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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

For Discussion: South Beach Shootings? Can "We" Behave?

There is a rumor on deck that in light of the memorial day weekend shootings in South Beach, The City of Miami is pushing to remove the hip-hop block party and Springfest concert and replace it with a more "culturally diverse" concert (i.e. pop music, rock music, The Black Eye Peas, basically Super Bowl halftime show stuff). See video of shooting below:

Here are a few statistics we found interesting:

- In 2004, a 20-year-old man from Hallandale Beach, FL (a suburb of Miami) was shot through a car window after his flirting with a group of girls in another car turned into an argument with someone in a third car. He died.

- In 2007, the police confiscated 60 firearms on the beach. And two men died outside of a South Beach cafe.

...and this would not be the first time that a weekend event that brings many Black people from all over to a city has gotten shut down.

1. Spring Bling

2. Freaknik

3. Black College Reunion

So it brings us to the question/topic of discussion...can "we" (meaning Black people) behave when in large groups? Y SUGARCOAT? Some of you may be rolling your eyes right now going "oh no they didn't!" but the facts remain...predominately Black events gets shut down because of shootings often. The big R word "racism" is thrown around when these things get shut down but honestly, how many predominately other race spring break events or festivals do you know of that get riddled with bullets? We need to see statistics proving that shootings occur at ALL events that attract a lot of people equally before we can say it's not at all race related.

It would be one thing to scream racism if the only crimes that occurred at all of these predominately Black events were a couple of drunken fights or other isolated incidents of crime, but major heavily populated areas getting riddled with bullets and then not understanding why these events are getting shut down??? Is Essence Festival in New Orleans the next thing to get shut down?

At first, upon reading articles involving the South Beach shootings we questioned, is this just the media unfairly portraying the crimes at a predominately Black populated events or is there honestly a difference in the level of crime, danger, and debauchery at predominately Black events?

What do you all think? Do Black people not know how to behave in large groups? Is the media not properly, accurately, or fairly reporting crime at ALL events that draw large groups of people? What are the reasons it appears that Black people "act up"?
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Grand Theft Weave Heist?

I know, I know, I know...you are looking at this post like..."WTF are they talking about?" Here's what it is. There has been a string of violent armed weave thefts going around nationwide. We are talking about guns drawn, pass the cash register up, pass up computers and flat screens, and head for the wall of virgin 100% Indian remy. One of these heist was even fatal! Read the article here. See the video below:

A woman in Brazil got attacked at a bus stop and had her hair cut off! (Read article here). This just goes to show you that society puts WAY to much emphasis on weave...and it's not just a black woman thing (see our post The Truth About Hair Weave). For clarification purposes, we are not knocking anyone who wears weave. It is just spell bounding that weave has become so valuable and important to us that people are actually conducting weave heist as readily as people are doing credit card scams and identity theft...it's literally a form of currency...100% virgin Indian remy hair is gold (especially in the black community).

Is the obsession with weave getting out of hand? What do you all think?

We just didn't know it was that deep....
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Friday, May 27, 2011

How to Tell You Have a Stank Ass Mouth

We have all encountered a person...maybe even a friend whose breathe made us want to commit suicide. I personally had an acquaintance whose breath was so hot the smell lingered in my car for hours after they got out. I always wondered how exactly I should tell them their breathe makes me have a gag reflex? Some of you may even be wondering "does my breath stink?" Well here are some definitive ways to tell your breathe is hotter than running in a black long sleeve track suit made of plastic and wool in July on the equator. Forward this anonymously to anyone who may need a clue.

So why can't these people tell their own breath smells? The reason for this frustrating occurrence of them not smelling their own stank mouth is due to how our olfactory system (our nose) works...it ignores our own smells so it can focus on the smells around us. Bad breath or halitosis is caused by a bacterial imbalance in our mouth, sinuses and throat. Some signs of bad breath can indicate something more serious such as a stomach ulcer...the smell of the rotting flesh is creeping into their throat cavity or maybe the culprit is in need of some dental work...some cavities can cause pus sacks in the gum which smell or gingivitis.

(remember what we said about why people can't smell their own bad breath?)

Ways to Tell Your Breath is on John Blaze/Wacka Flocka Flames (Hot as Hell):

1. Due to the fact saliva holds the smells of bad breath bacteria lick the back of your wrist, let it dry for 2 minutes, and then sniff the area after a few moments. If you notice a bad smell, you can times it by 10...YOUR BREATH IS WACKA FLOCKA FLAMES

2. Use a teaspoon or better still a tongue scraper. Scrape the very back your tongue wait 2 minutes then smell the spoon, if it smells bad...YOUR BREATH IS WACKA FLOCKA FLAMES

3. When you floss your teeth do you notice a bad smell?...YOUR BREATH IS WACK FLOCKA FLAMES

4. Ask someone you feel close to or a little kid because they are BRUTALLY honest...Y SUGARCOAT?. If they say "yes...it's rough"...YOUR BREATH IS WACKA FLOCKA FLAMES

5. When you talk to anyone do they rub their noses, do they back away from you, do they cough, do they offer you mints, do they sneeze? Two or more of these signals can be interpreted to show YOUR BREATH IS WACKA FLOCKA FLAMES

6. Do the people you date never want to kiss you? YOUR BREATH MAY BE ON WACKA FLOCKA FLAMES

7. Ongoing dry mouth is a serious condition. Its a sure bet that if you have dry mouth YOUR BREATH IS WACKA FLOCKA FLAMES

8. Stand in front of the mirror and stick your tongue out as far as possible. If you notice that the very back of your tongue is whitish...YOUR BREATH MAY BE ON WACKA FLOCKA FLAMES

9. Do you have post nasal drip? This condition feeds bad breath bacteria. Most people don’t even know they have it and it's caused by allergies and it makes your breath WACKA FLOCKA FLAMES

10. Do you have GERD, heart burn, or indigestion...all cause your breath to be WACKA FLOCKA FLAMES

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Being Broke Doesn't Mean You Can't Date

It often seems that the renaissance man is dead. Today nice dates can often be considered a thing of the past and we conclude either chivalry is dead or as some men put it, they just don't have the funds to wine and dine

"Being broke doesn't mean you can't date...it just
means you have to be more creative."

It's summer time so that definitely yields more options...you have no excuse. Couch dates are fine...some of the time...but they get boring after about the third time. There are other options for spending time with a girl you are interested in (considering she is not a bougie bitch who insist on Ruth Chris dinners or better). If you STILL can't afford anything on the below list it's time to get a new job, get A job, a second job, or focus on your life because it's NOT right and you DON'T need to be dating anyone except your hand, a naked girlie magazine, and some lotion:

1. Climb the Wall at Dick's Sporting Goods:

If she is the athletic, spontaneous, or adventurous type, take her out for this "out of the box" date....just make sure you tell her what you are doing so she can dress properly.

2. Get Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt:

It's summertime, it's hot, and this is never a bad choice. It will also cost you a max of $8.

3. Go to the Park:

She can even bring her dog (if she has one). Bring some lawn chairs, a bottle of wine, and some glasses...hell you could even pack some sort of board game that requires conversation (we recommend Dinner Conversations). If you want, bring a whole picnic, just be sure to pack things that aren't better cold or that are gross warm. Some parks even have free concerts or delicious food trucks....it's a fun cheap date.

4. Wine Tasting:

There are plenty of places and wine lofts that do a wine tasting and they are actually cheaper than you would think. Some are free but just require that you buy a bottle of wine. This is a different date and it will educate you and her on wines.

5. The Pool:

Make sure she knows how to swim and be respectful not to get her hair wet if all she is trying to do is lay out. Bring a cooler with some drinks, and its a wrap. You even get to see her half naked!

6. A Cookout/BBQ:

Someone else is cooking and paying for the food and drinks and you get to reap all the benefits. Hell maybe you are required to bring something to this cookout...a case of beer is cheap and should be just fine, chips, juice, something! Just make sure you don't leave her chilling by herself while you chat up some homeboys you see or play a game of spades.

7. Happy Hour:

You can take her for drinks...they are 2 for one. Often times happy hours have drink specials as well as specials on appetizers or tapas.

8. Dave and Busters:

The game cards aren't too expensive and you all can both share one. They often have drink specials.

9. Throw a House Party:

Throw a house party and tell everyone invited to BYOB. All you have to buy is some cups, ice, pretzels, cheese cubes, or some other type of finger food and clean up your house. Use caution however...don't invite every girl you date or used to date...she will be able to pick up on who is who

10. Karoke Bar:

For some reason, most places that have a karaoke bar are pretty cheap. You two can have fun being stupid, living out fantasies of being a singer or rapper, and making fun of each other.

See? You don't have to break your pocket to have fun or impress a girl. Stop being boring and planning a series of never ending couch dates because your pockets aren't right or because you aren't creative.

Ladies are there other dates that are relatively cheap that you think would be fun? Let us know?
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Loser of the Month: Naked Picture Request

There are many men and women in this world who are losing in life...if you have any stories please email them to us at YSUGARCOAT@gmail.com. It's time to bust these fools out. Without further ado we give you THE LOSER OF THE MONTH.

It's 4am in the morning and I swat my phone away from me as my text alert goes off...on second thought, I pick it up out of curiosity of who on earth would be hitting me up at this hour. To my surprise it is a young man who I dated up to a year ago and had not had contact with since then. I opted to text him back in the morning.

At 9am, I responded with at friendly "hey." and then things got crazy....

Loser: I want to see you

Me: Where do you even live now?

Loser: I live in Miami.

Me: Oh ok

Loser: I want to see you...

Me: Oh yeah?

Loser: Send me a picture...with skin...you know I'm a freak

Me: Um I don't have pictures like that in my phone and I don't send out naked pictures

Loser: Girl you know I've been up in those pussy walls before now you acting brand new and I can't even get a picture?...SMH


We are having a hard time understand why men are requesting naked pictures from females now days as readily as they would request they befriend them on facebook? Dude really had the nerve to pop off because I said no!!! So because we used to date I am eternally indebted to send you naked pictures at your request at any time or place? Is it not possible that my life has moved on since you and I may actually have a boyfriend meaning that your request for a naked picture is null and void?

Guys honestly...this is happening too frequently. We have heard numerous stories of girls getting asked to send a naked picture by a man they barely know, used to date and have had no communication with for a LONG period of time. Are you all not aware that they have FREE pictures of vaginas, titties, and asses on the Internet? You can even go on twitter and find some desperate girl basically showing all her ass for free?!?!

We understand that for some girls this bullshit works, but learn how to decipher which girl to do it to and which one NOT to do it to. Understand you will be talked about...and it's not cute


Ray Ray
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Where Are They Now?: Artist That Fell Off the Map

There are some good one hit, one album, or handful of album wonders that came on the music scene...so what ever happened to them? We compiled a list of a few we thought of. We noticed that the rappers that fell of the map fell for a good reason...they weren't talking about shit! However some of these singers were really doing their thing and had talent! Take a look below:


We loved her! Her popular songs include "Officially Missing You," "Still"

Donell Jones

We loved his song "You Know What's Up" featuring the deceased Lisa Left Eye Lopez! His other songs include "Shorty Got Her Eyes on Me" "Where You Are" and definitely LOVED "Where I Wanna Be"

Blu Cantrell

She was a one hit wonder but a very pretty girl. We all remember her song "Hit em Up Style" and video where she talked about getting a guy who cheated on her for everything...in the video she had a garage sale and sold all his stuff on his own lawn! Classic...

Lil' Jon

Before celebrity apprentice he was known as the "King of Crunk," there was a time when if he was not on your track it just was not hot. The popularity of his club fight inducing music led a lot of his records to be banned at clubs. His CD's featured all of the best artist. We even remember the time he was on Nick Cannon's wack show "Wild N Out" and he made the nursery rhyme "London Bridges" hot....we miss you...

David Banner

In recent history he has become quite a bit of the civil activist and speaker. We like his songs "Play," "Shawty Say" and many more. We want him back on the music scene too!


Oh remember the days when he looked like that ladies? His hit and video "How Does it Feel" made us want to feel on him. Now he is morbidly obese and has gotten the silver handcuffs a few times for prostitution and drugs. Please go to rehab, hit the gym, then hit the studio.

Slum Village

They should get some recognition for that hot track they had out with Kanye West "Selfish"...hm...where are you guys?


Ladies you know "Where My Girls At?" was your anthem back in the day. I used to think the girl who wore the cowboy hat in that video was the coolest! Where'd you go ladies?

Nicole Ray

One of Missy Elliott's prodigies, she came on the scene with that song "Make It Hot". I'll never forget how awesome I thought the video was where everyone was turning into cardboard cut outs. Her CD was actually pretty good....wonder where she is?

Craig David

He came on the scene and made us realize there are some hotties over seas. He had hits like "7 Days"...(clear throat and starts singing) Monday. Took her for a drink on Tuesday....good times.

Vivian Green

Who could forget her song "Emotional Roller coaster"....I used to cry and think of a special someone when this song would play back in the day.


Another one of Missy Elliott's prodigies she sang hits like "Call Me," "Oops" (controversial song about masturbation?), and was featured in "Take Away" a tribute to Aaliyah. She was definitely representing for the chocolate sisters.


"Paper Plane," and being featured on "Swagger Like Us" with 3 of the hottest rappers out seems like it would have solidified her success to stay on top...but alas! She got knocked up too early in her career and couldn't make a bounce back.

Nelly Furtado

She had some serious hits too such as "Promiscuous Girl" featuring Timberland. However she too fell victim to baby fever, left the scene to have a baby, and had a hard time getting back...we miss her too...

Can you think of any other artist who fell off the map you want back on? List them! Tell us who you miss? Who fell off the map that you hope never finds a GPS? Let us know!
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Is Dating Outside Our Race Really an Option for Black Women?

So time and time again black women are always hearing depressing statistics about how only 20% of us will get married if we want to get married to a black man...even if you paired all the black women in the United States up with all the black men up in the United States (eliminating incarcerated black men, black men without college degrees, black men in a certain age bracket, black men in a certain tax bracket, etc.) A lot of these statistic don't take in account the growing number of homosexual black men, men who are mentally disabled or insane...so we can only imagine the percentage of black men available is even lower! We hear other depressing things such as how 42% of black women have NEVER been married. (see the 1:09 mark for the statistics in the below video):

Time and time again we get challenged to be open minded and date outside of our race so that we have a better chance to make to the alter and have a family, husband, colonial house...the American Dream.

In actuality, a lot of black women are NOT opposed to dating outside of their race...after all that white man in the movie "Something New" with Sanna Lathan was looking good and knew how to treat her!

...but how open are men of other races to dating African American women? When we say "dating," we are talking about dating them seriously (ring, wedding, bringing them home at Christmas, fantasizing about her having his kids, etc.).

It sometimes seems that men of other races may not be as open to seriously dating a black woman. True, we know a lot of men of other races have sexual fetishes or sexual fantasies for or involving black women. Some even want to date one for experimental purposes, or to cross "I screwed a black chick" off their bucket list...but how many non-black men want to seriously date or marry a black woman? The cases of men of other races married to or seriously dating black women appears to be few and far between which leads us to believe that the door to date outside our race is not actually open but maybe cracked...maybe not even cracked...maybe it's just unlocked?

Y SUGARCOAT? Hit the streets in search of the answer to the question

"Are men of other races opposed to or open to seriously dating black women?"

We asked those we interviewed to be candid and real...tell us if they fear their family's approval, if they are intimidated by black women, if they are cool with dating black women. We asked black women how open they were to dating men of other races...we wanted everyone to tell us anything!

In contrast, in today's society black men are quick to seriously date or marry a woman of another race...some black men even PREFER women of other races. So where does that leave the black woman? It is a common sight in the media to see interracial relationships between black men and women of other races. It almost seems that 70% of black male athletes, rappers, entertainers have a preference for women of other races.

Where does this preference for women of other races with some black men come from? Is the black woman becoming "out of style" in the black community? Where does that leave the black women...to fight in hopes of being in the 20% who get married to a black man? Do men of other races really want to date a black woman? Is there a hidden population of black women who prefer to date men of other races? How open are black women to dating other races?

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts! Video interview of our investigation coming soon!
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Earth Ends May 21st 2011...According to Some...

Many of you have probably caught a few articles, videos, and glimpse of advertisements in New York and Staten Island claiming this whole party comes to an end May 21st, 2011. Robert Fitzpatrick of Harold Campings evangelistic Church in California, has spent $140,000 to warn us all.

Mr. Campings had also predicted that the world would end back in 1994 on September 6th.

So the question is...why do people keep feeding into cult-like churches? It seems that fear, sex, violence, or ignorance can readily and easily be promoted in America and people will feed into it.

Here are our thoughts on the whole bit:

1. Last we checked in The Bible it says that no MAN knows the date and time Jesus will be coming.

2. Who says a being that made the earth and everything in it works on a 24 hour time clock?...Come on Son

Here are some things people on the internet are saying about the whole bit:

Saturday is a busy day, and I need to schedule my looting around a golf outing and the kids' soccer games.

Also.... Will the world end on Eastern Standard Time or Daylight Savings Time? I doubt the "bible code" took into account the invention of Daylight Savings Time.

What about Saturday Night Live? Will their show be cut short? I hope not before Weekend Update.

And what happens during the NBA and NHL playoffs if half the players are "assumed into heaven" during the games? That would potentially give an unfair advantage to whichever team has more heathens on it.

I also want to avoid freeways that day.... don't want to have to dodge a bunch of driver-less cars.

Hopefully, the majority of those that are raptured are boomers... that way we can save Medicare before the "boomer bomb" hits.

I hope my Mother-in-Law has lived a righteous life (though I highly doubt it). I wouldn't mind her disappearing.

What do you think about this whole thing? Is the world ending?

Do You Think the World is Ending May 21, 2011?
Absolutely NOT
It might
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trimming the Hedges Part II: Manscaping

We don't know why...but many of you men don't realize that you too must take care of your genital hair. We aren't saying wax or shave it completely off so that it reminds us of 2 hard boiled eggs (hey some girls like a bald man too)...but you do need to do "manscaping" down there. Reasons being the following:

1. No one wants a brillo pad anywhere near their vagina...our lady parts are delicate and a rough dry pubes patch does nothing for it except irritate it.

2. No one wants to smell musty balls....hair holds scents period.point.blank

3. No one wants to get their teeth flossed with pubes when performing oral sex on you.

4. No one wants to give your balls "some love" when they are hidden in a forest of rough pubic hair.

Please get some clippers and handle your man parts....bushy man parts also makes women recoil in disgust and horror much like the Sheneka Adams video did to you gentleman.

We surveyed 15 women and asked them what they felt about genital hair maintenance on men.

15 out of 15 said you need to trim that down to a low fade

4 out of 15 said you could be completely bare and that would not bother them

15 out of 15 said unkempt wild bushy thick man pubes made there sex drive go down...drastically

At least comb that bush, put some oil in it! Something!!! So do men who wear speedos have to get bikini waxes?...hmmm...

What do you all think about "manscaping"? Video of interviews with females coming soon!

I think men should wear their genital hair...
Trimmed low is great
I don't mind a "bald" man
I like au natural...bushy is ok by me!
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trimming the Hedges

In light of Kamals21 bartender and groupie video vixen Sheneka Adams (pictured below)
leaking yet ANOTHER graphic video this time with her vagina looking like something out of a 1970s porn or a wooly mammoth (see it here)...we decided its time to discuss preferences for genital hair care/maintenance.

We conducted an interview with 15 men:

12 out of 15 said they didn't mind a little hair with one saying and we quote "if I can twist that stuff it's too damn long"

7 out of 15 men said that while a little hair is okay they prefer "she wax it all off...Mr. Myagi" as Chris Brown said in "Look At Me Now"

5 out of 15 said they didn't mind the landing strip

15 out of 15 said they thought Sheneka Adams vagina in the video was disgusting...one man quoting "it made me low key vomit in my mouth."

And word to the wise...ladies if you MUST send nude photos or videos make sure all your stuff is on point in case it leaks.

Matter of fact, who is this alleged guy she was sending this to? This dude should get clowned for his infatuation with a box that hairy....we don't think dude exist anyway...this was probably all a publicity stunt...smh.

Video of the interviews with the men coming soon! What do you all think? Let us know!

How Do You Feel About Genital Hair?
I like it bushy
A little is fine if its low and neatly trimmed
Wax it all off...Mr. Myagi
Landing Strip is sexy
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Music in Your Mouth: Do it at Do {Dough}

Once again yet ANOTHER reason we love Atlanta. Always something innovative, fresh, and new! Imagine a chic pizzeria that has delicious mixed drinks and more importantly exceptional technological service. Do (pronounced dough) is that restaurant. That's right....you order everything from an iPad at your table....even when you are finished with your meal you can summons your car from valet with the iPad! In addition you can DJ at the restaurant by selecting and voting on songs with other restuarant guest!

Do (pronounced dough) opened to the public on May 5th 2011. They are open on Thursday (5:30 PM-1:ooAM) Friday (5:30 PM-2:00AM), and Saturday (1:00PM-2:00AM) and located at 955 W Marietta Street, Atlanta GA 30318.

Gone are the days of bad service, there is no need for a waiter or waitress because the iPad at your table serves as the server. The restuarant is tastefully decorated with "all white everything" from the 40 foot white bar to the couches. Interestingly, instead of wall art the walls are adorned with laser light decor.

The menu is musically inspired and reasonably priced. Appetizers (called Preludes) start at $3.95 and there is a variety of small pizzas priced around $7.50. Look at some of the food below:

We can't wait to hit this spot!
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cinco De Mayo Celebraciones in Atlanta!

As we have stated before we at Y SUGARCOAT? fully support and celebrate any holiday that condones or is based around having tasty adult beverages. Here are the spots you may want to hit! We picked the 5 (cinco) we thought looked the best. (per MetroMix...we don't like to copy and paste and act like its ours :-))

1. The Cinco De Mayo Block Party at Tin Lizzy's (both locations)

From 11:30 AM till 2:oo AM you can wear your sombrero on the streets of Cresent Avenue which will be blocked off for your enjoyment. Tin Lizzy's will have drink specials on margaritas. In addition their tacos are to die for!

They are also having the same block party at the Tin Lizzy's in Buckhead too!

2. Cinco De Mayo at Havanna Night Club

Don't miss the #1 Cinco Party in Buckhead @ Havana Club. Live music from "The Main Street Exiles (The Grittiest Rolling Stones Tribute Band). This is a FREE event with no cover. Drink specials and complementary bites. Its truly hard to resist 15,000 square feet of pure decadence. Doors Open at 6pm. Restaurants and bars throughout the southeast produces events celebrating this now Americas tradition- but no other location like The Havana Club will bring you music, food and drink in a 15,000 square foot super Cinco party. The newly added Havana deck will allow you to enjoy refreshing cocktails outdoors or some tasty treats in our air conditioned cabanas. Free drinks and appetizers from 8pm-9pm.

3. 4th Annual Virginia Highlands Cinco de Mayo Celebration & Block Party

A Party you will not want to miss! Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the Highlands! Location is the parking lot between Pozole Limerick Junction. Enjoy Authentic Mexican Food, Beer and Margarita Bar, as well as a Regular Cocktail Bar. Contests include Smash The Pinata Hot Pepper Speed Eating. Entertainment--Outside Stage 9:30PM: Justin (Rock Covers); 8PM: Desire (U2 Tribute); 7PM: Pinups (David Bowie Tribute);6PM: Nick Pete of PleaseRock (Beatles Tribute) Charity: Beads Sombrero's will be sold with proceeds benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

4. Cinco De Mayo 2011 at Eclipse Di Luna in Dunwoody

Live Salsa Meringue by one of Atlanta's Hottest Band, guest PRProductions.net Dj's spinning the current classic Latin + Top 40 hits the presence of the Dos Equis, Bacardi Corzo GIRLS with Drink Special/Giveaways, special menu celebrating Cinco De Mayo much more. Drink specials $3 Dos Equis Beer, $4 Margaritas, $6 Bacardi Mojitos and $7 Corzo Margaritas.

5. Cinco De Mayo at East Andrews

$5 Sinless Regular Margaritas $3 Coronas $5 Tequila Shots Featuring fiesta food items including homemade salsa, queso, guacamole, mexi nachos quesadillas. DJ Dreams Spinning in the Courtyard Live Music with Ryan Hickey on the Terrace

AYE!!!! *while shaking maracas*
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