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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Materialism, Idiots, and the Industry: Rosa Acosta, Maino, and Dollicia Bryan Beef

Many of you have probably caught wind of this beef before and for the rest of you this may be new news. This is a true example of the old saying "NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER." Rosa Acosta used to come off as "another video hoe" because of photos like these:
until a while back we heard her shed light on materialism in her response to hardly known rapper Maino's accusations that she was cheap because she did not wear expensive shoes.

Maino states this ignorance:

Here is her response (fast forward to the 1:21 mark):

Lately a hardly known video model by the name of Dollicia Bryan came in Maino's defense by stating this ignorance:

1. Although Beyonce can buy ANY pair of LB's 20 billion times over, the ones she wears are probably GIVEN to her by the designer...meaning they were FREE DOLLARS AND 99 CENTS!

2. If you go to events with rich celebrity elite and you are a man who has it like that then pick a woman of quality (you chose her because she is an asset, she is intelligent, she is attractive, she has great character) and BUY her a pair! I'm sure Diddy and every other famous man with a "around the way girl" buys his woman's WHOLE OUTFIT for events.

3, Maino and Dollicia...who are you two again? Life of Jenks? and Dollicia girl this is the first we have heard of you in this interview


What do you all think?


  1. Why go broke buying $700 pair of shoes? I think it's honorable she would rather spend her money on her family, savings, and education. Maino is lame and Dollicia probably has a pink eviction notice on her door, cold water in her house and no lights on trying to keep up with the jones...but she is wearing LB's though. I have a greater respect for Acosta now. The pictures are still hoeish though

  2. Wait, how the fuck does wearing LB's make your career? Dollicia sit all the way the fuck down bish!

  3. Dolicia need to sit down. She has been ran thru like the Holland Tunnel. Maino sound like one of those bitter dudes who is angry because he could get the digits. There is so much materialism in the Hip Hop and Black Community. We have little girls who are almost prostituting themselves for some luxury clothes. What happened to quality. How is he going to show a woman off, when he cant afford to purchase something luxury for himself. Maino is the perfect example of why women should avoid thugs.

  4. I meant couldnt get the digits.

  5. Rosa Acosta is still a basic bitch. I mean did you see how she conducted herself on the Kardashian show? One night stands with Rob followed by a miscarriage. She is still a fucking mess. Dollicia looks like she likes a dick in her ass of any rapper who could buy her those shoes and Maino needs to sit down with his ol "I'm a snitch" cut on his face. Def not relevant in the music industry at all


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