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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Why Most Womens Bras and Panties Don't Match Daily

So today on twitter I see the following tweet:

"@bereolaesque: If her bra & panties match, you got yourself a catch..."

....Um sorry buddy but this is NOT necessarily true. I decided to give a break down and educate men why on a DAILY basis most women's undergarments do not match.

1. 5 for $25 Panties Just Make Sense:

Most women buy the panties that they wear daily in a sort of 5 for $25 type fashion because it is financially responsible, panties that are 5 for $25 are usually a cute cotton (which is good for the cooch), and we have factors such as periods that can often creep up on us and destroy panties. Therefore investing in a bunch of frilly sexy lacy thongs or panties would be financially irresponsible and if that is all the young lady owns 9xs out of 10 her cooch is on waka flocka flames status because we actually need cotton panties to help keep the ecosystem of our vaginas together.

2. Good Bras are NOT cheap:

If the woman has larger breast she must invest in great bras to prevent sagging at an early age as large breast are heavy and mess with the elasticity of the skin which holds them up and makes them perky. At Victoria Secret, the bra price goes up with cup size. I wear a DD therefore my PLAIN bras (the frilly ones that would go with a set are usually more money) are usually $50 a piece. Can you honestly imagine my attempting to buy a bunch of bras in a bunch of colors to match my 5 for $25 panties at that price?! GTFOH...not going to happen. I personally have found that most of my panties and bras are all black because black matches under 90% of the things I wear....this is the ONLY reason mine match.

3. Why Does A Woman Have Sets?:

Most women have cute sets in order to show them off to someone. Occasionally we will buy a set just because it's cute but most of the time they are bought to show to someone. If you are dating/having sex with a woman and EVERY SINGLE TIME you UNEXPECTEDLY attempt to have sex with her and you pull off her clothes to find a perfectly matching lace set, it can be assumed that either she is filthy rich (and probably suffers from chronic yeast infections if they are always lace/thongs) or she has a lot of sets to show to a lot of men....*kanye shrug* I'm just saying....

In conclusion, it can be stated that a woman not having matching bras and panties is NOT a bad thing, just as long as her panties don't have holes, period stains, a lot of wear and tear in them she is probably good with her hygiene and still a quality woman.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Lil' Kim vs Nicki Minaj: What's Beef?

I have always wondered why Lil' Kim goes IN on blogs and interviews about Nicki Minaj instead of hitting the studio to drop some hot singles to reestablish her own relevancy. It can be argued whether Nicki Minaj's success is because she is actually talented or if it is because she's the only female in the game currently. Either way I respect her for holding down the rap game as the only female in it right now.

Here is Lil Kim's latest...she finally put her money where her mouth is and dropped a track in response to her anger towards Nicki. What do you think?

Lil' Kim is...
Just hating...she fell off the map now she's jealous of Nicki
Right! Nicki needs to pay homage to the Queen Bee
Trippin...sit your old ass down!
STILL the baddest female in the game
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The "Ass" In Mainstream Hollywood

It's not a secret...Black women have had asses for years and Black men love them. Latin men have always loved women with a little more thickness to her. However in mainstream Hollywood thickness was NOT acceptable. Starlets killed themselves to be a size 0 because the new size 3 is the 0. Just a few years ago Beyonce was always stated as being "voluptuous" and "curvy" (now she is not stick and bones but I would not characterize her as being super thick with it....def got a bad body though!), and urban models could never cross over as being "real" Hollywood celebrities...

...and then Kim Kardashian came along...

It is up for discussion if her ass is indeed real of fake but she came along with an ass and just enough "safe" ethnicity (she is not a Black woman and she is not a white woman either but we use to term "safe" to mean she could "cross over")to get into mainstream Hollywood and ironically the asses that Black women have always had and Latin men have always adored became "fashionable" and acceptable.

Low and behold a revolution! White girls and Asians are now sporting 40" asses, ET news and popular newsstand magazines are now stating that Kim Kardashian has a "great" ass. Different words are used to describe women with asses...they are no longer "plus sized". Even Amber Rose has a shot to become legitimate! She is now a Ford model! Just years ago she would NEVER been signed by anything other than a urban modeling agency with all that thickness...she would have been considered "plus sized" if she was even allowed her foot in the door to Ford.

It's safe to say that Kim Kardashian had nothing brand new that Black and Latin women have been having for years...but it appears she made it acceptable to have an ass in mainstream Hollywood by being a "safe" enough ethnicity to "cross over"...*kanye shrug* what do yall think?

Did Kim Kardashian Make the "Ass" Acceptable in Mainstream Hollywood?
I'm Not Sure
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Is 3 a Crowd?: The Threesome Debate

Would you date a woman who has had a threesome or is into them?
Yes...we can add a girl to the bedroom!
Yes...if it's in her past
Hell naw! That's not wifey material
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Maybe You Want a Gold Digger?

reposted from a popular facebook note by T$:

Okay, in once again having a discussion with one of my male friends, I came to the conclusion that most of the men who complain that all women are gold diggers in fact get gold diggers because of how they present themselves...I will show you what I mean by applying examples of things that have happened to me...

The Guy Who Volunteers Too Much Info

I have often been in a club and encountered a guy who without me asking volunteers all kinds of information about how breaded he is short of giving me his fucking W2.

Example 1:
For instance, I may ask "where do you stay?" and he will respond "in a condo overlooking the city on the 22nd floor on peachtree" ....that response right there was not needed...all you had to say was "I live off peachtree" but you needed to tell me which floor your "condo overlooking the city" was on so that I would know you were breaded....PATHETIC!

Example 2:
I may ask a man "what do you do?" Instead of saying "I work at a marketing firm." he will respond "I work at a marketing firm and I handle big artist, but lately these hip hop and rap artist budget has been less that $400,000 dollars to work with which is bothering me."...nigga did I ask all of that?!?!?

and so on and so forth they volunteer info about their car, their income, etc without me even asking....so then if I was interested (which I am not because I don't like when men go out of their way to buy bitches) and I turned out to be a gold digger you wanna get mad nigga?!?!? Naw, cuzzo you did that to yourself! So please don't bitch and complain about how women are all gold diggers when you do outrageous shit like that!

The Man Who Wants to Take You Shopping

Keri Hilson could not have said it better "now wait a minute lil' busta now you don't even know me but you wanna take me shopping you a lame I can tell their ain't big shit poppin you turnin' me off"---Keri Hilson

SOOOOO many times I have had men offer to "take care of me" or take me shopping. YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ME BITCH!!! Now why on earth would you do that? Now let's say I took you up on these offers and that's all I was about because I was a gold digger once again you would get mad and go "all these women are gold diggers"

The Man Who Stunts WAY Too Hard

Then we got assholes who make it rain in the club and wear so much jewelry that hell is begining to freeze over and must rap the lyrics to any song the DJ plays that refers to getting money all fucking night. WHACK WHACK WHACK

Once again you can catch this dude, after he has sent 3 bottles of Rose Moet to an uninterested female who does not end up going home with him that night reciting the famous line "all these females be gold diggin."

In conclusion, some of yall have got to do better! You just really want a gold digger so you should not be mad that you got one and got used. The type of women you want are women who are impressed with your financial success and not actually your personality. Be original! Be witty, funny, intelligent...all these qualities will get you a REAL WOMAN. Instead don't set yourself up to get used...ss a matter of fact while you were getting used you loved it...it's when it didn't work out to your advantage (i.e. the girl didn't come home with you/want to be wifed by you/used you for your money and had a man) that you get mad and throw around the term gold digger...how fucking whack....
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Husband Material?

I am 24 year old male and I am engaged to the girl of my dreams! However lately as we have started talking about setting a date I have had the urge to cheat to get things "out of my system" I know this is wrong, but I feel like if I get all of my sexual fantasies as well as heterosexual male tendencies out of my system before I get married I could remain faithful to my wife. I even went over to a girl's home with the intent to have sex with her but did not go through with it...does this mean I am cured of wanting to cheat? I am also very religious so I do plan to pray on it as well. Do you think I should get married with these type of desires? Is this normal? Should I tell my fiancee? Help...this may seem like a crazy question but I do need your help.


Husband Material

Firstly, I am not going to say you are too young to get married because that is not necessarily true and I do not know the timeline or dynamic of your relationship. However some things are that are concerning me with your dilemma. We are all human and whether you are married or in a relationship other people are going to be sexual attractive in your eyes. Being committed does not make others less physically attractive to you however it is a problem when you act on this attraction. The fact that you are visiting women with the intent to cheat alone speaks volumes of why you need to analyze if you are prepared or not to get married. I suggest a few things:

1. Sit with yourself and analyze all the reasons you are getting married to your fiancee. The make a list of all the reasons you want to cheat...you may find out that the reasons you want to cheat are petty and foolish in comparison to the reasons you want to marry your fiancee and that the reasons you want to cheat may even be something you and your partner can work on together.

2. If your fiancee is not doing something in the bedroom that is making you want to cheat or personally to you that makes you want to cheat than you should sit down with her and express the things that you like in bed or that you wish she would do or do more often.

3. Ask for some advice from an older gentleman that you trust who is married and has been faithful. Ask him how he has coped with desires to cheat on his wife and what made him think otherwise. Often times we take advice from people who are not and have never been in situations like us or who are on the same path at us at the same time. You wouldn't ask some random classmate to teach you a lesson in a biochemistry class who was learning the material at the same time as you, neither should you here in this case...you'd be better off asking the teacher who is the expert.

Bottomline is a piece of ass is not worth losing the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with over. Standing in front of all of your friends and family and most importantly God and promising that you will be faithful to someone for life is nothing to be taken lightly either. Continue to pray as well....but as of now I'm not too sure we should say you are "husband material"

Good Luck,


as always hit us up at YSUGARCOAT@gmail.com to leave questions you want answered or need some real ass advice on.
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Stay Tuned!

We are getting a radio show....more details soon to come!
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