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Friday, January 28, 2011

What Are Your Talents Kim K?

With viral videos such as "Wack and Yellow" by Xavier Prynce (watch Wack and Yellow here) floating around the internet stating that Kim K is nothing more than a professional bopper or leg spreader, Kim K is asked the question about what her talents are.

Courtesy of Bossip.com:

Is Kim "Wack and Yellow"?
No, she has talents
Yes, she's a professional bopper
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Hot New Artist: Cal E

...because we know you are sick of listening to the same things over and over again on the radio and the same exact sound check out this hot new track called "Yea Yea Whatever" by our selected Hot New Artist Cal E. We love this song because it's hip-hop+ pop+ trance music all mixed into one song. This is a new emerging sound that is being infiltrated in many hip hop artist repertoire lately. This particular song makes us want to put on a designer dress, heels, clutch, grab a drink, and smoke hookah seductively in a VIP section...super sexy...

Yea Yea Whatever by ysugarcoat

For more information on this artist, if you are an artist, or know of any artist you feel should be included in our Hot New Artist section email us at ysugarcoat@gmail.com
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Game Episode 3: Our Review

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Shoegasm: Mens Edition

Just like we don't believe in double standards between men and women we don't believe in double standards with our blog post either. Just for you fellas...eye candy...courtesy of So Much Green...sneaker heads click here to see more tantalizing shoes on So Much Green's blog

Air Jordan 3 White Cement (same kicks Michael Jordan rocked in his 1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contest)

These are the Ransom Valley Hi's by Adidas

Kicks/HI (Kicks Hawaii) by Reebok
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Wedge peep toe booties are all the rage...here's a sample of ones we think are HAWT!
Both shoes are by Jeffrey Campbell

Tick by Jeffrey Campbell $169.95 at solestuck.com
They look pretty good on eh?
Saturn by Jeffrey Campbell $209.95 at solestruck.com

Are They Hawt?
Not My Style... (kanye shrug)
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"WACK & YELLOW" by XAVIER PRYCE....Standing Ovation My Man!

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Monday, January 24, 2011


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Friday, January 21, 2011

Your Friend Dating Your Ex

Scenario: At the age of 28 you look in your mailbox and find a wedding invitation. Yep, you are definitely at the age where you have been getting those more recently. As you open the envelope to see who is getting hitched this time you pause as your eyes dance across the name of your ex girlfriend and your friend written in timeless lacy calligraphy. Now, he wasn't your best friend, but in high school you definitely ran in a clique. You pause for a second...how should you feel about this? Is it ever okay for your friend to date or marry your ex?

Keeping that scenario in mind, we have decided there are a few factors that make this situation either messed up or acceptable.

1. Time:

As the old folks say, "Time heals all wounds" and so should be the same for any feeling you may have towards an ex. If you dated that person 4+ years ago and have had no romantic contact since you dated that person (i.e. Since you last had a title you have not had sex, been "talking to" or dating that person, you haven't been trying to rekindle an old flame with that person, etc.) then you should not be effected by anything going on in your ex's current relationships.

In addition, the longer you date someone the more serious you were about them therefore your feelings for someone you dated for 6 months are probably less serious than those of someone you dated for 3 years.

2. The Nature of Your Friendship:

In life we have different types of friends, those around permanently (best friends) and those around for a season (situational friends). A situational friend is an associate, someone you were forced to be around such as a coworker or team mate, or acquaintances. Situational friends have no serious obligations or loyalty to you or your feelings. You can not fault them if they choose to not have your best interest at heart or care deeply about your feelings when deciding on if they should or shouldn't date your ex.

3. The Nature of Your Relationship:

As we mature so do our romantic relationships. The seriousness and maturity of relationships varies from high school, college, and adult hood. There is a big difference between someone you went to prom with and dated for a year and someone you dated for a year and lived with at the age 25. The levels of commitment and interaction were deeper along with the criteria and credentials for deciding who you would choose to be in a committed relationship with. Therefore the nature of the relationship should effect your feelings on the situation. If you used to be serious you may feel awkward, if the relationship was short lived or elementary you should not care.

In conclusion you need to assess what your friend means to you and what your ex meant/currently means to you. Is this a matter of you being upset because your ego is hurt? If so, why is your ego hurt? Do you still have strong feelings for your ex?

...Marinate on those questions and you will have your answers.

Is It Ever Ok for Your Friend to Date or Marry Your Ex?
No way
Yes under certain circumstances
I don't care
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Is "16 and Pregnant" Glamorized?

If you look it up the meaning of the word "celebrity" on wikipedia you will see the definition is as follows:

"A person who is easily recognized by a society or a culture."

..hm...in that case by that definition the cast of MTV's "16 and Pregnant" and "Teen Mom" are celebrities in their own right. Both shows document the lives, struggles, births, relationships, and the after math of teen pregnancy. It can be argued that the show is more informative than anything. MTV takes great pride in releasing statements that they do not want to sugar coat or encourage teen pregnancy. Throughout every episode there is a small message that says "to find out more information on how to avoid teen pregnancy go to (insert website)" There is even an after show where Dr. Drew talks to each girl and drops more information and statistics on teen pregnancy and how to avoid it.

If you have ever watched the show, the results of teen pregnancy are very real and are not sugarcoated. For many of the girls, the stress of caring for a child at such a young age results in broken family relationships, the end of their relationship with the baby's father, countless conversations about economic struggles, and hard decisions like adoption. In many cases, dreams of education and careers also go on the back burner. I would agree, MTV does a great job of showcasing that being a teen mom is no cake walk. So how do people get the concept that these shows "glamorize" teen pregnancy? We just read an article today about an all girls school in which 90% of the population is a pregnant and yet another article about teenage girls getting pregnant on purpose with the hopes of being on the show?

The answer is not MTV, it is other media outlets that glamorize the concept of teen pregnancy.

Cast members of "16 and Pregnant" and "Teen Mom" are showcased on the front of major magazines and getting once in a lifetime offers to do things such as "Dancing with the Stars," getting interviews by major TV personalities, and offers to do Play Boy spreads. To make matters worse, the interviewer for these major magazines does not take such liberties and care as MTV to not glamorize teen pregnancy. Instead of being asked piercing questions such as "What is your greatest struggle? How are you paying for college? How do you get along with your estranged baby's father?" the interviews are conducted in the same style of an interview that would be held with Beyonce Knowles. These articles are laden with questions begging the cast members to tell stories of how they ate lunch and went baby clothes shopping with Bristol Palin, all their upcoming "projects" and how much they are being paid for them, and selling pictures of their baby showers and child's 1st birthday parties for big bucks. It is easy to see why a 16 year old girl with lack of maturity could be led astray into believing a belly full of baby is her meal ticket to stardom.

What do you all think? Comment and vote!

Who Glamorizes Teen Pregnancy?
Media outlets other than MTV
No one
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Loser of the Month

This will be a new segment incorporated into our show once a month...since we aren't having a show tonight here it is in a blog post. If you have anyone you would like to submit for "Loser of the Month" send the story to ysugarcoat@gmail.com. We will keep the names of everyone involved anonymous. Without further ado here it is:

I walk into the lounge with Ray Ray to attend the birthday party of two good friends of ours. As we get settled in the section an attractive guy walks in. I whisper to Ray Ray "hey he looks familiar...kinda fine on the slick too" to which Ray Ray responded "yeah he's cute...he used to play flag football with us a couple of times. You should bag that." I decided to go for it.

For the remainder of the night we exchanged glances, flirted, and I did my T$ deal (my routine of how I attract men...every woman has a way she attracts men) and low and behold he ask if he could sit next to me. We talk for sometime about flag football, I tell him about our blog and radio show and he smoothly gets my number by asking me to text him the links for our blog and radio show. I text him the information tell him I'm leaving and me and Ray hit the door around 1:30am. Mission accomplished...so I thought...and then the text starting coming...

Ol' Dude: "btw you're a cutie and did you make it home safe?" (2:00am)

Me: "yes I did thanks love" (2:05am)

Ol' Dude: "send me a picture" (we can now tell this is going downhill) (2:07am)

Me: "I don't have pictures on my phone, hit up my facebook." (2:08am)

Ol' Dude: "WOOOOOOOW!" (2:10am)

Me: "wow what? lol" (2:10am)

Ol' Dude: "I could show you some things." (2:12am)

Me: "wait huh? like what?" (2:15am)

At 2:20am I get a picture of ol dude sitting in a chair, legs sprawled open, naked, dick cocked to the side, him gazing away into the distance....WTF?!?!?!?!

Now why on earth would a guy who barely knows me send me a naked picture?! Was I supposed to believe he took that picture solely for me as he is clearly sitting in party where he is texting me more than likely from since I only left 30 mins prior? WTF was my response supposed to be? I mean honestly how was this thing playing out in his head? Was he supposed to send the picture and I was supposed to sluttly reply "Can I suck it?" Even worse...I tell you I run a blog and host a radio show with my best friend, we also have mutual friends, you would think that would be enough for him to refrain from sending me nude pictures unwarranted right? Nope...his dumb ass thought this would be a panty dropper or some shit.

Naturally...being the fire tempered woman I am I texted him back the following:

"I am pretty concerned with the fact that you pass out naked pictures to women you don't know like passing out candy at a parade. Furthermore I am even more offended you'd think that I was that type of woman or that I would be excited by that in anyway."

Naturally he apologized. I never responded. At least I'm not scandalous because if I was his name and picture would be up on this post right now. Sadly, I came to the conclusion this was done because this method has worked for him in the past and if it worked for him in the past that is because these bitches be losing in life which makes it harder on the next woman. I have cut off plenty of men before in my lifetime, but I've never cut a guy off in 30 minutes before. Must be a new record...smh
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No Radio Show Till Further Notice...=(

We won't be having a radio show until we can get the video feature fixed. We want you to be able to see us and interact which will enhance the show. Don't worry we have a few appointments with some computer nerds who are ustream producer savy so we should be back on air soon...maybe even next week! We will definitely let you know when we are back up and at em and we will send out either a text, email blast, and we will post in on facebook and twitter.

Until we get the show back up continue to hit our blog and send your email to ysugarcoat@gmail.com

There will be more frequent post in the meantime.

As always we love all our followers, listeners, readers, fans, haters, etc so continue to show us love! Thanks for the 4,000+ blog hits and shoutout to our readers all over the world! Who would have thought we would get international readers?
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sending Mixed Signals About Sex

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Better Than Your Favorite Celebrity

As Ray Ray and I combed through YouTube we came to the conclusion that there are a lot of regular "Joe's" and "Jane's" that give a few mainstream artist a run for their money. Seriously, if some of these regular folks we found on YouTube had a CD singing the EXACT same songs as some of these celebrities, we would buy the regular persons CD over the celebs.

We also realized it was relatively easy for us to find regular female singers who could out sing Rihanna or Keyshia Cole any day versus finding a regular male singer who could out sing Usher or Trey Songs and we came to the conclusion the reason for this is sex sells. Unlike men, women can ooze sex appeal and sell it. There are often women who have little talent that use their looks to get them further in the industry. Let's face it, there are a lot of celebrity women who have little talent and are guilty of "sleeping their way to the top."

Take a look and listen and see for yourself. What do you think?

*FYI we only included LIVE performances of the celebrity artist as that can not be digitally mastered to make them sound at their greatest as is done on their CD's and music videos+

Rin on the Rox singing Love by Keyshia Cole

versus Keyshia Cole

Who Sang it Better?
Rin on the Rox
Keyshia Cole
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Dondria singing Energy by Keri Hilson

Verus Keri Hilson

Who Sang It Better?
Keri Hilson
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Tynisha Keli singing Take a Bow by Rihanna

Versus Rihanna

Who Sang It Better?
Tynisha Keli
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J-Bright signing Last Time by Trey Songs

Versus Trey Songs

Who Sang It Better?
Trey Songs
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Education for Men: The Truth About Hair Weave

Scene: In the club a man approaches a woman and the first words that come out of his mouth are "Is that your real hair?" The woman frowns up and responds "I mean if you have to ask then it looks real right?" to which he responds "I'm asking because like real hair best." PAUSE


It is clear from many of the scenerios like the above listed, that men need to be schooled on hair weave.

1. Everyone Wears It:

98% of the women you think are "bad" black, white, purple or asian wear not only weave but bunches of it! Kim Kardashian and all her sisters wear it, All the Girls Next Door(Hugh Hefner's girlfriends) wear it, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Christina Milian, and the list goes on and on and on of women who wear it. It's not just a black woman thing...a lot of woman wear weave either all the time, sometime, from time to time...as long as it looks nice why does it matter?

2. You Don't Wear It Because Your Bald:

Granted some women wear weave in efforts to grow hair back (as black women our hair is VERY fragile and prone to breaking more than a lot of other ethnicities) but I must note that 95% of the women I know who wear weave wear it for a change in look/lifestyle change. You must understand that weave is a way to change your hair/look without permanent results. Instead of destroying your hair by lifting color and adding high lights to it or in order to change your color whenever you please without your hair falling out you can purchase weave that does the exact same thing. I personally wear weave due to lifestyle changes. My beautician once was out on maternity leave so I wore weave in order to keep from having unfamilar hands touch my hair. I once got it because I was on a very rigorous workout regimene and sweating and pressing my hair out everyday was not good for it. My sister got weave because she was going to Mexico and wanted to swim everyday and not worry about humidity or pressing her hair out.

3. Weave Doesn't Have to be Long:

There are girls who don't want to cut their real hair into edgy trendy cuts that take too long to grow out so they get a weave and then have it cut...once again it was worn for non permanent results.

I say this to say, I am slightly offended that black women are the only one's who are asked if their hair is real. If the same woman you asked that question to was a Latina would you have asked her that? Do men not realize there are black women with long beautiful hair that is ALL theirs and they are not even "mixed" with anything? There is a unecessary stigma towards black women for wearing weave when in fact ALL women of ALL ethnicities wear weave and weave is worn for a variety of reasons.

In addition, some of the celebrities that you think are "bad" who wear weave where styles of it that you would frown upon if they were worn on regular women (i.e. Nicki Minaji pink hair, Rihanna's red hair, Tyra and Beyonce's lacefronts<---unless you can buy their $3000 lace fronts we also think lace fronts are whack...they rarely look natural)

In conclusion, hair weave is not bad, a sign a girl is bald, or only worn by black women.

What Bothers You About Hair Weave?
That it's fake period.point.blank
If it looks doesn't look natural or looks ghetto
Women wear it for no reason
It doesn't bother me as long as it looks nice
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The N-word Debate

In light of the whole Huckleberry Finn fiasco...we decided to do a post on the n-word. When we say the n-word we are talking about "nigga" without the -er as we feel it is not up for discussion whether or not the word "nigger" (in the most derogatory sense) should be used. The discussion today is when is it appropriate to use the word "nigga" and who is has the right to use the word?

"Nigga" is a variation of the derogatory word "nigger" and has been made into a term of endearment, a greeting, or a description of the male members of the African American community.


"Whaddup nigga?"<----friendly greeting
"These niggas are trippin."<---descriptor for male members of the African American community

1. There is a Time and Place for Everything:

Like most African Americans, we here at Y SUGARCOAT? are guilty of using the word "nigga". However, we feel there is a time and place for using it. In private discussions or discussions involving an all black audience is the only time it is appropriate to use the word "nigga". Although as African American we have the right to use the word, it makes others who are not members of the African American community uncomfortable, supports stereotypical ideas, and confuses them on whether or not the word is appropriate for them to use.

Example of Inappropriate Usage at Inappropriate Time:

Scene 1: Elevator is crowded with a mixed racial audience. African American woman is chatting loudly on her phone. "I told that nigga to get out of my house!" she exclaims loudly. Members of other races shift uneasily as the word pierces the air. I silently shrink into the corner so that I am not associated with this woman.....INAPPROPRIATE

Example of Appropriate Usage:

Scene 2: T$ and Ray Ray are sitting at a secluded table of a restaurant talking over lunch. They begin discussing the Steve Harvey book. "I think that Steve Harvey is assuming that women can use his book as a guide when they are dating men, but what he fails to realize is that some of these women are dating niggas."....APPROPRIATE (both parties in the conversation are African American and the usage of the word was inaudible to others)

2. If You Aren't Black There is No Such Thing as a "Pass":

Being married to a black person, having half black children, having mostly black friends, being an African American studies major, or rapping along to a rap song that uses the words (in the presence of blacks...we don't know what you are doing when you're alone) DOES NOT give you a right to use the word. It honestly does not matter how "down" with the black community you are you ARE NOT entitled to use the word period. point. blank. Please do not get confused. All the above examples DO NOT make you a member of the African American culture.

If you are mixed, then you may use the word as you are half black.

If you are ANY OTHER MINORITY OTHER THAN BLACK you may NOT use the word.

...I'm sorry I just can't see myself loose at the mouth thinking that just because I hung out with a majority of Mexicans, had a half Mexican child, studied extensively what happened at the Alamo, or listened to a lot of salsa and meringue music that I am entitled to use the term "essay" or any other phrase that is used and reserved specifically for the members of that community as I would not want it to come off as derogatory and it is inappropriate for me to use. Which brings me to the question why do member of the African American community allow members of other races to use the word?

We will discuss this in further detail Tuesday January 11th at 8pm eastern on our radio show http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ysugarcoat

When is it Appropriate to Use the Word "Nigga"?
No, it's never appropriate to use. No one should EVER use it
Yes, only by blacks around other blacks
Not sure
Yes, anyone should be able to use it that is down with or respects the black community
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Friday, January 7, 2011

13 Celebrities that Should Sit Down in 2011

Let's face it...her whole career can be summed up in about 3 hits. She needs to give it up and become a dancer, choreographer, or personal trainer considering she's one bicep curl away from being a thin muscular man.
Vivia Fox & Slimm
I mean come on Vivica...you should sit down in 2011 before this gets even more embarrassing than the 50 cent thing and your botched plastic surgery. At the tender age of 45 you are straight fucking up home girl. Big ups to Slimm though...he definitely pulled the wool over your eyes and is about to be going straight to the bank shortly since we hear there will be no prenup on deck!
The WHOLE Kardashian Family
Every member of the family has their own T.V. show, they are spokes persons for everything, and they even have their own Kardashian visa card....problem is...no one except those married into the family have talent. The only thing Kris does is be the world's greatest pimp by making a dynasty out of her daughters and marrying them off to the richest men she can find and the only thing Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe do is keep a gang of weave in their hair, ass injections, and just enough exotic appeal to be important to every man in the black community.

Waka Flocka Flame
Can we consider you a rapper? All he does is yell his name, have automatic assault riffles go off in the back of every song, and say Pow or Bow. Not to mention how he embarrassed himself by going on 106 & Park and saying he was going back to school to major in geometry. Sit your retarded overly tatted ass down.

Jazmine Sullivan

So at first we liked her....that is until she started making statements that she needed to take a break from music. What?! You have like 4 songs out that people know...Beyonce took a 6 month break in her WHOLE career which is phenomenal and you already tired? Sounds a little hiotty tiotty to me...get over yourself. Just sit down for 2011...maybe permanently since you aren't hungry enough.


We know, we know...some of you will say "awww that's mean" but lets be honest...what other roles could a girl as fat and unattractive as her get in Hollywood? She will always be type casted. Might as well sit down in 2011 and do the Jenny Craig thing to reinvent yourself.

Ray J

If this fool makes another "One Wish" related song....yeah just sit the fuck down!

Amber Rose

Although she is gorgeous, she has been known to have a nasty attitude (Running Russell Simons) and now that Kanye is no longer showing her off she is jumping from actor to athlete and showing little signs of having any talent. She is flirting with being placed in the bopper/groupie/professional leg spreader category.

Dirty Money

Face it, Diddy has been whack and has never been a lyricist. We all know that he has ruined the careers of many. In addition, the other girl is hit in the face and looks old enough to be Dawn's mom. Just GTF in 2011.

Lil Kim

You may be the Queen Bee but you need to put your money where your mouth is and drop and album. It's sad when the only publicity you get is from hating...essentially using another woman's success to be known. Every other day you are doing an interview or a diss track. Get it together or sit down in 2011.

Antione Dodson

It's a rags to riches story that made many of us laugh...but seriously all these remixes and part 2 songs...no one gives a fuck anymore. Sorry. *kanye shrug*

Real Housewives of Atlanta and New Jersey

We all know the only ones who are really balling are New York and Beverly Hills. Jersey keeps up the same stupid catty Danielle drama and Atlanta keeps trying to make their middle class status seem upper class. Both parties...sit down in 2011. Fire both cast and get two new ones already...sheesh....we also want to throw the Basketball Wives in there...we just don't care enough to find a picture...they are that irrelevant and childish.

Kat Stacks

How did she even get popular? She looks like a nutra rat you could find in a New Orleans canal and she messes with Z, sub column c, roman numeral under that sub column III list celebrities. We were personally pissed when she was running around Atlanta making this her second hometown. Good luck being locked up...hope your "stacks" can get you out Kat...LMAO

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lil' Wayne and the Chocolate Factory

It was the lyric heard around the world "Beautiful Black woman, I bet that bitch look better red."....

...and just like that Lil' Wayne crushed the hearts of many of his darker skinned female fans and disgusted others. It was made worse when reports surfaced recently that a dark skinned female fan/groupie was turned away from Lil Wayne's hotel room for being too dark and in addition when she retorted that he had a darker skinned daughter he told her:

"the difference between you and my daughter is she is a dark skinned millionaire. She is the last dark baby I'll have. All my other baby moms are light...I even got an Asian one."

However, Lil' Wayne is not the first rapper to openly state his preference for light skinned women. Many other rappers state their preference in for lighter women loud and proud (Yung Berg anyone?) in lyrics and by flaunting videos with all caramel complected cast of women or lighter. So why is this one such a "low blow?" Color preferences seem to exist in all societies that have been influenced, cultivated, or enslaved by European countries. It is a slave mentality. A brainwashing mechanism used to establish a control system in an ancient time. Sadly, the only way to reverse this widespread color struck mentallity would be to go back in a time machine and reverse slavery.

While Lil' Wayne's color preference is ignorant and he no doubt probably has no clue where it comes from, it is his preference. On many blogs and articles people have been in an uproar on either side. One thing that stuck out to me was the argument "Why does it matter? It's his preference just like a woman says she wants a man with a job, a 6 pack, and who is tall." I guess my response to that argument is that those preferences have nothing to do with a slavery based mentality used to degrade and control a whole group of people.

However, the REAL issue is the following, why do some of these women of quality care what kind of woman Lil' Wayne would date or fuck? If you are an educated woman of status or quality you should not want to be a woman Lil' Wayne would date, fuck, or impregnate period.point.blank. Although he is a musical genius by many definitions and insanely wealthy he should not be dating or fucking material to many of the women outraged by his comments/preference. Nor should someone who has ridiculous ideals like that make or break your self confidence or be appealing to you anyway. Seriously if a regular man from the hood who looked, acted, and thought just like Lil' Wayne approached you on the Marta and had this preference would you care and better yet would you holla back at him?

We all know there are dark skinned women who are undeniably gorgeous and don't "look better red". For example, tell me Naomi Campbell is ugly...yeah didn't think so.

In addition, it is time we start paying more attention to better role models for our society. Many of you have heard the story about what Lil' Wayne said to the dark skinned girl but you don't know the latest thing the President has said or did which directly effects our lives whether you like him or not. Maybe you should focus more on what a better man or man of quality thinks. Bottom-line is ideals of the village idiot should not be something taken too seriously or ones that self esteem should be built off of. Get your panties and boxers out of a wad and move forward. We know what Wayne said is ridiculous...but it's his preference...no matter how misconstrued it may be.

Is Lil' Wayne Outta Line for Stating His Preference?
Who Cares...we all know that is stupid anyways
pollcode.com free polls
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Audio Feed From the 1/4/2011 Show!!

Happy New Years! Thanks again to all our upporters, bloggers, and listeners...we couldn't do it without you...listen to another successful show. Real talk. Straight up. No Chaser.

As always hit us up on this blog, the chat in the show or email us at ysugarcoat@gmail.com

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Y SUGARCOAT? Dictionary: Define Groupie

Groupie: a person who chases after someone of status in hopes of receiving their acknowledgement in order to validate themselves as an important person.

This is yet another term thrown around loosely in today’s society. Please note that both MEN and WOMEN can be groupies. Please also be advised that if you are not famous, rich, or do not have serious status, than YOU DO NOT HAVE GROUPIES and must stop using this terminology. A groupie and a golddiger can be very close to being the same thing however they are not synonymous because the groupie is a groupie for self validation…he or she feels the most important in the presence of someone with money, fame, or power and they will do this at all cost...even their self dignity.

Example 1:

A groupie is the woman who stares longingly into the VIP while sipping on water and dancing so the crotch of her panties shows in hopes that the man she is seeking will allow her entrance into her version of heaven on earth the VIP lounge with him playing the role as her version of the closest thing to God on earth. She wants to be there because she wants to be snapped in pictures with the celebrity man of status and placed on blogs with captions under that picture that read “who is that girl so in so was with last night?” She will than call all her friends and family and tell them to go to the blog webpage to check out her picture with (fill in the blank with your favorite actor, athlete, singer, rapper) as if she is forwarding them to an article about her in TIME magazine praising her for finding a cure for cancer. Only job requirement: No self respect.

Example 2:

Please refer back up to Example 1 just replace “she” with “he” eliminate the part about dancing with panties out and add a part about waiting hand and foot on the celebrity woman never making himself “her man” but more so her bitch. Also add a part about him flooding his Facebook and Twitter with mentions of her name and telling all the guys in the barbershop about his "girlfriend" making sure to never refer to her as such but refer to her by her full name in case someone does not who is talking about. They must understand he is “dating” the one and only (fill in the blank with your favorite actress, singer, female rapper, female athlete). Only job requirement: No self respect.

Example 3:

A groupie is the man who is part of the entourage who has the specific duty of rolling weed, ironing clothes, making drinks, holding money, picking up girls by using the celebrity's name (essentially using another man’s dick to pick up women), going on food runs, and basically performing all duties a personal assistant would perform without getting paid. Their payment is simply being able to say they are (insert name of your favorite rapper, singer, actor, athlete)’s homeboy. They also serve as the celebrities “yes” person…they are under no circumstances to perform the duties of a real friend by telling the celebrity that they are doing wrong for fear that they will get cut off from being the “help.” Only job requirement: No self respect.

Example 4:

Please refer back up to Example 3 just remove “he” with “she” eliminate the part about picking up girls and add a part about carrying purses, picking up clothes from designers, being the ugly girl in the picture so that (fill in the blank with your favorite actress, singer, female rapper, female athlete) looks even prettier, and of course swatting away paparazzi, and getting into fights at the club for the starlet so that the starlet does not mess up her good girl image. Once again, only job requirement: No Self Respect.

If none of the above examples fit people in your life than you DO NOT have groupies. If any of the above example pertain to you than YOU ARE A GROUPIE. Accept it and do what you will with it. *Kanye Shrug*
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Monday, January 3, 2011

Social Networking Your Relationship & the Psychotic

It's 2011 and our lives are filled with different technology. The rise of the smart phone has made everything in our lives accessible to us at all times which means a big part of our daily lives includes social networking. Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and if you're a lame MySpace. So how does social networking fit into the modern day relationship? How do you know if you are participating in activities on social networking sites that are harming your relationship? Keep in mind that


1. Following or Befriending Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend on Twitter/Facebook:

The most stable individual will succumb to urges to low key cyber stalk their significant other. There is nothing wrong with glancing from at their twitter page or facebook from time to time to see that all is well. However do not befriend your significant other on facebook or follow them on twitter if you feel the need to constantly check their account, constantly question who is writing on your boos wall or status, try to hack it, or do some of the following that can prove to be detrimental to your relationship:

Blow Up Their Spot:

It's just not cute that you feel that you need to make your presence known on your significant others facebook page. You do not need to comment on every status update, picture, post, or have at least 3 spots on their wall at all times with things like "Baby, I love you so much and I had so much fun the other night." Save that for a text message. Since you all are in a relationship, you probably see and talk to that person frequently so their is no reason to make a enormous public display on their facebook to let people know "who you are". Analyze why you are doing this, because 9 times out of 10 it is insecurity. You want to establish your presence in their life to everyone so that girls/guys know your significant other is "off limits". If you feel the need to do this you are what we here at Y SUGARCOAT? call a stage 5 clinger (psycho).

You also do not need to make everyones timeline on twitter look like they downloaded a copy of your text message blocks from your phone to your significant other. People follow person on twitter who are interesting and post thought provoking or funny tweets. More than likely they did not follow you to become a member of your own personal version of The Notebook or some other romantic movie. Once again why are you doing this? Just call your significant other and tell them to come over if you want to get all romantic. Their are other ways to express your love and believe me publicly is not it (ask Beyonce and Jay-Z).

Doing these things allows too much of the world outside access to your relationship. It also makes haters and the scandalous want to "try" your significant other as a challenge just to see if they can ruin your shit.

2. The Relationship Status:

Your relationship status should reflect what you and your significant other feel comfortable with. If your significant other wants you to put up "In a Relationship" or remove "Single" or put "In a Relationship with (fill in the blank)" you should adjust your status to reflect their wants. At the end of the day it's just social networking...it's not that serious. Relationships are already hard enough and in relationships you must pick and choose your battles and a measly status is not a battle in the "war".

"It's Complicated"

However do not put up "It's Complicated."...sigh...don't do it kids. Facebook should change the "It's Complicated" status to "My Ex Still Gets This" or "We Got Issues." There is no such thing as "It's Complicated." You are either in a monogamous relationship with someone or you are not. If things are weird between you two do not invite the outside world into your personal life for judgment or drama. You are better off having no relationship status up. By putting up "It's Complicated" you are hypothetically walking into the store, asking the sales associate what aisle they keep drama on, and buying 2 bags of drama and paying for it in cash just like you would your virgin Indian remy hair weave. You are inviting drama into your life with that status and you deserve any bit of drama that comes in association with a status of this nature.

*Kanye Shrug*

So in conclusion decide what is best for your relationship when interacting on social networking sites, analyze if you have insecurities or trust issues, and most imporantly make sure that you are keeping something a sacred and intimate as a relationship as private as it needs to be because it is for you and your significant other and not the whole world. You can't put your own business in the street and demand privacy or that others keep their eyes away from it.

Does Social Networking Ruin Relationships?
Yes is you are up to no good
No it's the psycho who ruin their own relationships

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