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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The "Trump Card" is Pulled on Donald Trump

It's safe to say since the begining of President Obama's term there have been a lot of people trying to throw salt on him. A lot of it is because he's black and a lot of it is because he's the first president who hasn't come from a crunk lineage of money and can relate to regular people.

A particular self proclaimed business mogul (whose net worth is highly questionable) with a massive comb over and ridiculous spray tan is one such individual...his name is Donald Trump. Donald Trump rehatched a shit storm with accusations that the President had not provided his full birth certificate. See these ridiculous claims below:

So Donald stated that his net worth (which is highly under question as he has filed for bankruptcy several times) was very large and that contrary to rumors and popular belief he does not lie about his net worth and is not money swindling the I.R.S and he would be happy to provide his records to the public once the President provided his full birth certificate.

Then the president did this....

#shutyourlifedown #whorunit

It's safe to say the President just PULLED YOUR CARD

So why was this even an issue in the first place?! In 2008 when he won the election the man provided a copy of his birth certificate and yet this STILL keeps coming up?! I don't recall any president before having to go through such great lengths to prove their citizenship and just because you are white does NOT guarantee you are a United States citizen...as if the United States is not FULL of citizens with diverse ethnic and cultural diversity.

It's ridiculous the President of the freaking United States has to go through this when there are so much more important things on the table these days (health care, jobs, gas prices that damn near make people have to take out loans because of, etc.)

...Donald Trump we are still waiting for your tax records you promised...I mean you are the one who stated you were all about transparency right?

What do you all think about this whole ordeal? Should the President have had to go through all of this? Should all future president's have to provide their certificate of live birth to the United States public? Let us know!!!

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