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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Education for Men: The Truth About Hair Weave

Scene: In the club a man approaches a woman and the first words that come out of his mouth are "Is that your real hair?" The woman frowns up and responds "I mean if you have to ask then it looks real right?" to which he responds "I'm asking because like real hair best." PAUSE


It is clear from many of the scenerios like the above listed, that men need to be schooled on hair weave.

1. Everyone Wears It:

98% of the women you think are "bad" black, white, purple or asian wear not only weave but bunches of it! Kim Kardashian and all her sisters wear it, All the Girls Next Door(Hugh Hefner's girlfriends) wear it, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Christina Milian, and the list goes on and on and on of women who wear it. It's not just a black woman thing...a lot of woman wear weave either all the time, sometime, from time to time...as long as it looks nice why does it matter?

2. You Don't Wear It Because Your Bald:

Granted some women wear weave in efforts to grow hair back (as black women our hair is VERY fragile and prone to breaking more than a lot of other ethnicities) but I must note that 95% of the women I know who wear weave wear it for a change in look/lifestyle change. You must understand that weave is a way to change your hair/look without permanent results. Instead of destroying your hair by lifting color and adding high lights to it or in order to change your color whenever you please without your hair falling out you can purchase weave that does the exact same thing. I personally wear weave due to lifestyle changes. My beautician once was out on maternity leave so I wore weave in order to keep from having unfamilar hands touch my hair. I once got it because I was on a very rigorous workout regimene and sweating and pressing my hair out everyday was not good for it. My sister got weave because she was going to Mexico and wanted to swim everyday and not worry about humidity or pressing her hair out.

3. Weave Doesn't Have to be Long:

There are girls who don't want to cut their real hair into edgy trendy cuts that take too long to grow out so they get a weave and then have it cut...once again it was worn for non permanent results.

I say this to say, I am slightly offended that black women are the only one's who are asked if their hair is real. If the same woman you asked that question to was a Latina would you have asked her that? Do men not realize there are black women with long beautiful hair that is ALL theirs and they are not even "mixed" with anything? There is a unecessary stigma towards black women for wearing weave when in fact ALL women of ALL ethnicities wear weave and weave is worn for a variety of reasons.

In addition, some of the celebrities that you think are "bad" who wear weave where styles of it that you would frown upon if they were worn on regular women (i.e. Nicki Minaji pink hair, Rihanna's red hair, Tyra and Beyonce's lacefronts<---unless you can buy their $3000 lace fronts we also think lace fronts are whack...they rarely look natural)

In conclusion, hair weave is not bad, a sign a girl is bald, or only worn by black women.

What Bothers You About Hair Weave?
That it's fake period.point.blank
If it looks doesn't look natural or looks ghetto
Women wear it for no reason
It doesn't bother me as long as it looks nice
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  1. I never knew the Kardashians wore weave. Good info


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