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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Earth Ends May 21st 2011...According to Some...

Many of you have probably caught a few articles, videos, and glimpse of advertisements in New York and Staten Island claiming this whole party comes to an end May 21st, 2011. Robert Fitzpatrick of Harold Campings evangelistic Church in California, has spent $140,000 to warn us all.

Mr. Campings had also predicted that the world would end back in 1994 on September 6th.

So the question is...why do people keep feeding into cult-like churches? It seems that fear, sex, violence, or ignorance can readily and easily be promoted in America and people will feed into it.

Here are our thoughts on the whole bit:

1. Last we checked in The Bible it says that no MAN knows the date and time Jesus will be coming.

2. Who says a being that made the earth and everything in it works on a 24 hour time clock?...Come on Son

Here are some things people on the internet are saying about the whole bit:

Saturday is a busy day, and I need to schedule my looting around a golf outing and the kids' soccer games.

Also.... Will the world end on Eastern Standard Time or Daylight Savings Time? I doubt the "bible code" took into account the invention of Daylight Savings Time.

What about Saturday Night Live? Will their show be cut short? I hope not before Weekend Update.

And what happens during the NBA and NHL playoffs if half the players are "assumed into heaven" during the games? That would potentially give an unfair advantage to whichever team has more heathens on it.

I also want to avoid freeways that day.... don't want to have to dodge a bunch of driver-less cars.

Hopefully, the majority of those that are raptured are boomers... that way we can save Medicare before the "boomer bomb" hits.

I hope my Mother-in-Law has lived a righteous life (though I highly doubt it). I wouldn't mind her disappearing.

What do you think about this whole thing? Is the world ending?

Do You Think the World is Ending May 21, 2011?
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It might
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  1. Technically it is Saturday in Australia and the world is still going strong...that guy is crazy!

  2. WE ALL STILL HERE! I'm laughing at your FB status that said rapture wasted. Did you know they can't find the guy anymore? He may need to watch his back. Only religion will make people blindly follow and give money to someone bc of fear they won't enter heaven. Dude is gonna have to answer to God for real in the end though


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