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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Loser of the Month

This will be a new segment incorporated into our show once a month...since we aren't having a show tonight here it is in a blog post. If you have anyone you would like to submit for "Loser of the Month" send the story to ysugarcoat@gmail.com. We will keep the names of everyone involved anonymous. Without further ado here it is:

I walk into the lounge with Ray Ray to attend the birthday party of two good friends of ours. As we get settled in the section an attractive guy walks in. I whisper to Ray Ray "hey he looks familiar...kinda fine on the slick too" to which Ray Ray responded "yeah he's cute...he used to play flag football with us a couple of times. You should bag that." I decided to go for it.

For the remainder of the night we exchanged glances, flirted, and I did my T$ deal (my routine of how I attract men...every woman has a way she attracts men) and low and behold he ask if he could sit next to me. We talk for sometime about flag football, I tell him about our blog and radio show and he smoothly gets my number by asking me to text him the links for our blog and radio show. I text him the information tell him I'm leaving and me and Ray hit the door around 1:30am. Mission accomplished...so I thought...and then the text starting coming...

Ol' Dude: "btw you're a cutie and did you make it home safe?" (2:00am)

Me: "yes I did thanks love" (2:05am)

Ol' Dude: "send me a picture" (we can now tell this is going downhill) (2:07am)

Me: "I don't have pictures on my phone, hit up my facebook." (2:08am)

Ol' Dude: "WOOOOOOOW!" (2:10am)

Me: "wow what? lol" (2:10am)

Ol' Dude: "I could show you some things." (2:12am)

Me: "wait huh? like what?" (2:15am)

At 2:20am I get a picture of ol dude sitting in a chair, legs sprawled open, naked, dick cocked to the side, him gazing away into the distance....WTF?!?!?!?!

Now why on earth would a guy who barely knows me send me a naked picture?! Was I supposed to believe he took that picture solely for me as he is clearly sitting in party where he is texting me more than likely from since I only left 30 mins prior? WTF was my response supposed to be? I mean honestly how was this thing playing out in his head? Was he supposed to send the picture and I was supposed to sluttly reply "Can I suck it?" Even worse...I tell you I run a blog and host a radio show with my best friend, we also have mutual friends, you would think that would be enough for him to refrain from sending me nude pictures unwarranted right? Nope...his dumb ass thought this would be a panty dropper or some shit.

Naturally...being the fire tempered woman I am I texted him back the following:

"I am pretty concerned with the fact that you pass out naked pictures to women you don't know like passing out candy at a parade. Furthermore I am even more offended you'd think that I was that type of woman or that I would be excited by that in anyway."

Naturally he apologized. I never responded. At least I'm not scandalous because if I was his name and picture would be up on this post right now. Sadly, I came to the conclusion this was done because this method has worked for him in the past and if it worked for him in the past that is because these bitches be losing in life which makes it harder on the next woman. I have cut off plenty of men before in my lifetime, but I've never cut a guy off in 30 minutes before. Must be a new record...smh


  1. This story can't be real. I won't believe there are people in the world this wack

  2. I almost choked on this beer reading this. No swag at all

  3. LAME and DESPERATE. Give somebody a warning before or somethin, DAMN!


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