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Friday, November 26, 2010

Lil' Kim vs Nicki Minaj: What's Beef?

I have always wondered why Lil' Kim goes IN on blogs and interviews about Nicki Minaj instead of hitting the studio to drop some hot singles to reestablish her own relevancy. It can be argued whether Nicki Minaj's success is because she is actually talented or if it is because she's the only female in the game currently. Either way I respect her for holding down the rap game as the only female in it right now.

Here is Lil Kim's latest...she finally put her money where her mouth is and dropped a track in response to her anger towards Nicki. What do you think?

Lil' Kim is...
Just hating...she fell off the map now she's jealous of Nicki
Right! Nicki needs to pay homage to the Queen Bee
Trippin...sit your old ass down!
STILL the baddest female in the game
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