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Monday, April 11, 2011

Are Men Raised to Cheat?

So we came across this interesting interview Tyrese gave on the Wendy/Wendall Williams Show about his upcoming book. Tyrese, who goes by the name @Tyrese on twitter, is always offering relationship advice and his thoughts to all his followers. Below is the video of his interview on the Wendy/Wendall Williams Show (ok we know that's a low blow but we find it hard to believe Wendy Williams is a woman...Y SUGARCOAT?)

On the show Tyrese said that men are brought up to cheat...do you think that is true? Watch what he says below:

We must say...what Tyrese is saying is in accordance to what Steve Harvey has said in many of his books and things that we observe in society. Boys are often raised hearing a lot of older men and adults in general telling them not to get too into girls, stay focused, don't be too serious about one girl. He is also right that society praises hoe activity from men. The man who sleeps with many girls is idolized.

What do you think? Are you feeling what Tyrese is saying? On the note about men being encouraged to slut it up, we don't think it's cute for anyone to be sleeping around with tons of people in 2011...STDS know no sex, color, socioeconomic group, etc.


  1. I totally agree. In the black community this mindset is deblitating to the black family unit

  2. All of this sounds like yet another cop out for men to say cheating in engrained within them. GTFOH and learn to keep your dick in your pants. Thanks!


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