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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Why Most Womens Bras and Panties Don't Match Daily

So today on twitter I see the following tweet:

"@bereolaesque: If her bra & panties match, you got yourself a catch..."

....Um sorry buddy but this is NOT necessarily true. I decided to give a break down and educate men why on a DAILY basis most women's undergarments do not match.

1. 5 for $25 Panties Just Make Sense:

Most women buy the panties that they wear daily in a sort of 5 for $25 type fashion because it is financially responsible, panties that are 5 for $25 are usually a cute cotton (which is good for the cooch), and we have factors such as periods that can often creep up on us and destroy panties. Therefore investing in a bunch of frilly sexy lacy thongs or panties would be financially irresponsible and if that is all the young lady owns 9xs out of 10 her cooch is on waka flocka flames status because we actually need cotton panties to help keep the ecosystem of our vaginas together.

2. Good Bras are NOT cheap:

If the woman has larger breast she must invest in great bras to prevent sagging at an early age as large breast are heavy and mess with the elasticity of the skin which holds them up and makes them perky. At Victoria Secret, the bra price goes up with cup size. I wear a DD therefore my PLAIN bras (the frilly ones that would go with a set are usually more money) are usually $50 a piece. Can you honestly imagine my attempting to buy a bunch of bras in a bunch of colors to match my 5 for $25 panties at that price?! GTFOH...not going to happen. I personally have found that most of my panties and bras are all black because black matches under 90% of the things I wear....this is the ONLY reason mine match.

3. Why Does A Woman Have Sets?:

Most women have cute sets in order to show them off to someone. Occasionally we will buy a set just because it's cute but most of the time they are bought to show to someone. If you are dating/having sex with a woman and EVERY SINGLE TIME you UNEXPECTEDLY attempt to have sex with her and you pull off her clothes to find a perfectly matching lace set, it can be assumed that either she is filthy rich (and probably suffers from chronic yeast infections if they are always lace/thongs) or she has a lot of sets to show to a lot of men....*kanye shrug* I'm just saying....

In conclusion, it can be stated that a woman not having matching bras and panties is NOT a bad thing, just as long as her panties don't have holes, period stains, a lot of wear and tear in them she is probably good with her hygiene and still a quality woman.



  1. Very informative! I always thought that matching sets were a good thing. Didn't know how expensive that is though.

  2. ROTFLMAO @ wacka flocka flames status!!!!

  3. new trending topics #nolacesetsorlacefronts


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