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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chris Brown is a Thug and Charlie Sheen is Glorified

On The View they discuss how Chris Brown is called a thug while Charlie Sheen is not associated with such name calling. They even make mention of Mel Gibson not being set back by his violence.

What do you think? While all of the 3 men have done violent acts there is a clear difference in media coverage and the pardoning of mistakes made between all 3 men. In our opinion, Chris Brown is scrutinized more. Do you think race has anything to do with this? Do you agree or disagree?


  1. Much statistical data has been analyzed, as well as real life observations. They illustrate that rich and powerful black men are threatening to the establishment, more so than white men. Hence in slavery, slave owners in attempts to gain control of the blacks' sense of self worth, broke the dominant black men. And, they still do it as a systematic way of life in American society. But, we are wise enough this day and age, to acknowledge this and not buy into those notions of inferiority. We continue to support one another through times of crisis and harsh scrutiny. (With all that said, let's get this brother some anger management).

  2. all these headlines are saying things like "Chris Brown's Thuggish Behavior Backstage"...anytime the word thug is used it's racial

  3. I think the reason ppl are so amped up about Chris Brown beating Rihanna is bc she is famous as well. Mel Gibsons wife is a nobody and so were all of Charlie Sheen's wives or girlfriends with exception of Denise Richards who I don't think he beat. I don't even think it's a race thing

  4. Mel Gibson broke his wives teeth and busted her face up pretty bad! Charlie Sheen shot one girlfriend and held another hostage with a knife! How come we don't use the word "thug" in association with those men?

  5. In my observation, it is both Chris Brown and Mel Gibson who are vilified, not just Brown alone. And Gisbon deserves it since he is a wacko. I think the reason those 2 are vilified and Sheen is largely loved by women (not that I think this is necessarily right, just what I observe happening) is that Brown and Gibson come off as angry at the world, while Sheen comes off as fun, happy-go-lucky. Subconsciously, for women, that's why Sheen gets a free pass, and the other two don't.

    Also, consider Chris Brown's behavior and comments since the Rhainna trial---it is entirely possible (not saying I believe it, but it is a possibility since we've seen this sort of thing before in life) that Chris Brown did not in fact assault Rhianna, or that he did so in self-defense, or that she may have provoked it. There are cases that happening yet the man in the case bends over and grabs the ankles because of the horrific social training men go through from the time they are very young.


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