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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Proposing to Your Boyfriend?

We get it. It's 2011, and there a lot of roles in relationships that were once dictated by gender that now apply to both genders...but proposing to your boyfriend as a female? Watch the below clip of Chrissy Lampkin who is a star on Love and Hip-Hop and also rapper Jim Jones longtime girlfriend (we are told they have been together for about 4+ years) proposing to Jim (fast-forward to the 2:37 mark):


I'm sorry, we couldn't help but think this was the most ridiculous and desperate thing ever!

We also wanted to point out the following:

1. Once again this is yet ANOTHER reality show where the ladies pride themselves on being a "wifey" but not necessarily a wife.

2. The highest honor a man can legally and spiritually bestow on a woman is giving her his last name by marrying her. Just think, you can have as many girlfriends as you like...but you can legally and spiritually have only one wife at a time.

3. What's next? Role reversal to the degree guys start taking it doggy style?!

4. So you give him a ring and you don't get one? #wheretheydothatat

5. Is he going to take her last name? bahahahahaha LMAO!

In an interview with VIBE magazine, Chrissy was asked if it frustrating to be with Jim so long and he never proposed? She responded

"No, because I know what I got myself into. You know, he’s definitely younger than me and to be honest with you, neither one of us is really ready right now to get married, but I wanted to let him know that I love him enough and that’s definitely in my plans. We didn’t’ set a date or anything like that, but I just had to let him know. I do love [him] enough to show that it’s time to grow up and that I’m here for [him]."


As my grandfather said, if you have dated a man for 2 years and he does not at least mention marrying you or you all never talk about it seriously, he is NEVER going to do it.

What do you think about women proposing to men? Would you do it? What do you think about Chrissy and Jim Jones relationship? Your thoughts on Love and Hip Hop? Let us know!

Should Women Propose to Men?
Why not? It's 2011
Thats pretty desperate
In some circumstances but not all

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  1. That junk was pathetic!

  2. Did you see Jim Jones face while she was proposing? He was looking at her like "bitch you are embarrasing me."

  3. I agree with your grandfather!! If you don't know if you are in love with your boo after 2 maybe 3 years you are wasting people time!!

  4. Jim Jones all I can say is your lady made a fool of herself on national television showing her insecurities about Somaya. Jim, Give her a chance and collaborate with her on just one song. Women! If a man wants to be married, he'll ask you. Doesn't matter if your married or not, a person can leave you in the blink of an eye! He may not divorce you cause he knows the consequences of his pocket, but he can LEAVE YOU if he so wants to!!!

  5. Did you guys see the episode? Jim didn't even really say Yes...yeah don't get embarsed ladies


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