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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Man That Wants to "Smash the Homie"

What if your friend tries to get at a guy and gives him her number and then a month goes by and he sees you out, tells you he never talked to her or saved her number because he was never feeling her and then tries to holla at you. What do you do? Do you talk to him? Do you tell your friend? Do you not even entertain it?

Here's the deal. Your friend is more important than any man will ever be. She has probably even listened to you cry about a break up or man problems. A man who really likes you wants you to have friends and doesn't want to be the cause of any hurt friendships between you and your friends. Secondly, he is probably lying. Thirdly, you don't want to be a "locker room conversation"...what I mean by that is "Yeah nigga my game is so on point, I got two bad bitches who are friends on rotation."...you don't want to be this niggas bragging piece. Fourthly, even if you talk to your friend and she says it's cool I still wouldn't take it there...bitches get jealous and hold grudges and we all know this. There are too many fish in the sea to even risk it. I would "On to the next" that ass. At then end of the day if you sat down and wrote out a list of men who came in and out of your life you would probably need at least 2 sides of the paper, but if you sit down and write out a list of your friends you probably only need a square shaped post-it (one-side at that). I know it's cliche but men come and go but friends are forever. Fuck that back dooring nigga!



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