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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

For Discussion: South Beach Shootings? Can "We" Behave?

There is a rumor on deck that in light of the memorial day weekend shootings in South Beach, The City of Miami is pushing to remove the hip-hop block party and Springfest concert and replace it with a more "culturally diverse" concert (i.e. pop music, rock music, The Black Eye Peas, basically Super Bowl halftime show stuff). See video of shooting below:

Here are a few statistics we found interesting:

- In 2004, a 20-year-old man from Hallandale Beach, FL (a suburb of Miami) was shot through a car window after his flirting with a group of girls in another car turned into an argument with someone in a third car. He died.

- In 2007, the police confiscated 60 firearms on the beach. And two men died outside of a South Beach cafe.

...and this would not be the first time that a weekend event that brings many Black people from all over to a city has gotten shut down.

1. Spring Bling

2. Freaknik

3. Black College Reunion

So it brings us to the question/topic of discussion...can "we" (meaning Black people) behave when in large groups? Y SUGARCOAT? Some of you may be rolling your eyes right now going "oh no they didn't!" but the facts remain...predominately Black events gets shut down because of shootings often. The big R word "racism" is thrown around when these things get shut down but honestly, how many predominately other race spring break events or festivals do you know of that get riddled with bullets? We need to see statistics proving that shootings occur at ALL events that attract a lot of people equally before we can say it's not at all race related.

It would be one thing to scream racism if the only crimes that occurred at all of these predominately Black events were a couple of drunken fights or other isolated incidents of crime, but major heavily populated areas getting riddled with bullets and then not understanding why these events are getting shut down??? Is Essence Festival in New Orleans the next thing to get shut down?

At first, upon reading articles involving the South Beach shootings we questioned, is this just the media unfairly portraying the crimes at a predominately Black populated events or is there honestly a difference in the level of crime, danger, and debauchery at predominately Black events?

What do you all think? Do Black people not know how to behave in large groups? Is the media not properly, accurately, or fairly reporting crime at ALL events that draw large groups of people? What are the reasons it appears that Black people "act up"?


  1. I stay away from most all black events because we don't know how to act. It's a shame. I'm not sure why it's like that. Memorial Weekend in Miami is filled with the most hood people ever...we're talking gold teeth urban wear hood

  2. Until the few black people who ruin it for all of us can get it together every black event is in jeopardy. This applies to a lot of things outside of events. I know clubs or areas in the city I live in that have gotten shut down by a few ignorant black people who think they are living in the movie Belly or New Jack City or a music video or some shit. I honestly don't know a solution to the problem except to cancel such events

  3. I think the media is to blame for all of it. At white spring breaks lots of women get raped we just don't hear about it in the media. They choose not to cover it.


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