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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trimming the Hedges Part II: Manscaping

We don't know why...but many of you men don't realize that you too must take care of your genital hair. We aren't saying wax or shave it completely off so that it reminds us of 2 hard boiled eggs (hey some girls like a bald man too)...but you do need to do "manscaping" down there. Reasons being the following:

1. No one wants a brillo pad anywhere near their vagina...our lady parts are delicate and a rough dry pubes patch does nothing for it except irritate it.

2. No one wants to smell musty balls....hair holds scents period.point.blank

3. No one wants to get their teeth flossed with pubes when performing oral sex on you.

4. No one wants to give your balls "some love" when they are hidden in a forest of rough pubic hair.

Please get some clippers and handle your man parts....bushy man parts also makes women recoil in disgust and horror much like the Sheneka Adams video did to you gentleman.

We surveyed 15 women and asked them what they felt about genital hair maintenance on men.

15 out of 15 said you need to trim that down to a low fade

4 out of 15 said you could be completely bare and that would not bother them

15 out of 15 said unkempt wild bushy thick man pubes made there sex drive go down...drastically

At least comb that bush, put some oil in it! Something!!! So do men who wear speedos have to get bikini waxes?...hmmm...

What do you all think about "manscaping"? Video of interviews with females coming soon!

I think men should wear their genital hair...
Trimmed low is great
I don't mind a "bald" man
I like au natural...bushy is ok by me!
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  1. #dead at brillo pad near vag!

  2. I agree! Recently started seeing someone new and I have to wonder why so many men don't care about trimming their bush while expecting women to. I don't need a mouthful of that!


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