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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The 2011 MTV VMA's

We will be running a live post of all the events and thoughts we have regarding the 2011 MTV VMAs. Below are all of our thoughts, comments, concerns regarding the award show. Enjoy!

8:04PM--- Those Jersey Shore kids are definitely MTVs bread and butter now that those The City, The Hills, kids are a wrap! Deena's ass looks like a fat skittles spokes person

8:07PM--- Did Rick Ross just insinuate that that white girl rapper Kreayshawn should give DJ Khald some brain? I mean he said she needed to get him a steak dinner and some "special treatment."

8:08PM--- Amber and Wiz relationship is cute...still not sure if its real...it's cute though

8:18PM--- who the fuck is this broad singing...? I sound better in my damn shower.

8:22PM--- I see Sway doesn't even take off those Rasta hats for formal events...the least he could do is get one made of sequins or something for formal stuff...bc the yarn with the suit is a mess...he probably couldn't find someone to retwist him...

8:37PM--- Justin Bieber just told his girlfriend his snakes name is Johnson...yes he told her he wants to give her that meatwork! Selena Gomez is so mature for her age....I'm pretty sure Justin Bieber is doing the dougie all through that with his lil 16 year old frank LOL

8:39PM--- So is Nicki Minaj trying to be the black Lady Gaga? This gimmick is getting old as hell. I see she has those titties locked down in purple metal to prevent further nipple slips

9:03PM--- Lady Gaga sure knows how to play up those she has a dick rumors...she came out dressed up as a guy...good PR...good PR. She looks like Danny Zuko from Grease

9:12PM--- The background of the stage is making me sick...it will enduce seizures more than that Kanye All of the Lights video MTV tried to pull

9:27PM--- Hova and Ye?!?!? Had no clue this is wassup bruh! Lil Momma don't bring your ass on stage now

9:31PM--- Is Beyonce really preggo??? No seriously someone answer this question...

9:41PM--- Oh so Nicki is still holding down the man that busted her in the face??? Hmm...

9:49PM--- Kanye nicely corrected Katy Perry and let her know this is NOT his first moonman...he's got a few

9:56PM--- Neyo and Pitbull should've saved that performance for Telemundo

10:08PM--- Adele is the freaking truth. Period. Point. Blank

10:15PM--- Justin Bieber looks like a little Kanye West...he's 16 year old ass is swagged the fuck out....YSL blazer and all

10:19PM--- Chris Brown is lip syncing like a motherf*cka...all this flying through the air stuff is kinda cool though and of course buddy can dance. I just hate he picked this pop ass song

10:34PM--- Beyonce knows she sounds like a CD everytime she hits the stage...so much talent. We don't see this baby bump yall been talking about though. She does have on more clothes then we have ever seen her have on before during a performance

10:38PM--- Beyonce officially showed her baby bump!!!!! OMG so happy for her...wonder how much those first baby photos are gonna sell for...she straight stole the show with that announcement! Finacially...that fetus is shitting on all of us.

10:47PM--- Someone on twitter said Tyler the Creators mom busted out of her seat and was crying and carrying on like Jesus was giving away free iPads #dead

11:00PM--- Lady Gaga knows she is putting on a great act...didn't think she was gonna put it on the whole show. She has it down to the scotch in her hand playing a dude

11:15PM--- This tribute to Amy Winehouse is wonderful...it's such a shame such talent she had and she died. It seems the most talented people always have the biggest inner struggles.

11:24PM--- Hova just shut down all of Lil' Wayne's shine in one annoucement of Beyonce being preggo. No one is checking for the his album dropping tomorrow...and it leaked before it's release date anyways...Hova stays winning. As someone on twitter said Wayne drops Tha Carter IV and Hova responds by dropping Carter Jr.

11:27PM--- Why did Lil' Wayne choose How to Love out of all his songs to perform????? Why bruh??? We waited all night to hear him sing at karokee and skip on the stage??? And sagging in a pair of Nicki Minaj leopard leggings though?!?!?! GTFOH

Well that's all folks. What did you think of the award show? Should we do more live updating post for major events?


  1. I love this post! I followed it the whole time

  2. #dead at sagging Nikki's leggings

  3. Ladies take note. Bey dated, got her career on, got married, THEN got pregnant.

  4. Great post ladies. I think the awards was awesome and everyone looked great. Especially kreayshawn


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