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Friday, January 14, 2011

Better Than Your Favorite Celebrity

As Ray Ray and I combed through YouTube we came to the conclusion that there are a lot of regular "Joe's" and "Jane's" that give a few mainstream artist a run for their money. Seriously, if some of these regular folks we found on YouTube had a CD singing the EXACT same songs as some of these celebrities, we would buy the regular persons CD over the celebs.

We also realized it was relatively easy for us to find regular female singers who could out sing Rihanna or Keyshia Cole any day versus finding a regular male singer who could out sing Usher or Trey Songs and we came to the conclusion the reason for this is sex sells. Unlike men, women can ooze sex appeal and sell it. There are often women who have little talent that use their looks to get them further in the industry. Let's face it, there are a lot of celebrity women who have little talent and are guilty of "sleeping their way to the top."

Take a look and listen and see for yourself. What do you think?

*FYI we only included LIVE performances of the celebrity artist as that can not be digitally mastered to make them sound at their greatest as is done on their CD's and music videos+

Rin on the Rox singing Love by Keyshia Cole

versus Keyshia Cole

Who Sang it Better?
Rin on the Rox
Keyshia Cole
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Dondria singing Energy by Keri Hilson

Verus Keri Hilson

Who Sang It Better?
Keri Hilson
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Tynisha Keli singing Take a Bow by Rihanna

Versus Rihanna

Who Sang It Better?
Tynisha Keli
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J-Bright signing Last Time by Trey Songs

Versus Trey Songs

Who Sang It Better?
Trey Songs
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  1. The Asian girls are killing. Wish the guy singing Trey Songz would have done the whole song bc he was good too! It's amazing what how the studio can make some people sound so great who are just "ok" or horrible (Kim Zolicak anyone?). Great post ladies!

  2. I want you find a Beyz stan singing and post that. Cause heffa cant sing.


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