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Thursday, March 31, 2011

John Legend Covers Adele "Rolling Deep"

John Legend is an artist we need to get back into the scene and drop another album, hold some concerts or something!

Listen here:

Here is Adele (the original)

Which do you like better?
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Signs Your Favorite Club Is "Over"

In Atlanta, our clubs change with seasons. The same club a visitor may have attended that was "hott" in 2010 may not even be open or a spot that people frequent in 2011.

Here are some signs your favorite club's expiration date is approaching:

1. Metal Detectors Are in Full Effect:

This means that the "pat down" no longer works...people are either mirking people in your favorite spot or the owner knows the "new crowd" is bout that life.

2. Things are Confiscated In Order for Your Entry:

The quick glance in the purse is now a memory. The security throughly goes through all your belongings including zipper enclosures in your wallet! Combs with long sharp handles must now be left in the car or tossed at the door, your birth control pills or Aleve must be left in the car so it is not mistaken for ecstasy or other narcotics....these are signs that shit is getting real.

3. The DJ Is A Member of Security:

Along with the big burly men in black that often times take their jobs to seriously, the DJs spinning is interrupted by his/her attempts to calm down a fight in the back of the room over the mic.

4. The Crowd Looks Strange:

Women your mothers age are in line wearing items from their 17 year old daughters closet or fashions you once admired in the movie Clueless. Men are spotted wearing FUBU jerseys or suit jackets with jeans (notice we did not say blazers)...yeah jackets from their 9-5 suit with jeans...Girbauds. You may also notice some Nike heels on several club patrons. In addition women are dancing with their shoes off.

5. The Free Entry is Unrealistic:

You once got in the club for free before 12...somehow the free before 12am has changed to free before 10pm.

6. Drink Specials:

The bar is promoting drink specials on Nuevo.

7. Hosting:

The star studded host are replaced by D-list celebrities. The Saturday night host consist of names like Real from "Real Chance of Love", New York Pollard, Any reality personality who was featured on a season past 2010, Foxy Brown...you get the picture right?

8. Club Photographer:

There is no longer an event photographer who takes pictures of the scene so that it can be featured on the city's premiere night life picture site, but an actual backdrop where you and you homegirl can take squatting pictures in front of an airbrushed Cadillac Escalade sitting on 28's with a phrase like "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"...oh and if you want a copy it will be $5...cash only.

9. Cash Only Bar:

Need we say more? Put that useless platinum Visa away.

10. Ridiculous Club Contest:

If you are the woman with the "biggest booty" you have a shot at winning a gift certificate for you and your homegirl for Glady's Knights Chicken and Waffles or a gift certificate to Red Lobster.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chris Brown is a Thug and Charlie Sheen is Glorified

On The View they discuss how Chris Brown is called a thug while Charlie Sheen is not associated with such name calling. They even make mention of Mel Gibson not being set back by his violence.

What do you think? While all of the 3 men have done violent acts there is a clear difference in media coverage and the pardoning of mistakes made between all 3 men. In our opinion, Chris Brown is scrutinized more. Do you think race has anything to do with this? Do you agree or disagree?
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Bully Beat Down

Many of you have seen the viral video that hit the Internet of the Australian school boys getting in an old fashioned school yard fight. However the background story is that the boy who essentially WWF dropped the smaller boy was in fact a victim of bullying from the smaller boy (the boy he straight tossed). See the interview from TodayTonight an Australian news station that interviewed both parties involved in the fight.

Here is the original video:

We are told that both parties got suspended for equal amount of time and we don't believe that is fair! Personally, whatever childern I have, will be told that if they get hit the have my permission to hit back and better yet go H.A.M.

What do you think of all this?
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nicki Minaj Whips Out Dildo

Many people have a lot of views on Nicki Minaj, her relevancy, her talent level, and if she is real or a gimmick. Needless to say, at a concert in providence she did this (images via Necole Bitchie):

What was the point/context of this? How did this enhance the show? It seems that in order to be a female in the rap game that the record companies fully embrace and promote you have to be over sexualized and do corny shit.

What do you all think? Did she do too much with this? Is Nicki talented? Is she a gimmick? Are you sick of hearing her on EVERY song? Let us know!

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Thursday, March 17, 2011


We have seen a lot of dumb stuff...but this...right here....

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Proposing to Your Boyfriend?

We get it. It's 2011, and there a lot of roles in relationships that were once dictated by gender that now apply to both genders...but proposing to your boyfriend as a female? Watch the below clip of Chrissy Lampkin who is a star on Love and Hip-Hop and also rapper Jim Jones longtime girlfriend (we are told they have been together for about 4+ years) proposing to Jim (fast-forward to the 2:37 mark):


I'm sorry, we couldn't help but think this was the most ridiculous and desperate thing ever!

We also wanted to point out the following:

1. Once again this is yet ANOTHER reality show where the ladies pride themselves on being a "wifey" but not necessarily a wife.

2. The highest honor a man can legally and spiritually bestow on a woman is giving her his last name by marrying her. Just think, you can have as many girlfriends as you like...but you can legally and spiritually have only one wife at a time.

3. What's next? Role reversal to the degree guys start taking it doggy style?!

4. So you give him a ring and you don't get one? #wheretheydothatat

5. Is he going to take her last name? bahahahahaha LMAO!

In an interview with VIBE magazine, Chrissy was asked if it frustrating to be with Jim so long and he never proposed? She responded

"No, because I know what I got myself into. You know, he’s definitely younger than me and to be honest with you, neither one of us is really ready right now to get married, but I wanted to let him know that I love him enough and that’s definitely in my plans. We didn’t’ set a date or anything like that, but I just had to let him know. I do love [him] enough to show that it’s time to grow up and that I’m here for [him]."


As my grandfather said, if you have dated a man for 2 years and he does not at least mention marrying you or you all never talk about it seriously, he is NEVER going to do it.

What do you think about women proposing to men? Would you do it? What do you think about Chrissy and Jim Jones relationship? Your thoughts on Love and Hip Hop? Let us know!

Should Women Propose to Men?
Why not? It's 2011
Thats pretty desperate
In some circumstances but not all

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Music We Love: The Cool Kids

We know these aren't new songs but we still love them! Songs of the day.. Getting It by The Cool Kids feat. Lil' Wayne and Beeper by The Cool Kids feat Pharrell of N.E.R.D.

Sidenote: T$ LOVES Mikey Rocks!

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

St. Patrick's Day in Atlanta 2011

So you may still be recovering from the parades and festivities from this weekend but there are MORE events going on in Atlanta for St. Patty's day. So wear your green and pinch a cutie at the following events:

1. Fado Irish Pub

273 Buckhead Ave, Atlanta, GA 30305
This is an ATL favorite for St. Patty's day and it's located in Buckhead. There is a whiskey dinner, brunch, and an all day festival on March 17th. You have to buy tickets presale here for $10 or $15 at the door! They even put a green shamrock at the top of the foam of you Guinness! Niiiiice!

2. Ri Ra Irish Pub

1080 Peachtree Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30309
Get it poppin as early as 6am with a breakfast menu of Irish favorites! Stuff your face with eggs, Irish sausages and rashers, black and white puddings, grilled tomatoes, and sauteed mushrooms. Or come for the nighttime activities and green beer.
Click here for more information
3. Limerick Junction Irish Pub

822 N. Highland Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30306
You can always go to an old fashion block party behind this pub. Gates for the block party open at 5:00pm and there is a $10 cover charge. Live music will be starting at 6:00pm. You also have the option to celebrate inside the pub. Cover charge for inside the pub is $5 after lunch and $10 during the evening. Live music inside starts at noon!
Click here for more info

4. Buckhead Saloon

3227 Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA 30305

This spot offers a Ladies Redheads contest, t-shirt give aways, beads, and a $4 160z beer menu! They also will be serving traditional Irish bar food. By advance tickets for $10 or buy them for $15 at the door.

Click here for more info

5. Oculus Skin Care Centre

5505 Peachtree Dunwoody Road, Atlanta, GA 30342

Maybe you aren't a pub party hopper? Score yourself a discounted green tea facial at this spot.

Click here for more info
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Materialism, Idiots, and the Industry: Rosa Acosta, Maino, and Dollicia Bryan Beef

Many of you have probably caught wind of this beef before and for the rest of you this may be new news. This is a true example of the old saying "NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER." Rosa Acosta used to come off as "another video hoe" because of photos like these:
until a while back we heard her shed light on materialism in her response to hardly known rapper Maino's accusations that she was cheap because she did not wear expensive shoes.

Maino states this ignorance:

Here is her response (fast forward to the 1:21 mark):

Lately a hardly known video model by the name of Dollicia Bryan came in Maino's defense by stating this ignorance:

1. Although Beyonce can buy ANY pair of LB's 20 billion times over, the ones she wears are probably GIVEN to her by the designer...meaning they were FREE DOLLARS AND 99 CENTS!

2. If you go to events with rich celebrity elite and you are a man who has it like that then pick a woman of quality (you chose her because she is an asset, she is intelligent, she is attractive, she has great character) and BUY her a pair! I'm sure Diddy and every other famous man with a "around the way girl" buys his woman's WHOLE OUTFIT for events.

3, Maino and Dollicia...who are you two again? Life of Jenks? and Dollicia girl this is the first we have heard of you in this interview


What do you all think?
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Harlem Bar is now Spanish Harlem

Many of you ATL residents may have loved the old Soul food tapas spot/lounge Harlem Bar. Harlem Bar featured sharable appetizers like mac n cheese, catfish fingers, and even small meals. In addition, on random nights in Harlem Bar you could see live performances from local neo soul talent, jazz artist, bands, and a DJ who played oldies but goodies by A Tribe Called Quest, Erykah Badu, and more.

Well...that spot has changed and it's now called Spanish Harlem....a Latin themed restaurant with things on the menu like ground beef stuff potatoes, plantains, coconut shrimp, pescado empenzado, and sweet plantain lasagna

Check it out below:

We are definitely gonna miss the old Harlem Bar...but by the looks of this the new owner must have a little more bread because this restaurant is tricked out a bit better!
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Trend Alert: Hair Feather Extensions

While we were in Las Vegas we encountered a new trend from several California girls that will probably be spreading everywhere soon called hair feather extensions. They come in all different shades, some look as natural as highlights and some are bright flirty colorful colors. The girls told us that celebrities like Ke$ha and Miley Cyrus have been known to sport them. Take a look below:
Where to purchase:

The Demo:

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Punishment Fitting the Crime?

Kelly Williams-Bolar, an Ohio mother of two was sentenced to 10 days in jail and placed on three years probation, and felony charges, after using her fathers address in a school district 5 minutes away so that her kids could get a better education and be safer. Her father was charged with a fourth-degree felony of grand theft, in which he and his daughter are charged with defrauding the school system for two years of educational services for their girls to a school in a district in which they did not live.

Does the punishment fit the crime? We surely think not! Our legal system is in shambles! The irony in this whole thing is that the school district claims by her sending her childern to their school "illegally" that she was stealing tax payers dollars...tax payers dollars went to place this non threatening woman in jail! What ever happened to a fine? Community service? What do you all think? Watch the video below:

Do You Think This Sentence is Too Much?
Yes, she's not a REAL criminal
No, she did the crime she should pay the time
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Louis Farrakhan Thinks You & Rihanna Are Swine?

Minister (and in our estimation extremist) Louis Farrakhan has ruffled a lot of feathers with his recent comments in regards to Rihanna's Grammy performance. Farrakhan stated that such filth (Rihanna performing) was degrading and the people who watched it were swine.

Listen to the audio of Farrakhan making these statements below (fast forward to the 3:09 mark):

Rihanna stood up for herself by firing off the following tweets:

What do you think of Farrakhan's accusations?

Firstly, we at Y SUGARCOAT? hate insult sandwiches...how are you gonna call her a beautiful sister and then finish by calling her and her fans filth? If you are gonna go in you better go in the whole time...don't insult and then try to clean it up! We feel like he watched it right? *kanye shrug*...besides which man should or would be revolted by seeing RiRi grinding in a leather get up? We don't know too many men, Christian or not who would turn the channel #werejustsayingtho

What do you think of Farrakhan's statements?
He took it way too far
I agree with him
He watched it! Oh the irony...hypocrite!

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Mid-Week Eye Candy: Latin Hotties

Hace Calor!

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Y SUGACOAT? Fashion Pick: Lace by Tanaya

We stumbled across and ad for a unique jewelry collection called "Lace" by Tanaya. Tanaya is a model who makes a variety of "Earlaces" like those seen here. Her "Earlaces" have been featured on Alicia Keys and Nicki Minaj. Her jewelry is not as expensive as we thought it would be...she has pieces ranging from $50-$200. For more information on her "Earlaces" and for her website click here

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