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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's Your Number?

Let's face it...now days it's not cute for anyone to be a hoe...male or female. STD's know no sex, race, or socioeconomic class. We are aware there are double standards in society regarding the amount of people men and women are socially accepted to have sex with. When we came across this movie trailer we thought to ourselves "what a thought provoking post?":

As stated in this movie trailer
In America, 96% of women who have had 20 or more partners can't find a husband.

Is the obsession with the number archaic in today's hyper sexualized society? Are the reasons a woman with a lot of sexual partners can not find a husband more personal than anything?...maybe it's because she requires more in bed because of her experience? We know that everyone has a sexual history but women just are not allowed to talk about or express theirs which is part of the reason every girl a guy as "how many guys have you had sex with?" responds with the same number....3.

We at Y SUGARCOAT? firmly believe that while numbers can matter it is more the context of the sex had than the number. A woman who gets a train ran on her is a hoe, a woman who lets a man ejaculate on her face after knowing him for 1 night is a hoe, but just because a woman has had sex with more than 3 people in her life that does not make her a hoe. As Maya Angelou stated
"Most plain girls are virtuous because of the scarcity of opportunity to be otherwise."
Let's face it, a lot of attractive women get hit on by a lot of men so they have more opportunities to date and with dating often times comes sex. In addition, is the number of sexual partners someone had really something that is another person's business or should be discussed between people who are dating?

Is too much emphasis put on the number of sexual partners a woman has in our society? Does the emphasis on numbers correlate or work with how sexually liberated today's society is? Is the context of the sex more important to you than the number of partners? At what point is does the number of partners overshadow everything else?

Let us know!

Does the number of sexual partners a woman has had matter?
To some degree...depends on context of the sex or other factors
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  1. LOVE that Maya Angelou quote ladies!

  2. The reason they can't find a husband isn't because voodoo magic occurs at their twentieth partner, it has to do with the type of person and personality one has to get to that number to begin with

  3. Thanks for sharing your personal opinion pertaining this unusual matter. Honestly speaking, I would be glad to hear more opinions regarding this topic.


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