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Friday, September 2, 2011

Why "No Homo" is Lame

Lil' Wayne or Cam'ron said the phrase first and now men everywhere are using it. It comes up in daily regular unsexually related conversation, it's all over your twitter timeline, it's all over your facebook news feed.
"No Homo"
However we think it's lame and speaks volumes of the mentally ingrained homophobia in today's society which drives people to live in the closet or on the DL instead of being themselves. What makes it worse is people use it out of context when it doesn't even make sense!

We just hate how grown men feel the need to give a disclaimer about any statement they make that they feel may cause them to be perceived in a homosexual light. I mean if you are straight you are straight right? Gay people don't make disclaimers after statements like "no hetero" because they know they are gay and they are comfortable with it. I personally would be beyond pissed if a white person said something like "I love Popeye's chicken...no negro."...we know you aren't black! No need for the disclaimer!

Wack examples of the use of "no homo" (these are taken from real life):

Example 1:

Guy: I meet D.Wade before, that dude was tall as hell [in reference to NBA player]...no homo

What the hell is homosexual about stating the obvious?! Everyone knows NBA players are 6'6"+

Example 2:

Me: Have you seen (insert name) lately? He got all cut up!

Guy: Yeah he's been hitting the gym all hard...he's all swole...no homo

What the hell? So now saying that someone gains weight or loses weight means that you could possibly be homosexual?

Example 3:

Waiter: How do you want your burger cooked?

Guy: Well done. I don't like pink meat...no homo.

WTF??? We are talking about a burger here! No one is thinking about sex...the waiter definitely isn't. He is just trying to get your order bruh.

Bottom line, if you are comfortable with your sexuality, then you should not have to look over your shoulder after every statement you make about members of the same sex because you are horrified that your seemingly straight ass would be considered homosexual.


  1. Same thing with the derivative of "no homo"...pause. No necessary and suspect to me

  2. I fucking dying at "no negro" LOL LOL LOL

  3. I have honestly always thought this was the lamest thing ever. Good to know you all agree!

  4. I am laughing so hard at "no negro" as well. That is hilarious. I agree with the "no homo" statement being a part of an insecure or socially unaware person's vernacular. I have never heard my Dad or brothers say that before as they compliment another man's physique or fashion choices.


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