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Friday, June 10, 2011

Not Everyone Who Preaches Was "Called" to Preach

When leading actors pastors in mega churches fall it is heard all over. Many of you are familiar with Bishop Eddie Long who is a pastor who has been very open and forcefully against homosexuality. Mr. Long got accused by several gentleman of manipulating them with money, trips, cars, etc. for sexual favors earlier this year. In addition just recently, to keep this matter out of the court, Mr. Long reached a $25 million dollar settlement with the gentlemen which included a gag order and a "private" apology from him. In light of these facts swarming through the media another popular mega church figure by the name of Creflo Dollar stood in defense of the fallen Eddie Long during the following sermon:

Now we believe in God's forgiveness, we believe that Eddie Long will be forgiven and needs to be prayed for, but we definitely have an issue with this. Contrary to what Creflo Dollar stated, this is not just a "crash"...hell he is acting like this is a fender bender on the highway that should be swept under the rug! As stated by one of my friends, Creflo conveniently forgot to leave out the "co-pay" argument of insurance. In order to have "insurance" you must take some responsibility and pay for it.

It just amazes us how the same people defending this man being a manipulator, pedophile, and adulterer would be the same ones ready to crucify him if he were a regular guy accused of the same things on the 6 o'clock news. Often times religion can be a large tool to manipulate people when put in the hands of those with bad intentions. See video of one of Eddie Long's accusers speaking out below:

Bishop Eddie Long Accuser Talks to FOX 5: MyFoxATLANTA.com

That's right people, not everyone who preaches was "called" to preach. Some of these pastors are modern day pimps, thieves, and hoes. Some are really good actors and see financial opportunity and personal gain in preaching. Those people get "called" to preach because of the money and fame and often with fame people think they are invincible. We are greatly disturbed that some people have a cult like mentality where they will blindly follow a pastor no matter what his indiscretions are because they are being manipulated by religion, power, and grandeur. See below video of Pastor and Wife popped in drug and weapon bust:

I mean what innocent person would cough up $25 million dollars and apologize privately for things they were accused of that they did not do?! You'd have to take me to trial and we would have to battle this thing out...I'm not going out like that because I'm innocent! Let's not even get into why you have $25 million dollars to give away in the first place!

At the end of the day everyone, even pastors are equally responsible for their actions...and at the end of the day pastors have to answer to God for how they led his sheep.

What do you think about the whole fiasco? Would you go back to Eddie Long's church after all of this? Is Creflo Dollar right in defending Eddie? In your eyes is Creflo Dollar a preacher who was "called" to preach?

Would You Go Back to Eddie Long's Church
No way
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Was Creflo Dollar right in how he defended Eddie Long?
His last name is "Dollar" he probably wasn't called to preach either!
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