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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Does the Ring Mean a Thing?

In browsing my timeline on twitter I came across a friend's tweet that read

"@JMyers1911: Ok Ladies, if your man proposed and u later found out ur enagement ring cost $2500 would you be mad? Yes or no? Y? RT"

It made us start thinking...how much should an engagement ring cost? Does the cost of the ring matter? Now we are not trying to say be ghetto and get a million dollar ring on a 50 cent budget, but we are trying to say it is in your best interest to get the woman of your dreams a ring in your budget and that you can do so without buying her a dandruff speck diamond...no one wants to show off a dandruff speck diamond. However, at the same time, getting caught up in carats when you don't have the funds could be ill advised as money can be used for more practical uses like a down payment on a house.

1. Get Something You Can Afford:

The old rule of thumb is that the ring should be 3 months salary...a hefty price, but with saving to produce a good down payment you can get a payment plan with a low interest rate. A ring should not have you spending your life savings or whole yearly salary. The woman you love will be able to understand that...she should not expect at $13,000 ring knowing that you make $25,000 a year.

Food for Thought:

1/4 carat or less diamond=$125 to $500 set in 14 carat gold
1/3 to 1/2 carat diamond= $750 to $1,000 set in 18 carat gold or platinum, possibly more if ASG/GIA certified
Diamonds 3/4 carat, or smaller ASG/GIA certified stones= $1,000-$2,000
Diamonds up to 1 carat= $2,000 to $3,500, set in 14 carat gold
High quality 1 carat diamond= $4,000 or more, set in 18 carat gold or platinum

2. Don't Be a Cheap Skate:

If you all are traditional in the sense of who is paying for the wedding, keep in mind her/her father/her family is coughing up about $20,000+ for the wedding no matter what her salary is. An average wedding in the United States cost $24,066. So you should be able to shell out something nice for a ring.

3. Cut Cost:

If your pockets aren't lined with velvet and silver don't feel required to get a name brand ring from Cartier or Tiffany's. A diamond is a diamond period.point.blank. If you can cut cost of the diamond or get more diamond for the price somewhere else then do that! As stated before, the woman you love will understand you can't get her the 4 carat Cartier diamond ring on a teachers salary. You can cut cost by doing the following:

A. The Islands: You can get diamonds for cheap in the islands. Just ask anyone who has gone on a cruise. Get a nice sized cheap diamond over there and get it set over here.

B. Heirlooms: Perhaps you have a deceased relative or family heirloom that has diamonds in it...take those diamonds and have them set in a ring.

C. Costco or JcPenney: These may not be places where you think of getting quality diamond rings but they often times sell gorgeous diamond rings for less.

4. Be Honest:

At the end of the day you are attempting to marry a woman who you want to spend the rest of your life with and that is a very big honor for any woman. If you still want to marry her and your finances are not up to par to get a ring be honest with her. Hell, maybe she would be cool with a cubic zirconium for the first few years of your marriage and then you all could upgrade to the real deal diamond...no one but you and her would have to know right?

How much do you all feel someone should spend on your engagement ring? Would you opt for something that was not a diamond to be with the man you love? Is there a minimum a guy should spend on an engagement ring? Let us know!

Ladies How Much to You Care About Your Ring?
A lot! I have to show it off to people
Not at all...I just want to marry the man of my dreams!
Equally, I see the ring as a sign of dedication but I also want to marry him
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  1. I honestly never though of the cost of the ring in relation to the cost of the ceremony. Good point!

  2. It's a certain symbol of the love between the couple, therefore, for some people it means a lot, while for others it don't mean anything at all.


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