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Thursday, April 28, 2011

In Memory of Buckhead: Buckhead Lives

Everyone Black, purple, White, or Asian remembers how back in the day Buckhead was the center token piece of Atlanta nightlife. Some of Atlanta's hottest clubs and bars were part of the Buckhead scene:(the old Tounge and Groove, Uranus, Eclipse de Luna, ESPN Zone, Fuel, Paradox, Visions, 112, and many more!)...but that all ended in 2006 when the Streets of Buckhead project and the construction of the Trump Towers had them demolished.

Before and After Pictures

Luckily for you all on May 12th, 2011 at the new Tounge and Groove

(565 Main St at Lindbergh City Center; Buckhead; 404.261.2325)

You can relive your nightlife glory days through an photography exhibit by Paul Hagedorn who took photographs of some of Buckhead's hot spots in their final minutes before they were condemned.

In addition there will be DJs at this event spinning music of that era when Buckhead was great and a drink menu sporting some of the most famous drinks from some of those famous clubs and bars.

It's sure to be a great way to reminisce on something that was once so great!

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  1. How did I get here???? I was just thinking about my life and when I was just becoming a man.I remember 2005 as a milestone in my life. I was just about to turn twenty years old when I move to ATL. I'm from a small city in Louisiana and Atlanta was a major change from what I understand. I was amazed by what I had come to. Just the entrance into Atlanta, coming down I-20, just as you approach the top on the hill right before the Six Flags exit. My eyes were amazed, it looked like heaven to me, if that even made since. Anyway, getting back to the subject I spend my 20th birthday at Club Vision. It's a memory I remember for the rest of my life. Thanks Diddy for opening up such a great venue. I felt like a celebrity for one night.


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