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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Valentine's Day...For Men

I have been dating a new guy for about 3 months. I really like him and I want to do something nice for him on Valentine's day. I want to do something that is thoughtful yet not overdone. I feel stupid giving a guy chocolates or flowers and a card, its just too cliche. What do you all suggest?


Dear XOXO,

Valentine's day for men we know is always a bit of a sticky thing. No matter how long you all have been dating. Here is a list of some thoughtful options we think will get your mind moving in the right direction!. Pick a few of them, pick one of them, or create your own ideas from what you see!

1. Cook him some sugar cookies in the shapes of hearts or get the cookie cutters that spell out something. It's a very simple gesture but it's thoughtful and I don't feel it is overdone or too little if you have been dating a guy for only a few months

2. Tell him you want him to stop by before you all go out or after you go out and make him some specialty Valentine's Day themed cocktails and appetizers or desserts. If you choose to make drinks and appetizers, find out ahead of time his favorite drink and learn how to prepare it! He'll appreciate this because it saves him having to get you liquored up at dinner and get the appetizer/dessert

3. Make some chocolate covered stawberries for him as a gift, include champagne and (if you want) you can even feed them to him ;)

4. Maybe you even decide you are treating this year. Book reservations at a Fork & Screen movie theater if you have one in your area. They serve dinner and drinks while the movie is playing and each section comes complete with it's own little waitress/waiter.

5. Cook for him. Doesn't have to be dinner, maybe even breakfast since Valentine's day is on a Sunday...besides mimosas are always sexy.

6. Buy a sex postion book from Urban Outfitters, put it in a nice bag, include a red pen, tell him to circle the stuff he wants to try.

8. Buy him an hour massage somewhere, and make sure you request a woman!

Good Luck Reader!

T$ & RayRay

Do you have any questions? Email us: ysugarcoat@gmail.com


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