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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Y SUGARCOAT? Advice: Dragging Rights?

Yeah this one is definitely out of pocket...check it out (names have been changed for confidentiality)

"I wanted to ask you guys about this situation that my cousin is in. So my cousin *Brandon is married to his wife *Angie and his assistant is named *Tracy. *Brandon's wife doesnt really like *Tracy bc she thinks they have somethin goin on...and they have been like that for a while now and *Tracy is aware that *Angie doesn't like her. Well *Brandon's birthday is coming up and *Tracy is trying to throw *Brandon a surprise birthday party without even telling or including *Angie his wife! As his cousin and friend should I tell him about *Tracy's plans before this gets out of hand?"

First off, as a cousin and good friend you should definitely tell him that his marriage is about to have a grenade thrown at it on a day that is supposed to be a celebration because by this girl *Tracy throwing a surprise party WITHOUT inviting or consulting his wife is going to do just that. It honestly appears that your cousin may even mess around with his assistant for her to feel she could get this out of pocket with his wife on his birthday. Please advise your cousin of *Tracy's plans and then also offer a few words of advice so that he doesn't end up on an episode of Snapped.

Approach your cousin and say

"Look bruh, I got wind that your assistant *Tracy is planning a surprise party and planning on NOT telling or inviting your wife *Angie. As your friend and cousin I don't want to ruin any surprise for you, but this sounds like this could cause serious problems in your marriage or drama if you allow her to go through with this. I am not judging you, but if you are having any kind of non-business contact with *Tracy you may want to either stop or check her because she is getting out of place and your marriage could be at risk."

Honestly, if we were *Angie we would drag *Tracy down Peachtree Street (or whatever main road runs in the downtown area that you live in) because *Tracy clearly wants to end up in Grady Memorial Hospital with her jaw wired shut. Hell if *Tracy goes through with throwing this party *Angie would have every right to show up and drag her in front of everyone. In addition *Angie should call up her people and have them handle *Brandon after she investigates if his involvement with *Tracy is an adulterous one (which it sounds it is)...but that's just how we would handle it...which is probably not the greatest LOL. Hey, bitches get stitches


*Tracy is EXTREMELY out of pocket. Who literally has the kahunas to throw a MARRIED man a surprise birthday party and NOT invite his wife? She's cruising for a bruising...well both of them are because we don't feel your cousin *Brandon isn't coming out too clean...sounds like he needs to get his "Jazzy Piece" in check and not let her disrespect his wife or stop cheating all together.


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