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Monday, May 23, 2011

Being Broke Doesn't Mean You Can't Date

It often seems that the renaissance man is dead. Today nice dates can often be considered a thing of the past and we conclude either chivalry is dead or as some men put it, they just don't have the funds to wine and dine

"Being broke doesn't mean you can't date...it just
means you have to be more creative."

It's summer time so that definitely yields more options...you have no excuse. Couch dates are fine...some of the time...but they get boring after about the third time. There are other options for spending time with a girl you are interested in (considering she is not a bougie bitch who insist on Ruth Chris dinners or better). If you STILL can't afford anything on the below list it's time to get a new job, get A job, a second job, or focus on your life because it's NOT right and you DON'T need to be dating anyone except your hand, a naked girlie magazine, and some lotion:

1. Climb the Wall at Dick's Sporting Goods:

If she is the athletic, spontaneous, or adventurous type, take her out for this "out of the box" date....just make sure you tell her what you are doing so she can dress properly.

2. Get Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt:

It's summertime, it's hot, and this is never a bad choice. It will also cost you a max of $8.

3. Go to the Park:

She can even bring her dog (if she has one). Bring some lawn chairs, a bottle of wine, and some glasses...hell you could even pack some sort of board game that requires conversation (we recommend Dinner Conversations). If you want, bring a whole picnic, just be sure to pack things that aren't better cold or that are gross warm. Some parks even have free concerts or delicious food trucks....it's a fun cheap date.

4. Wine Tasting:

There are plenty of places and wine lofts that do a wine tasting and they are actually cheaper than you would think. Some are free but just require that you buy a bottle of wine. This is a different date and it will educate you and her on wines.

5. The Pool:

Make sure she knows how to swim and be respectful not to get her hair wet if all she is trying to do is lay out. Bring a cooler with some drinks, and its a wrap. You even get to see her half naked!

6. A Cookout/BBQ:

Someone else is cooking and paying for the food and drinks and you get to reap all the benefits. Hell maybe you are required to bring something to this cookout...a case of beer is cheap and should be just fine, chips, juice, something! Just make sure you don't leave her chilling by herself while you chat up some homeboys you see or play a game of spades.

7. Happy Hour:

You can take her for drinks...they are 2 for one. Often times happy hours have drink specials as well as specials on appetizers or tapas.

8. Dave and Busters:

The game cards aren't too expensive and you all can both share one. They often have drink specials.

9. Throw a House Party:

Throw a house party and tell everyone invited to BYOB. All you have to buy is some cups, ice, pretzels, cheese cubes, or some other type of finger food and clean up your house. Use caution however...don't invite every girl you date or used to date...she will be able to pick up on who is who

10. Karoke Bar:

For some reason, most places that have a karaoke bar are pretty cheap. You two can have fun being stupid, living out fantasies of being a singer or rapper, and making fun of each other.

See? You don't have to break your pocket to have fun or impress a girl. Stop being boring and planning a series of never ending couch dates because your pockets aren't right or because you aren't creative.

Ladies are there other dates that are relatively cheap that you think would be fun? Let us know?


  1. I'm from New York...one time a guy took me on a ferry boat ride to Govenor's Island. It was cheap, fun, and different

  2. I think guys often times fall into the "couch date" category because they feel that if they aren't doing a fancy dinner and a movie the girl will be unimpressed. Some women aren't open minded. They are boring fake bougie hoes. I think these suggestiosn would work for any cool female though.

  3. I'm not getting creative for a bitch I just met *Kanye shrug*

  4. ^^^ that is the shit I'm talking about right there...ladies attempt to date MEN not boys. Niggas with mentalities like anonymous at 11:35AM are boys. GTFOH couch dates are for girls...19 and under. BOY STOP!

  5. Thats some good advice. Being a man im always trying to figure out ways on how I can spice up things. Changing it up is always good! So I give u props TSandersZ

  6. I feel haughty that for some reason mentioning the wall climb at the sporting goods store or that particular arcade game franchise seems unsuitable. The tone of the writer is coloring my view of the content. When the feeling is right a lasting couple cares more about being together than location

  7. This is a great post thanks for sharing it.


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