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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Grand Theft Weave Heist?

I know, I know, I know...you are looking at this post like..."WTF are they talking about?" Here's what it is. There has been a string of violent armed weave thefts going around nationwide. We are talking about guns drawn, pass the cash register up, pass up computers and flat screens, and head for the wall of virgin 100% Indian remy. One of these heist was even fatal! Read the article here. See the video below:

A woman in Brazil got attacked at a bus stop and had her hair cut off! (Read article here). This just goes to show you that society puts WAY to much emphasis on weave...and it's not just a black woman thing (see our post The Truth About Hair Weave). For clarification purposes, we are not knocking anyone who wears weave. It is just spell bounding that weave has become so valuable and important to us that people are actually conducting weave heist as readily as people are doing credit card scams and identity theft...it's literally a form of currency...100% virgin Indian remy hair is gold (especially in the black community).

Is the obsession with weave getting out of hand? What do you all think?

We just didn't know it was that deep....


  1. Not making an accuse for bad behavior but if there wasn't such a great pressure on black women to have european features such as long straight hair then this would not even be profitiable and there would be no weave heist. It just goes to show you how broken we are in the black community. Instead of opening black owned beauty supply stores and brigning wealth to the black community European looks are more important so people are opting for weave heist...smh

  2. I was considering getting a weave but I don't need someone chopping my damn head off for the hair LOL...thats like wearing a diamond incrusted rolex in the hood and not expecting to get got!


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