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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Harlem Bar is now Spanish Harlem

Many of you ATL residents may have loved the old Soul food tapas spot/lounge Harlem Bar. Harlem Bar featured sharable appetizers like mac n cheese, catfish fingers, and even small meals. In addition, on random nights in Harlem Bar you could see live performances from local neo soul talent, jazz artist, bands, and a DJ who played oldies but goodies by A Tribe Called Quest, Erykah Badu, and more.

Well...that spot has changed and it's now called Spanish Harlem....a Latin themed restaurant with things on the menu like ground beef stuff potatoes, plantains, coconut shrimp, pescado empenzado, and sweet plantain lasagna

Check it out below:

We are definitely gonna miss the old Harlem Bar...but by the looks of this the new owner must have a little more bread because this restaurant is tricked out a bit better!


  1. It's still owned by the same guy Lorenzo who is one of the grimest men in ATL. He fucks all his female employees, even the ugly fat ones

  2. Owned by Jenni Lorenzo's ex wife, and yea she got a lil bread now after the divorce. Lorenzo is not the grimiest nigga in ATL, hoes is just thirsty...

  3. Um I heard he got a few waitress' preggers. That's pretty grimey in my book LMAO

  4. OMG.... this is definitely not professional..


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