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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The "Ass" In Mainstream Hollywood

It's not a secret...Black women have had asses for years and Black men love them. Latin men have always loved women with a little more thickness to her. However in mainstream Hollywood thickness was NOT acceptable. Starlets killed themselves to be a size 0 because the new size 3 is the 0. Just a few years ago Beyonce was always stated as being "voluptuous" and "curvy" (now she is not stick and bones but I would not characterize her as being super thick with it....def got a bad body though!), and urban models could never cross over as being "real" Hollywood celebrities...

...and then Kim Kardashian came along...

It is up for discussion if her ass is indeed real of fake but she came along with an ass and just enough "safe" ethnicity (she is not a Black woman and she is not a white woman either but we use to term "safe" to mean she could "cross over")to get into mainstream Hollywood and ironically the asses that Black women have always had and Latin men have always adored became "fashionable" and acceptable.

Low and behold a revolution! White girls and Asians are now sporting 40" asses, ET news and popular newsstand magazines are now stating that Kim Kardashian has a "great" ass. Different words are used to describe women with asses...they are no longer "plus sized". Even Amber Rose has a shot to become legitimate! She is now a Ford model! Just years ago she would NEVER been signed by anything other than a urban modeling agency with all that thickness...she would have been considered "plus sized" if she was even allowed her foot in the door to Ford.

It's safe to say that Kim Kardashian had nothing brand new that Black and Latin women have been having for years...but it appears she made it acceptable to have an ass in mainstream Hollywood by being a "safe" enough ethnicity to "cross over"...*kanye shrug* what do yall think?

Did Kim Kardashian Make the "Ass" Acceptable in Mainstream Hollywood?
I'm Not Sure
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1 comment:

  1. What about J-Lo? I would say she was more of a reason than Kim


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