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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lil' Wayne and the Chocolate Factory

It was the lyric heard around the world "Beautiful Black woman, I bet that bitch look better red."....

...and just like that Lil' Wayne crushed the hearts of many of his darker skinned female fans and disgusted others. It was made worse when reports surfaced recently that a dark skinned female fan/groupie was turned away from Lil Wayne's hotel room for being too dark and in addition when she retorted that he had a darker skinned daughter he told her:

"the difference between you and my daughter is she is a dark skinned millionaire. She is the last dark baby I'll have. All my other baby moms are light...I even got an Asian one."

However, Lil' Wayne is not the first rapper to openly state his preference for light skinned women. Many other rappers state their preference in for lighter women loud and proud (Yung Berg anyone?) in lyrics and by flaunting videos with all caramel complected cast of women or lighter. So why is this one such a "low blow?" Color preferences seem to exist in all societies that have been influenced, cultivated, or enslaved by European countries. It is a slave mentality. A brainwashing mechanism used to establish a control system in an ancient time. Sadly, the only way to reverse this widespread color struck mentallity would be to go back in a time machine and reverse slavery.

While Lil' Wayne's color preference is ignorant and he no doubt probably has no clue where it comes from, it is his preference. On many blogs and articles people have been in an uproar on either side. One thing that stuck out to me was the argument "Why does it matter? It's his preference just like a woman says she wants a man with a job, a 6 pack, and who is tall." I guess my response to that argument is that those preferences have nothing to do with a slavery based mentality used to degrade and control a whole group of people.

However, the REAL issue is the following, why do some of these women of quality care what kind of woman Lil' Wayne would date or fuck? If you are an educated woman of status or quality you should not want to be a woman Lil' Wayne would date, fuck, or impregnate period.point.blank. Although he is a musical genius by many definitions and insanely wealthy he should not be dating or fucking material to many of the women outraged by his comments/preference. Nor should someone who has ridiculous ideals like that make or break your self confidence or be appealing to you anyway. Seriously if a regular man from the hood who looked, acted, and thought just like Lil' Wayne approached you on the Marta and had this preference would you care and better yet would you holla back at him?

We all know there are dark skinned women who are undeniably gorgeous and don't "look better red". For example, tell me Naomi Campbell is ugly...yeah didn't think so.

In addition, it is time we start paying more attention to better role models for our society. Many of you have heard the story about what Lil' Wayne said to the dark skinned girl but you don't know the latest thing the President has said or did which directly effects our lives whether you like him or not. Maybe you should focus more on what a better man or man of quality thinks. Bottom-line is ideals of the village idiot should not be something taken too seriously or ones that self esteem should be built off of. Get your panties and boxers out of a wad and move forward. We know what Wayne said is ridiculous...but it's his preference...no matter how misconstrued it may be.

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  1. It souldn't matter, but the sad part is that it does matter to the 12 year old dark skinned girl that has yet to develope a strong sence of security and self worth. Her parents (meaning her mother, because 9 times out of 10, her father left along time ago to be with a light skinned chic or better yet a w---- woman) will now have to work 100 times harder to convince her that the young man at school that she likes that just looked at her like she had s --- on her doesn't really matter and that she is too good for him anyway. As sad as it is lil wayne has more power than the president over our community. Can lil wayne even read anything but broken english anyway?

  2. I definately agree that somewhere in there our society needs to start labeling people who say things like that as the village idiot so what they say does not matter to young impressionable kids. It is really sad when you think about the fact that our community follows and clings onto words of rappers and athletes harder than those of our black president who's opinions directly effects our lives.

  3. Case and point: everyone has a choice. Either listen to Wayne for entertainment or hear him "literally" but at the end of the day it's your decision. I'm a grown man and adore all shades and colors of women but my preferences are my own. Wayne was just bold enough to state his to the "free world." I think we need to raise our own kids and stop looking to entertainers to lead the way. They're still human and not God...ya dig!!!!!

  4. I also feel it's one thing to have preferences but it's not a good look to put down others in the process. In addition why does anyone care what wayne thinks? He spends his time in jail, a tat parlor, and between desperate women's legs......if he wasn't famous and rich and had these same characteristics and a marta pass no one would listen or give a fuck. Plus we all know that it's ridiculous to even say women are only beautiful if they are light skinned...bottomline is no one should let Lil' wayne make or break their self esteem or their ideas on what is beautiful.

  5. Lil Wayne= Idiot #yeahisaidit


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