers? Do you actually hype the party up by talking to the crowd? Do you play soley from a playlist? Do you book anything less than 2 gigs a month? Does being a DJ pay a good chunk of your bills?

If you answered no the most of the above then it's safe to assume you are NOT a DJ but just a person who has a lot of music on your ipod and everyone can appreciate that at a house party.

6. Dancer:

Everyone knows they are a dancer because they have been featured for 5 seconds in someone's video...we are not talking about strippers when we say dancer

NEWSFLASH: Just because you took ballet and tap for 4 years when you were in elementary school, know all the latest dance crazes, you danced on stage behind your homeboy Lil' Doug when he made his rap debut at a lounge, and can shake your ass like the women in the "Walmart Bounce" youtube video does NOT make you a dancer.

Ask yourself the following questions: Do you choreograph things? Have you ever been part of a professional dance team? Do you get paid to dance? Have you danced a choreographed routine in a music video? Do you have any type of professional training?

If you answered no to most of the above it's safe to say you are NOT a dancer but just someone who can dance really well and likes to get in a dance battle at a club every once in awhile.

7. Actor:

Everyone who has had a part in their church Easter play knows they are a natural born actor...

NEWSFLASH: Just because you got to be in a bootleg hometown lacefront wig commerical does NOT make you an actor.

Ask yourself the following questions: Are you registered with SAG? Do you have an agent? Have you taken any acting classes? Have you ever been in a real project/movie/commerical? Does acting pay a large portion of your bills? Are you starting at the tender age of 38 expecting an Oscar by 40?

If you answered no to most of the following it's safe to say you should beef it up, hit some casting calls, and try to get made.

Can you think of any other professions EVERYONE is claiming?

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sexually Irresponsible Men

We had to address this issue because guys are always quick to talk about the sexual habits of women. Well now it's time to talk about mens laxidasical sexual habits. Many people have either experienced or heard stories about men readily pulling our their male gentalia and attempting to have raw sex with a woman they hardly know, a one night stand, or an ex for the first time. Seriously what are you thinking? What does this mean when a man does this? What do women think of men who do this? Well take a look.

1. He Has Unprotected Sex With Everyone:

Who cares if you used to date her? Who cares if the girl is fine as hell? So now being fine is equated with disease free? So now because you used to date her she has had no sexual history since you? GTFOH.

2. He Plays the "Just the Head" Game:

I know y'all aren't still falling for that right? It's safe to say this man is sexually irresponsible. Think about it...if he is sticking "just the head" in 5 women...we have a problem. He probably has a slew of babies moms and a bunch of STDs...many of which he may not know his is carrying which brings us to our next point...

3. Men Commonly Carry Disease Unknowingly:

Clearly HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, and the other horrible disease we hear about commonly are a risk but there are other disease that are not commonly talked about that are easily carried unknowingly by men. Hello!!! HPV? Men can carry this virus that causes cervical cancer and it doesn't effect them and in addition there is no test for it to see if a man has it. Bacterial vaginosis while not a disease is a bacterial infection that can be transferred from woman to woman simply because the OTHER broad you have sex with raw either has it or her pH in her vagina is different than the NEXT broad you have sex with.

4. Did You Seriously Ask That?

We have heard NUMEROUS stories of some men opening their mouth to form the phrase "You can just take the morning after pill." Bitch I don't want to start my period AGAIN this month! That's exactly what the morning after pill does, it makes you start your period so that a fertilized egg can not attach to your uterus wall. In addition it's the equivalent of taking 10 birth control pills at one time...who wants to throw their hormones out of wack just so you can get off? Put a condom on that thing...ughhh!

5. Oral Sex Transfers Disease Too:

Men are so quick to stuff their junk in any willing crack head, jump off, one night stand, or random females mouth. The oral cavity is a made up of the same tissue as a vaginal cavity is...just like you wouldn't have sex with a girl raw because you may fear a disease you shouldn't let just anyone give you oral. Think about it...she could have a herpes blister on her inner cheek, the back of her throat, etc. What if she hasn't been to a dentist in ages? Do you want her gingivitis bacteria on your penis? Think about it people.

6. If It Doesn't Smell Right Don't Do It:

We hear stories from male friends all the time that notate that the woman's lower regions don't smell too great and STILL have sex with her? Are you that thirsty? Bad smelling vaginal area usually means some sort of disease is popping off or that female hasn't showered in weeks and worked out everyday before having sex with you....either way...why would you do it?

So as we and so many commercials on TV state...strap it up so you don't get a case of droopy d!ck and ladies make sure he straps it up so you don't have your lady parts on Wacka Flocka Flames.
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Watch the Throne

The wait is finally over. Download/Listen to it here.

Track List:

1. No Church In The Wild

2. Lift Off

3. Niggas In Paris

4. Otis

5. Gotta Have It

6. New Day

7. That's My Bitch

8. Who Gon Stop Me

9. Murder To Exchange

10. Welcome To The Jungle

11. Made In America

12. Why I Love You

13. Illest Motherfucker Alive

14. H.A.M

15. Primetime

16. The Joy

Lucky for us the tour dates start in Atlanta...those tickets will cost you a pretty penny though.

Check the dates below:


We are still so impressed how this didn't leak not one track before the drop date! Hova and Ye's people say the reason the album did not leak is because they recorded every track together and took 8 months to do it. Anything involving the album they were there to regulate (listening parties, every recording, etc.)...hm...maybe more high profile artist should follow in their footsteps to keep their albums from leaking early.

Do you all like it?
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Monday, August 8, 2011

Compromising vs. Settling

In this week's season finale of "Single Ladies," we watch Val face criticism from her friends for letting go of her "Mr. Everything" because he refuses to marry again or have more children which are two things that Val very much wants.

So it brings us to want to decipher the difference between settling and compromising:

1. Relationships Are About Compromise:

Every party must give and take in a relationship...but when the compromising is on one persons end how the hell is that both people giving and taking? For example, in "Single Ladies," Val would be compromising on the two things she wants the most, but Jerry would be doing what? Yeah compromising on nothing. Hell, she left her last man because he didn't want to get married and have kids with her so now because Jerry is fresh and new she should let her dreams die? We think not.

2. The "Compromise" Shouldn't Compromise You:

When the compromise is going against your moral fiber, the things you truly want in life, your lifetime goals and dreams then the compromise is too much, it is now settling. Period. Point. Blank. Especially if the other party is not willing to compromise to the extent of settling/compromising themselves.

3. When the "Compromise" is Degrading:

If you feel that the compromise is something you must talk yourself through every day, talk guarded about, or hide from your friends and family, then it's safe to say there is an 85% chance that you are settling. If the "compromise" has you feeling at a low point at times then you are definitely settling.

We are not here to encourage people to have laundry list of superficial things they need in a relationship and stick to their guns about it (like Chili) or they will end up single forever, but we are here to discourage people from letting go of all the things they want because a seemingly "perfect" situation has come their way. Everyone deserves love and that often comes with compromises, but not settling.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Should Companies Hack Social Networking Sites?

For all of us who are highly active on social networking sites, we have probably gotten a concerned call from parents or loved ones saying "You know jobs can hack into facebook right?" or "You know jobs use facebook to weed out potential employees." Maybe you have even read an article about how companies are now using facebook and twitter as a tool to hire or fire people...but is that really fair?

Great involvement with techonology and social networking websites has made privacy harder and harder to maintain. Hence why the creators of facebook have created numerous privacy settings so you can actively use their website while maintaining a level of control of what and who can see things on your profile. Same with twitter...you can make your tweets private.

These are reasons we feel companies should NOT hack onto a persons facebook account, twitter account, or use either of the two against them when it comes to hiring or firing.

1. This is YOUR Life Outside of Work:

Unless you have a picture on facebook getting lit like a Christmas tree with anything including your company name or company logo who cares? Unless you tweet about how you are getting high on the clock, about employees, or all the company secrets, who cares what you do outside of work as long as it isn't effecting your work?

2. Some of Us Are Still Young:

Although some of us 20-somethings work in corporate America we are everything but corporate. Come on...we are in our glory days....which includes hitting up bars, parties, wild vacations, clubs, etc. We often take a lot of pictures, many of which we want to share with friends...hence why people have facebook albums and tag friends in photos. Did you honestly think all our pictures would be at a dinner party wearing a cardigen drinking cola? Or perhaps only pictures of us on the couch with our dog drinking a coffee? Get the f*ck out of here man.

3. Isn't That a Violation of Privacy?

I mean if you have privacy settings on your social networking accounts that means that it's private stuff and not broadcasted to everyone. It's private so that only your friends and family can see it. Do they check and see if people are on match.com and eharmony too? Ridiculous. We honestly feel that it should be illegal. Since social networking is a form of communication hacking into it should be illegal just as it would be illegal for someone to wire tap your phone records, open your mail, as we think about it...thats probably next!

4. More Important Things to Check:

Honestly there are more important sites and things these companies should look at if they are trying to determine someone's character. Maybe check craigslist personals or adultfriendfinder to make sure someone is not trying to solicit underage boys for some butt sex. Maybe figure out if someone is registered felon or sex offender....these things are a bit more serious than what someone puts on their facebook or twitter. Maybe companies should spend money beefing up monitoring their accounting departments and making sure the people working in accounting are highly qualified, monitoring white collar crime and people using expense accounts to fund their mistresses lifestyle, etc. over spending money on a social network hacker...seems that would go to better use huh?

5. Social Networking is an Inaccurate Display of Character:

We would say about a good 10% of what someone sees on a persons twitter or facebook is showing their character or their real life. This is a horrible way to decipher the character of an employee or potential employee.

What do you think? Should companies hire and fire people based off their social networking habits? Should it be legal for companies to hack into people social networking accounts? Do you think companies even do that? Let us know!

Should Companies Be Able to Hack/Monitor Social Networking Sites?
Hell no! That should be illegal
Yes. It's the only real way to know someone's character
Not sure
Only for investigation purposes if they suspect someone of misconduct

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Y SUGARCOAT? Advice: Dragging Rights?

Yeah this one is definitely out of pocket...check it out (names have been changed for confidentiality)

"I wanted to ask you guys about this situation that my cousin is in. So my cousin *Brandon is married to his wife *Angie and his assistant is named *Tracy. *Brandon's wife doesnt really like *Tracy bc she thinks they have somethin goin on...and they have been like that for a while now and *Tracy is aware that *Angie doesn't like her. Well *Brandon's birthday is coming up and *Tracy is trying to throw *Brandon a surprise birthday party without even telling or including *Angie his wife! As his cousin and friend should I tell him about *Tracy's plans before this gets out of hand?"

First off, as a cousin and good friend you should definitely tell him that his marriage is about to have a grenade thrown at it on a day that is supposed to be a celebration because by this girl *Tracy throwing a surprise party WITHOUT inviting or consulting his wife is going to do just that. It honestly appears that your cousin may even mess around with his assistant for her to feel she could get this out of pocket with his wife on his birthday. Please advise your cousin of *Tracy's plans and then also offer a few words of advice so that he doesn't end up on an episode of Snapped.

Approach your cousin and say

"Look bruh, I got wind that your assistant *Tracy is planning a surprise party and planning on NOT telling or inviting your wife *Angie. As your friend and cousin I don't want to ruin any surprise for you, but this sounds like this could cause serious problems in your marriage or drama if you allow her to go through with this. I am not judging you, but if you are having any kind of non-business contact with *Tracy you may want to either stop or check her because she is getting out of place and your marriage could be at risk."

Honestly, if we were *Angie we would drag *Tracy down Peachtree Street (or whatever main road runs in the downtown area that you live in) because *Tracy clearly wants to end up in Grady Memorial Hospital with her jaw wired shut. Hell if *Tracy goes through with throwing this party *Angie would have every right to show up and drag her in front of everyone. In addition *Angie should call up her people and have them handle *Brandon after she investigates if his involvement with *Tracy is an adulterous one (which it sounds it is)...but that's just how we would handle it...which is probably not the greatest LOL. Hey, bitches get stitches


*Tracy is EXTREMELY out of pocket. Who literally has the kahunas to throw a MARRIED man a surprise birthday party and NOT invite his wife? She's cruising for a bruising...well both of them are because we don't feel your cousin *Brandon isn't coming out too clean...sounds like he needs to get his "Jazzy Piece" in check and not let her disrespect his wife or stop cheating all together.
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