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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Y SUGARCOAT? Dictionary: Define Gold Digger and Hoe

We here at Y SUGARCOAT? feel there are a few terms/words that are thrown around rather loosely in today's society. People are going around using these terms like little kids use big words...incorrectly. We have decided to share with you all what we feel the true definition of the words GOLD DIGGER and HOE are in today's edition of Y SUGARCOAT? Dictionary. Please feel free to comment on how you agree or disagree.

Gold Digger [gohld dig-er] -noun:

A gold digger is a woman who preys upon and ONLY dates rich men in order to afford her a lifestyle that she is too lazy to obtain by herself

A true gold digger would not want to breathe the same air as a man who drives a Camry. She wants a man to take her in as if she were his spoiled daughter. She wants lavish trips to Egypt, yachts, foreign cars, hair done, nails done, everything did at a man's expense. She feels her occupation in life should be to look fine, stay in the gym, go shopping (with a man's black card of course), eat lunches with her girlfriends, and serve up sex on a silver platter in exchange for all the previous mentioned.

But Alas! Some men are using this term to describe 5 out of 10 women! Please be aware you DO NOT have to worry about gold diggers if you are making anything less than 6 figures. You have men who make 30k a year running around claiming a girl is a "gold digger." What gold can be dug from your 30k a year salary...oh excuse me HOURLY wages? I'm sorry but I don't even think you can dig tin off that kind of money (not knocking anyone who makes less than 6 figures (we currently don't)...these are just facts).

Gold can't be "dug" out of the following things that men often WRONGLY complain about:

1. Buying a girl an $8 drink at a bar.
2. Taking a girl you are interested in to dinner or out anywhere.

Just because a girl doesn't want you to take her on a bunch of sofa dates or wants you to buy her a drink does not make her a gold digger. Matter of fact...some of you men may want a gold digger with how you approach women

(click here to see the post about men who want gold diggers)

Hoe [hoh] -noun:

Short for whore. A woman who is employed by a pimp or sales her body for money. An overly promiscuous woman

Now we are aware that the last part of that definition can be a little vague, but so is the nature in which it is being used. There is not a "number" of sexual partners that makes a woman a hoe...think more of it as the context of the sex had. For example, if one woman has had sex with 3 guys, but she had sex with them all at the same time or on the same day and another woman had sex with 5 guys all of whom she was in serious or long term dating situations with, the number no longer applies...it is the context of the sex that makes a woman a hoe.

Things that are hoeish :

1. Getting a train ran on you (more than one guy at the same time).
2. Having sex for money.
3. Having sex with a whole crew or group of friends (i.e. screwing everyone on the football team)
4. Having unprotected sex with multiple casual sexual partners.
5. Kat Stacks---the pure definition

In order for someone to be either a gold digger or a hoe they have to live that lifestyle...not just have tendencies or have done something hoeish once although when doing this types of acts be advised that you will be judged by those who don't know you according to the act. So please people...stop using throwing around these words like a football. Know them, understand them, use the properly.

Do you think that the words gold digger and hoe are used incorrectly in today's society?
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