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Monday, January 3, 2011

Social Networking Your Relationship & the Psychotic

It's 2011 and our lives are filled with different technology. The rise of the smart phone has made everything in our lives accessible to us at all times which means a big part of our daily lives includes social networking. Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and if you're a lame MySpace. So how does social networking fit into the modern day relationship? How do you know if you are participating in activities on social networking sites that are harming your relationship? Keep in mind that


1. Following or Befriending Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend on Twitter/Facebook:

The most stable individual will succumb to urges to low key cyber stalk their significant other. There is nothing wrong with glancing from at their twitter page or facebook from time to time to see that all is well. However do not befriend your significant other on facebook or follow them on twitter if you feel the need to constantly check their account, constantly question who is writing on your boos wall or status, try to hack it, or do some of the following that can prove to be detrimental to your relationship:

Blow Up Their Spot:

It's just not cute that you feel that you need to make your presence known on your significant others facebook page. You do not need to comment on every status update, picture, post, or have at least 3 spots on their wall at all times with things like "Baby, I love you so much and I had so much fun the other night." Save that for a text message. Since you all are in a relationship, you probably see and talk to that person frequently so their is no reason to make a enormous public display on their facebook to let people know "who you are". Analyze why you are doing this, because 9 times out of 10 it is insecurity. You want to establish your presence in their life to everyone so that girls/guys know your significant other is "off limits". If you feel the need to do this you are what we here at Y SUGARCOAT? call a stage 5 clinger (psycho).

You also do not need to make everyones timeline on twitter look like they downloaded a copy of your text message blocks from your phone to your significant other. People follow person on twitter who are interesting and post thought provoking or funny tweets. More than likely they did not follow you to become a member of your own personal version of The Notebook or some other romantic movie. Once again why are you doing this? Just call your significant other and tell them to come over if you want to get all romantic. Their are other ways to express your love and believe me publicly is not it (ask Beyonce and Jay-Z).

Doing these things allows too much of the world outside access to your relationship. It also makes haters and the scandalous want to "try" your significant other as a challenge just to see if they can ruin your shit.

2. The Relationship Status:

Your relationship status should reflect what you and your significant other feel comfortable with. If your significant other wants you to put up "In a Relationship" or remove "Single" or put "In a Relationship with (fill in the blank)" you should adjust your status to reflect their wants. At the end of the day it's just social networking...it's not that serious. Relationships are already hard enough and in relationships you must pick and choose your battles and a measly status is not a battle in the "war".

"It's Complicated"

However do not put up "It's Complicated."...sigh...don't do it kids. Facebook should change the "It's Complicated" status to "My Ex Still Gets This" or "We Got Issues." There is no such thing as "It's Complicated." You are either in a monogamous relationship with someone or you are not. If things are weird between you two do not invite the outside world into your personal life for judgment or drama. You are better off having no relationship status up. By putting up "It's Complicated" you are hypothetically walking into the store, asking the sales associate what aisle they keep drama on, and buying 2 bags of drama and paying for it in cash just like you would your virgin Indian remy hair weave. You are inviting drama into your life with that status and you deserve any bit of drama that comes in association with a status of this nature.

*Kanye Shrug*

So in conclusion decide what is best for your relationship when interacting on social networking sites, analyze if you have insecurities or trust issues, and most imporantly make sure that you are keeping something a sacred and intimate as a relationship as private as it needs to be because it is for you and your significant other and not the whole world. You can't put your own business in the street and demand privacy or that others keep their eyes away from it.

Does Social Networking Ruin Relationships?
Yes is you are up to no good
No it's the psycho who ruin their own relationships

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