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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Men in Dresses

We have heard various stories of colleges like the well renown Morehouse College and schools enforcing dress codes to keep their male students from cross dressing. So where is the line of expression and professionalism/appropriateness drawn? We have even heard of parents allowing their male children as young as 5 years old to dress like women or "princesses". Below are various news clips regarding male students or children who expressed themselves by dressing like a woman:

River View High School Student Kicked Out of Class for Wearing Heels:

Boy in high heels removed from class: MyFoxTAMPABAY.com

"Princess" Boy:

Discussion with AUC Students Regarding Morehouse Dress Code:

Now we here at Y SUGARCOAT? love the gay community because they don't sugar coat...but we do have to put in our two cents on this one.

In Regards to Cross Dressing at Morehouse College and School:

Morehouse is a prestigious institution where Martin Luther King, Jr. and many great leaders in the black community graduated from. Back then, these men had to wear suits and ties just so society would take them seriously. Morehouse College has a reputation for creating black male leaders. So how can you lead other men wearing a dress? Everywhere in life has a dress code: the club, nice restaurants, corporate America, everywhere! So just get over it and adhere to it while in school. Now whatever you want to wear to Bulldogs on Peachtree, Piedmont park, or in your own time is your own right and your own business. I know I couldn't decide I wanted to get some sun and a tan a wear a bikini to classes in my college days as a female so why on earth should you get to wear whatever you want to express yourself because you are a gay man???? #comeonson

In Regards to Little Kids Cross Dressing:

We don't claim to be any child psychiatrist but last we checked a big part of our younger elementary days was wanting to be accepted, popular, liked, and to fit in with the other kids. Little kids are some of the cruelest people out there. Why would you let your highly impressionable and emotionally vulnerable elementary aged son subject himself to ridicule from other kids if you can do something about that?

So we would like to ask our readers, how do you all feel about little kids cross dressing? How do you feel about men not being allowed to cross dress on college campuses? What age should you let your child express themselves by cross dressing? Let us know!!!


  1. I agree with Y SUGARCOAT? How can you expect other men or people to take you seriously as a man in a dress? Secondly I believe in equal rights for EVERYONE that does not mean the LBGT community gets special privileges so they can "express" themselves GTFOH

  2. Look at this fool wearing this dress in main pix of this post. That is a mess. Women don't even dress like that. Silver heels? BOY STOP!


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