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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Is Dating Outside Our Race Really an Option for Black Women?

So time and time again black women are always hearing depressing statistics about how only 20% of us will get married if we want to get married to a black man...even if you paired all the black women in the United States up with all the black men up in the United States (eliminating incarcerated black men, black men without college degrees, black men in a certain age bracket, black men in a certain tax bracket, etc.) A lot of these statistic don't take in account the growing number of homosexual black men, men who are mentally disabled or insane...so we can only imagine the percentage of black men available is even lower! We hear other depressing things such as how 42% of black women have NEVER been married. (see the 1:09 mark for the statistics in the below video):

Time and time again we get challenged to be open minded and date outside of our race so that we have a better chance to make to the alter and have a family, husband, colonial house...the American Dream.

In actuality, a lot of black women are NOT opposed to dating outside of their race...after all that white man in the movie "Something New" with Sanna Lathan was looking good and knew how to treat her!

...but how open are men of other races to dating African American women? When we say "dating," we are talking about dating them seriously (ring, wedding, bringing them home at Christmas, fantasizing about her having his kids, etc.).

It sometimes seems that men of other races may not be as open to seriously dating a black woman. True, we know a lot of men of other races have sexual fetishes or sexual fantasies for or involving black women. Some even want to date one for experimental purposes, or to cross "I screwed a black chick" off their bucket list...but how many non-black men want to seriously date or marry a black woman? The cases of men of other races married to or seriously dating black women appears to be few and far between which leads us to believe that the door to date outside our race is not actually open but maybe cracked...maybe not even cracked...maybe it's just unlocked?

Y SUGARCOAT? Hit the streets in search of the answer to the question

"Are men of other races opposed to or open to seriously dating black women?"

We asked those we interviewed to be candid and real...tell us if they fear their family's approval, if they are intimidated by black women, if they are cool with dating black women. We asked black women how open they were to dating men of other races...we wanted everyone to tell us anything!

In contrast, in today's society black men are quick to seriously date or marry a woman of another race...some black men even PREFER women of other races. So where does that leave the black woman? It is a common sight in the media to see interracial relationships between black men and women of other races. It almost seems that 70% of black male athletes, rappers, entertainers have a preference for women of other races.

Where does this preference for women of other races with some black men come from? Is the black woman becoming "out of style" in the black community? Where does that leave the black women...to fight in hopes of being in the 20% who get married to a black man? Do men of other races really want to date a black woman? Is there a hidden population of black women who prefer to date men of other races? How open are black women to dating other races?

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts! Video interview of our investigation coming soon!


  1. the stats in that video depress me :(

  2. Guys of other races just want to fuck black women period.point.blank. If you are racially ambigious or very proper acting you may stand a chance. Let's not get to hype off the 2% of the black female population who may get married to someone outside their race

  3. The video stated that the amt of interracial relationships with black women has doubled. Hm...

  4. I Date Who Treats Me RightJune 8, 2011 at 12:53 PM

    I have dated many different men outside of my race and find they have actually treated me better and appreciate my natural hair more than black men which is a shame

  5. I just spent quite a few hours doing nothing but browsing the net reading all the comments and post about interracial dating. There is definitely strong opinions, especially when it's on the subject of black women seeking white men. I think people feel they can post comments and say what they really want to. One thing's for sure is we got a long way to go in race relations. The amount of ignorance is amazing. But at the same time there is no question that I'm seeing more and more interracial couples out there.

  6. i think dating is normal its totally depended upon mentality.

  7. I date the woman who loves me.Not the women make men feel under appreciated, unwarranted and irresponsible and regressive,Not the
    women are too aggressive and no longer patient in waiting on the pursuit of a man.
    Not a women who is strong headed, too independent which presents great challenges in relationships.

  8. My view is subconsciously a lot of minorities know where they stand in the unspoken but implied racial hierarchy of life. Dating outside of their race may feel exciting as if they are getting access to something they don't feel they deserve, like gaining riches by winning a lottery. There are so many problems within certain products (people) of the black community that it's probably easier to find someone without severe issues elsewhere and so they probably do. Classiness genuinely matters. Who a woman is when she's most comfortable is definitely something I take into account, and I'm sure the same goes for other respectable men relationshipwise. How she acts, her humor, her manners and courteousy at their most natural determine for me whether or not she's fit to be a good partner

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