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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sexually Irresponsible Men

We had to address this issue because guys are always quick to talk about the sexual habits of women. Well now it's time to talk about mens laxidasical sexual habits. Many people have either experienced or heard stories about men readily pulling our their male gentalia and attempting to have raw sex with a woman they hardly know, a one night stand, or an ex for the first time. Seriously what are you thinking? What does this mean when a man does this? What do women think of men who do this? Well take a look.

1. He Has Unprotected Sex With Everyone:

Who cares if you used to date her? Who cares if the girl is fine as hell? So now being fine is equated with disease free? So now because you used to date her she has had no sexual history since you? GTFOH.

2. He Plays the "Just the Head" Game:

I know y'all aren't still falling for that right? It's safe to say this man is sexually irresponsible. Think about it...if he is sticking "just the head" in 5 women...we have a problem. He probably has a slew of babies moms and a bunch of STDs...many of which he may not know his is carrying which brings us to our next point...

3. Men Commonly Carry Disease Unknowingly:

Clearly HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, and the other horrible disease we hear about commonly are a risk but there are other disease that are not commonly talked about that are easily carried unknowingly by men. Hello!!! HPV? Men can carry this virus that causes cervical cancer and it doesn't effect them and in addition there is no test for it to see if a man has it. Bacterial vaginosis while not a disease is a bacterial infection that can be transferred from woman to woman simply because the OTHER broad you have sex with raw either has it or her pH in her vagina is different than the NEXT broad you have sex with.

4. Did You Seriously Ask That?

We have heard NUMEROUS stories of some men opening their mouth to form the phrase "You can just take the morning after pill." Bitch I don't want to start my period AGAIN this month! That's exactly what the morning after pill does, it makes you start your period so that a fertilized egg can not attach to your uterus wall. In addition it's the equivalent of taking 10 birth control pills at one time...who wants to throw their hormones out of wack just so you can get off? Put a condom on that thing...ughhh!

5. Oral Sex Transfers Disease Too:

Men are so quick to stuff their junk in any willing crack head, jump off, one night stand, or random females mouth. The oral cavity is a made up of the same tissue as a vaginal cavity is...just like you wouldn't have sex with a girl raw because you may fear a disease you shouldn't let just anyone give you oral. Think about it...she could have a herpes blister on her inner cheek, the back of her throat, etc. What if she hasn't been to a dentist in ages? Do you want her gingivitis bacteria on your penis? Think about it people.

6. If It Doesn't Smell Right Don't Do It:

We hear stories from male friends all the time that notate that the woman's lower regions don't smell too great and STILL have sex with her? Are you that thirsty? Bad smelling vaginal area usually means some sort of disease is popping off or that female hasn't showered in weeks and worked out everyday before having sex with you....either way...why would you do it?

So as we and so many commercials on TV state...strap it up so you don't get a case of droopy d!ck and ladies make sure he straps it up so you don't have your lady parts on Wacka Flocka Flames.


  1. Girrrl thank you for writing this! Some men are so ridiculous! Are they not afraid of diseases at all?!

  2. This post speaks so much truth! I always wonder if guys think we turn around a think highly of them after they do any of these things or tell any of these stories


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