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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Music in Your Mouth: Do it at Do {Dough}

Once again yet ANOTHER reason we love Atlanta. Always something innovative, fresh, and new! Imagine a chic pizzeria that has delicious mixed drinks and more importantly exceptional technological service. Do (pronounced dough) is that restaurant. That's right....you order everything from an iPad at your table....even when you are finished with your meal you can summons your car from valet with the iPad! In addition you can DJ at the restaurant by selecting and voting on songs with other restuarant guest!

Do (pronounced dough) opened to the public on May 5th 2011. They are open on Thursday (5:30 PM-1:ooAM) Friday (5:30 PM-2:00AM), and Saturday (1:00PM-2:00AM) and located at 955 W Marietta Street, Atlanta GA 30318.

Gone are the days of bad service, there is no need for a waiter or waitress because the iPad at your table serves as the server. The restuarant is tastefully decorated with "all white everything" from the 40 foot white bar to the couches. Interestingly, instead of wall art the walls are adorned with laser light decor.

The menu is musically inspired and reasonably priced. Appetizers (called Preludes) start at $3.95 and there is a variety of small pizzas priced around $7.50. Look at some of the food below:

We can't wait to hit this spot!


  1. This place looks amazing! I'm going this weekend!

  2. That is def a hot spot


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