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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Can I Get An Encore?

The latest trend flooding ATL for the summer is lounges and restaurants that host weekend day parties with music, liquor, and food.

Encore Restaurant is owned by a former MCA Records artist/Ray-J songwriter. Grand opening/first day party is April 30th, 2011 at 3pm. After that date you can expect an "encore" day party once a week!

Come to one of the weekend day parties on the front patio, view pictures of various cities skyline (ATL, NYC, and Paris) that decorate the interior. Eat some good food, drink some good drinks, listen to some music, and take a peak at the fish tank that is equipped with a small shark!

Encore offers small plates of "Southern Fusion" cuisine and bottle service for those who are coming for the day party aspect!

Check out the pictures below:

Encore Restaurant is located in Buckhead at 2520 Piedmont Rd
For more information hit them up! 678.705.3506


  1. Def looks amazing! Wish we had day parties in Baltimore...sigh

  2. Did I ever tell you ladies that I love that pic up top your website? So pretty!

  3. Question: What do you wear to a day party? I would not think that a club dress is appropriate even though it's a party. I guess I don't get what the attire is and if it's laid back how they can enforce a dress code...hm


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