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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Maybe You Want a Gold Digger?

reposted from a popular facebook note by T$:

Okay, in once again having a discussion with one of my male friends, I came to the conclusion that most of the men who complain that all women are gold diggers in fact get gold diggers because of how they present themselves...I will show you what I mean by applying examples of things that have happened to me...

The Guy Who Volunteers Too Much Info

I have often been in a club and encountered a guy who without me asking volunteers all kinds of information about how breaded he is short of giving me his fucking W2.

Example 1:
For instance, I may ask "where do you stay?" and he will respond "in a condo overlooking the city on the 22nd floor on peachtree" ....that response right there was not needed...all you had to say was "I live off peachtree" but you needed to tell me which floor your "condo overlooking the city" was on so that I would know you were breaded....PATHETIC!

Example 2:
I may ask a man "what do you do?" Instead of saying "I work at a marketing firm." he will respond "I work at a marketing firm and I handle big artist, but lately these hip hop and rap artist budget has been less that $400,000 dollars to work with which is bothering me."...nigga did I ask all of that?!?!?

and so on and so forth they volunteer info about their car, their income, etc without me even asking....so then if I was interested (which I am not because I don't like when men go out of their way to buy bitches) and I turned out to be a gold digger you wanna get mad nigga?!?!? Naw, cuzzo you did that to yourself! So please don't bitch and complain about how women are all gold diggers when you do outrageous shit like that!

The Man Who Wants to Take You Shopping

Keri Hilson could not have said it better "now wait a minute lil' busta now you don't even know me but you wanna take me shopping you a lame I can tell their ain't big shit poppin you turnin' me off"---Keri Hilson

SOOOOO many times I have had men offer to "take care of me" or take me shopping. YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ME BITCH!!! Now why on earth would you do that? Now let's say I took you up on these offers and that's all I was about because I was a gold digger once again you would get mad and go "all these women are gold diggers"

The Man Who Stunts WAY Too Hard

Then we got assholes who make it rain in the club and wear so much jewelry that hell is begining to freeze over and must rap the lyrics to any song the DJ plays that refers to getting money all fucking night. WHACK WHACK WHACK

Once again you can catch this dude, after he has sent 3 bottles of Rose Moet to an uninterested female who does not end up going home with him that night reciting the famous line "all these females be gold diggin."

In conclusion, some of yall have got to do better! You just really want a gold digger so you should not be mad that you got one and got used. The type of women you want are women who are impressed with your financial success and not actually your personality. Be original! Be witty, funny, intelligent...all these qualities will get you a REAL WOMAN. Instead don't set yourself up to get used...ss a matter of fact while you were getting used you loved it...it's when it didn't work out to your advantage (i.e. the girl didn't come home with you/want to be wifed by you/used you for your money and had a man) that you get mad and throw around the term gold digger...how fucking whack....

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