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Saturday, August 27, 2011

We Smell Bullsh*t: Juanita Bynum

There are a lot of people who use religion as a platform for things NOT related to spreading the word of God or claim to be closer to God than the next person when they really aren't. (Take a look at these post: Not Everyone Who Preaches WasCalled to Preach and The Earth May End May 21st 2011 According to Some)

Look below at the latest for Juanita Bynum who "typed in tounges" on a few facebook status updates:

This is straight bullsh*t. Seriously though? Last time we checked speaking in tongues means that God has placed the ability over someone to speak in an ancient language that is no longer used. So essentially the things she typed should look like words of a language we can't read. The things she typed definitely would not look like this aklgkfjklakjakdkfjahggal...that simply looks like a cat walked across the keyboard. Sounds like straight BS to us. Then there are about 700 people liking the status as if she is not full of the whole ATL's sewage!!!


1 comment:

  1. I'm really sick of black people using religion in the black community to take advantage of other black people. I tell you we will sell our souls for some money smh


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