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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Why Cliques of Females Don't Work

As females, we can even admit that women can often times equal a lot of drama. While we don't think it's normal for a female to have NO female friends or insist that she would rather have only male friends, we also feel that the whole "we roll deep" thing does not work for women past their high school years. The interesting thing about men vs. women when it comes to cliques is men can roll 10 deep and never have any serious problems while women can not. Here are reasons we feel cliques of females just don't work and are not feasible.

1. Women Like Even Numbers:

Odd numbers of women who hang out in a circle or enter a roommate situation almost always end in disaster. The reasoning for this is simply that one girl always feels odd man out. Prime target for this failed friendship arrangement are groups of 3. It is inevitable that 2 of the 3 females will clique better and eventually someone feels they are not as well liked, left out, or they become jealous of the other two females close interaction. It is safe to say that often females have a pseudo-lesbian interaction...which means that someone usually gets jealous when their close friend becomes close with someone else.

2. Large Groups of Women Mess Up Everything:

Rolling "50 Misses Deep" results in eliminating your group from free entry or VIP access into clubs and events. It is easier to negotiate letting 2 women in for free to and event, getting 2 tickets for an event or concert than trying to negotiate the same for 5 women. In addition coordinating traveling arrangements, coordinating bridal arrangements, etc. is easier with a smaller group of women. Rolling deep also ruins your drink rotation. A guy is willing to buy a drink for a pretty lady of interest and her friend, but if he looks down the bar and there is a row of females standing behind the girl he is interested in like a breadline...it's just not going down.

3. The Personality Meshing:

We love to watch Sex In the City and assign the roles of the characters to each of the women we hang out with (i.e. "girl you are more like Carrie!"), but in actuality sometimes a mix of personalities is not a good thing. For example, in real life, if a clique of females ran together and one was as sexually conservative as Charlotte and another as sexually liberal as Samantha, there would be a lot of clashing. The more conservative female would tend to be judgmental towards the more liberal female and the liberal female would think the conservative female was a lame....and hence the catty drama would begin which includes but is not limited to: backstabbing, fakery, and snarky remarks. Plain and simple some of the females in the group would like some more than others which is not conducive to a female group working.

4. Competition and Jealousy:

9 times out of 10 when a group of females roles deep eventually there is competition and jealousy. Firstly, when you roll in a large group of females there is usually a 90% chance that this group includes members that are significantly less attractive than others and it is natural that when this group is approached by men the less attractive members start getting their self esteem tried when men who approach their group can see right through them.

The attractive members often get themselves involved in competition of who looks better, who pulls the best men (this most definitely applies if they like the same types of men), who has the better job, etc.

The above mention scenarios are when hateration sets in. Cue the drama which includes but is not limited to hating, backstabbing, fakery, snarky comments, and sabotage.

So in conclusion, almost always, large groups of women never work. The results usually are dissolution of the clique in it's entirety, members of the clique being replaced as often as members were replaced in Destiny's Child, or strained/halfhearted friendships.

Do you all agree or disagree? Have you ever hung in a large group of women and things were great? Men, do you know of women who complain more about their friends than anything? Let us know!

Do you think cliques of females work?
Yes if it is small
Yes it's possible no matter the size of the group
Hell Naw
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  1. I don't know why we as females can not get along

  2. Real bitches don't go thru this only fake ones. If u accept someone as a friend who gives a fuck if u look better or drive a better car or have more money. Congrats 2 U. Friends that's 2 much alike can be deadly. That's that fake shit y'all on!

  3. ^^^ugly bitches don't go thru this. No one hates on ugly bitches

  4. So true. Most females are catty and jealous. They always try to downplay your success or try to cause confusion. I have a few females friends but we rarely hang out together. Men are better friends and you have the option of gaining benefits as well....


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