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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Trend Alert: Hair Feather Extensions

While we were in Las Vegas we encountered a new trend from several California girls that will probably be spreading everywhere soon called hair feather extensions. They come in all different shades, some look as natural as highlights and some are bright flirty colorful colors. The girls told us that celebrities like Ke$ha and Miley Cyrus have been known to sport them. Take a look below:
Where to purchase:

The Demo:


  1. These are awesome! Why would you need to go to the salon to get them taken out? I mean the lady in the video just slid the bead out with what looked like pliars...

  2. yeah its super easy to remove, you just bend the metal bead with pliars to reopen it and slide it out.

  3. hit me up at this number if you whant feathers done in Brentwood Ca #9253087096 thank you :)

  4. does anyone know who the 3rd model down is?

  5. Feather-your-heads™
    Our Feather hair extensions, are the latest way to create visually stunning effects,colours, and patterns by using natures high lights.
    Each feather hair extension, is made from a collection of between 5-7 feathers , ranging from 7" 14" in length.
    Hair can be washed whist wearing your Feather-your-heads feather extensions also: brushed, blow-dried, straightened and even curled (on low heat). They will last anywhere from one to four months, depending on how you care for them.
    You will receive 5 micro loop beads with your Feather-your-heads hair extension ,you will also need a threader and pliers, which are available in our Feather-your-head tool kit. 40 colour options fitting sheet included.

  6. For Feather Extensions in the San Francisco Bay Area, please call Shakin' Tail Feathersat (650) 332-4748, or find us on facebook! Thank you!

  7. Get this trendy look! Hair Feathers at Hair Gallery Salon, 3670 Lone Tree Way in Antioch. Located in the Raleys Shopping Center. Ask for Nancy 925-754-5212

  8. Hey guys, just so you know, ONE company alone harvests and kills at least 1,500 roosters each week for their feathers and this new trend.

    I'm all in for fashion, but it makes me feel terrible that these roosters are forced to grow out their feathers long and are fed chemicals for a year. After the roosters are fully grown and their feathers are full, they will be plucked. Almost all of the roosters don’t survive the plucking and end up dying.

  9. ostrich.com now sells these sexy feather hair extensions!


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