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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The N-word Debate

In light of the whole Huckleberry Finn fiasco...we decided to do a post on the n-word. When we say the n-word we are talking about "nigga" without the -er as we feel it is not up for discussion whether or not the word "nigger" (in the most derogatory sense) should be used. The discussion today is when is it appropriate to use the word "nigga" and who is has the right to use the word?

"Nigga" is a variation of the derogatory word "nigger" and has been made into a term of endearment, a greeting, or a description of the male members of the African American community.


"Whaddup nigga?"<----friendly greeting
"These niggas are trippin."<---descriptor for male members of the African American community

1. There is a Time and Place for Everything:

Like most African Americans, we here at Y SUGARCOAT? are guilty of using the word "nigga". However, we feel there is a time and place for using it. In private discussions or discussions involving an all black audience is the only time it is appropriate to use the word "nigga". Although as African American we have the right to use the word, it makes others who are not members of the African American community uncomfortable, supports stereotypical ideas, and confuses them on whether or not the word is appropriate for them to use.

Example of Inappropriate Usage at Inappropriate Time:

Scene 1: Elevator is crowded with a mixed racial audience. African American woman is chatting loudly on her phone. "I told that nigga to get out of my house!" she exclaims loudly. Members of other races shift uneasily as the word pierces the air. I silently shrink into the corner so that I am not associated with this woman.....INAPPROPRIATE

Example of Appropriate Usage:

Scene 2: T$ and Ray Ray are sitting at a secluded table of a restaurant talking over lunch. They begin discussing the Steve Harvey book. "I think that Steve Harvey is assuming that women can use his book as a guide when they are dating men, but what he fails to realize is that some of these women are dating niggas."....APPROPRIATE (both parties in the conversation are African American and the usage of the word was inaudible to others)

2. If You Aren't Black There is No Such Thing as a "Pass":

Being married to a black person, having half black children, having mostly black friends, being an African American studies major, or rapping along to a rap song that uses the words (in the presence of blacks...we don't know what you are doing when you're alone) DOES NOT give you a right to use the word. It honestly does not matter how "down" with the black community you are you ARE NOT entitled to use the word period. point. blank. Please do not get confused. All the above examples DO NOT make you a member of the African American culture.

If you are mixed, then you may use the word as you are half black.

If you are ANY OTHER MINORITY OTHER THAN BLACK you may NOT use the word.

...I'm sorry I just can't see myself loose at the mouth thinking that just because I hung out with a majority of Mexicans, had a half Mexican child, studied extensively what happened at the Alamo, or listened to a lot of salsa and meringue music that I am entitled to use the term "essay" or any other phrase that is used and reserved specifically for the members of that community as I would not want it to come off as derogatory and it is inappropriate for me to use. Which brings me to the question why do member of the African American community allow members of other races to use the word?

We will discuss this in further detail Tuesday January 11th at 8pm eastern on our radio show http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ysugarcoat

When is it Appropriate to Use the Word "Nigga"?
No, it's never appropriate to use. No one should EVER use it
Yes, only by blacks around other blacks
Not sure
Yes, anyone should be able to use it that is down with or respects the black community
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